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U.S. Math Scores on the Decline, Again? I Know Why.


No, let’s spend the next decade and millions of dollars on researching the problem instead of looking at the obvious.

Why would math scores (or any school subject grade) drop?  [And, this isn’t the first time I heard about it in the news.]

I can answer that rather simply.  Do your children possess a “pad” or “smart phone” with WiFi access?  Does the school they attend provide WiFi access, or is WiFi available through the school’s walls (from an outside source)?

Anyone who lived through school in the 1980s might recall what teachers used to say about a thing called a CALCULATOR.  They’d say we should put those things away and do the math on paper.  Why?  Because, otherwise, you learn nothing and let the machine do the work for you, whether it malfunctions or not.

Well, guess what people who may yet be clueless, your kids might be holding the new model of that calculator disguised as a whackadoodle telephone they are supposed to be carrying to “stay in touch” in case of an “emergency.”  Oh, this modern connected world with everything at the tip of a search engine’s grasp.

How I love those commercials of people talking to every sort of gizmo now programmed to talk back to you.  Let’s ask our talking toaster to answer all of our questions.  Yea, that will make us smarter.


Wake up and smell the burning nuclear material in your hands, people, before the machines are using YOU for their batteries or footstools.  Use your head and put down the radioactive, talking toaster!



I Was Struck by a Text While Driving

Don’t stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before.

I received a painful text while driving.  I didn’t grasp the tone or read the message.  But, I immediately felt the weight of the words.  And, it was indeed heavy.

…Technically, I was riding in the car.

…Technically, I was distracted by a crossword puzzle when the driver’s textbook flew off the dashboard and struck me in the calves.  It took me by surprise and hurt a bit.  Luckily, my sense of humor air bag activated.

But, let that be a lesson to all of you when you get behind the wheel.  Don’t leave your texts on the dashboard and drive.