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It has a name…a floater!…or is it?


So, I went for an eye exam.  And, I asked the doc about this spot that appears in my one eye when I blink under certain light conditions, usually when my focus is up close and in lower light, often at the computer or in the shower.  It can make straight lines look wobbly.  In a blink, it appears–well, it has changed shape in two years.  It started out as a speckled oval, then a jagged oval, then an oval with a frame, and, most recently, it looks like a small black moon in one corner of a white sun.  And, if I look in a mirror, I can periodically see a yellowish oval or gash at the top of the iris.

The doc said it’s a floater and that it could either work itself out (though he didn’t sound too confident about that) or multiply over time.  He said it’s often brought upon by trauma to the eye/body.  And, he said it shouldn’t be a concern; so get used to it.

[But, it concerns me because it can really get annoying and distort my vision.  As an artist and a perfectionist, it could really be unsettling to go on this way!  It messes with my eye color and could ruin my ability to appreciate the beauty of things I see or make accurate judgments.]

While he did give me an ounce of reassurance–and I want to stay optimistic–I just decided to see what I could find online about this.  But, most of the videos I find speak of floaters as those tiny specks or strings you see float by the eye when you move your eye out of focus.  I know those are likely harmless.  I thought those were worth concern when the doc asked me the last time if they were a problem.  He also mentioned seeing spots.  Well, now, I’d say there is a spot, but it’s not whizzing by my eye.

The doc also handed me a “fine” eye health report, saying I don’t even need glasses, for now.  Well, that’s great!…except.  There’s that thing in my eye that looks like a burn in a film strip sometimes when I blink and a yellow spot in the mirror.

As I poke around the web, I found something on CSR, central serious retinopathy.  And, while I am rather certain what I have is not at the back of the eye, the spot I see when I blink DOES seem to match the images I found, resembling a sort of pitted olive.

The best solutions I can find speak of either lens replacement, gel replacement/extraction or laser surgery.  And, the side effects could be more fatal than putting up with the distortion and seeing what happens.

So, what is it?  And, how do I deal with it?

I wrote about this some time ago.  But, I am still curious if anyone is familiar with such a distortion and any treatment they may have received/tried.



Eye Think Eye Am Going to Cry


The hits keep coming.

So, I’ve been having trouble reading off and on for a few months, I think.  Every so often, I see double or have trouble focusing.  I usually chalk it up to overuse and try to take more breaks to rest my eyes.

I can’t remember exactly when I had my last eye exam, but I was told I would need a weaker prescription (which sounded odd) until I MIGHT need bifocals in a few years.

Now, I wake up this morning, and, as I am sitting at the PC, I find my eyes crossing a bit as they have been the past few days…or maybe weeks?  I am not sure.  I tried putting one hand over each eye as a test.  My left eye is clear…but the right is a bit blurry.  And, as I lower my right eyelid, I notice a dark oval.  I looked in a mirror and could see a yellow area near the top of the iris.

Please, don’t tell me…

But, if you reader(s) know what this means, do tell your diagnosis and any suggestions of how to remedy the problem (preferably without surgery).

I am really racking up the problems this year…and it’s bringing me down to the breaking point.  It’s really hard getting up every morning and feeling like socializing with anyone.  I feel hideous.


That Song; Guiding Light or Bug Zapper?

In a world that seems to be increasingly consumed by what I am inclined to call unnecessary and/or discouraging crap, something comes along to nudge my shoulder and tell me to keep my chin up, to keep trudging along and keep my eyes open for the silver lining in the dark clouds before me.  In recent years, this comes in the form of song.  On a particularly lousy day, I turn on my headset and hit the trail on foot.  And, suddenly, I hear a song that speaks to me (among all the other either lousy or bothersome stations).

This song burns brighter than any other.  It cuts through the fog like a lighthouse.  It can’t quite pull me to shore on its own.  But, it definitely is reaching out to me, telling me to get off my wet diaper and learn to walk, again.  ‘Telling me to not give into the darkness and fear…even if it seems all I can do is either hide in a ditch or get mad and rebellious.  ‘Telling me to keep the eye of the tiger and let people hear me roar.  ‘Telling me to be a firework and look for that door that opens when others seem to be closing.  ‘Telling me to build something sensible though others are too busy burning down what they built so high.  ‘Telling me to set myself free and stomp on the grave because I’m here forever or whatever.

On the other side of the coin, music is a drug.  If I listen to sad songs, I can drift out to sea in sadness.  If I listen to angry music, I need to run full tilt or punch something.  If I listen to love/happy songs, I usually imagine myself having fun with some beautiful woman…and then come to my senses with a sigh.  When the music stops, it can leave me with withdrawal symptoms.  Thus, I must moderate my listening time.  And, even the best song can wear out its appeal when the station plays it to death.