Your up-to-date status check on Writingbolt’s emotional/mental state.  With Alexis Keravnos, your mood-ologist.



*** out of 5, somewhere between melancholy and restless (5 being elated/excited)

Current Mood/Status July 14, 2017:  Outdoor weather is bouncing between steamy sun and mild rain.  Mood is generally discontent and starving for happiness without getting carried away by fun that fades too soon.  Creativity is rising or at a new high after a dry spell.  Just had a video game sugar/victory rush.

[I saw a young couple the other day that looked like perfection as they walked the street together, two lovers of the same height, holding hands, she with her milk chocolate brown hair in a ponytail, him as tall and lean as (I imagine) myself.  I saw them, again, riding bikes.]
[From afar, I caught sight of a woman with some of the most regal long, brown hair.  I could not see her face clearly without my glasses.  But, her hair was dreamy, like that of a fairy-tale princess.]




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