Your up-to-date status check on Writingbolt’s emotional/mental state.  With Alexis Keravnos, your mood-ologist.


*** out of 5, somewhere between numb and nervous (5 being elated/excited)

Current Mood/Status March 25th, 2020:  Unusually kind outdoor weather bounces between warm sun and frosty rain.  Mood is periodically sad and too often tense, occasionally lifted by a hopeful whim, currently riding a roller coaster of creativity and obsessive gaming.   The weather is lovely, but I lack companions who don’t get on my nerves and who don’t demand too much.  Send help.  Thoughts of…concerns for my future and, particularly securing certain relationships, are on the rise and conflicted by bouts with that accursed deja vu.  Strong impulses to reach out and touch someone famous.  [‘Wondering if, by writing positive diagnoses, I might improve future outcomes.]  Mental health is vastly improving.  Things are looking up, all around.  Love is near and swiftly approaching, ready to join with my spirit and create wondrous things in this world (and, possibly, the next); this love I have long desired will make itself known, approach and ensure it will stay with me.  And, though I cannot promise it much, I believe the union will be a fruitful one.



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