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When Something Strange Happened in MY Neighborhood…


I don’t think calling any troop of Ghostbusters has any value, yet.  But, something rather strange did appear on my way to work today.

I saw two blackbirds–possibly small crows–cawing and pecking at what looked like a dark puddle alongside the road I was walking.  Suddenly, more blackbirds emerged from this “puddle.”  There must have been about six of them.  Thinking of someone who recently mentioned a blackbird song or chant one is supposed to recite for some reason I already forget, I thought maybe this was some sort of warning.

As I grew closer, one of the birds seemed bothered by my presence.  And, as it cawed at me–as if saying, “Quick.  Let’s get out of here.  That guy over there is watching.”–I muttered, “Yea, I saw something.” or “Yea, I see you guys.”  I can’t even remember what I said, now.  But, that seemed to have an impact on the birds.  One took flight and followed me a short distance down the adjoining road.  I know it was following me because it kept moving to the next power line or lamppost and cawing.  It only stopped following when I raised my head and stopped talking to myself (inside my head).  When I crossed the next street, I could hear the birds gathering behind me but no longer pursuing me.

All in all, it was rather eerie.

What do you think of this?


Weird Stuff Goin’ On Here


*Poof*  So, where was I?  Oh yeah.  Not like a good neighbor, I was down in my dungeon the other day with an empty plate sitting next to me on my bed.  I was trying to make some progress with my latest writing project when something made my butt shift.  The sound of the plate shattering on the hard floor at my feet stuck with me for a long while.  It was both harmonious and haunting.  I quickly thought of people breaking plates at a wedding.  What was that for, again?  Scaring off evil spirits?  Am I supposed to shout something like “Oh-pah!”?  Instead, I kept typing and thinking until I finally got up, got dressed and swept up the mess.

That was rare.  I can’t remember how long it’s been since I broke a plate or glass.

Then, just last night, I was sitting in my dungeon, again, trying to milk my tired brain, fill another page.  I decided to call it a night.  There was another empty plate on my bed.  I picked it up, intending to deliver it to the kitchen.  Some strange feeling came over me like a ghost holding my hand.  My fingers shook.  I blanked out for a second.  The plate slipped from my hand and shattered on the floor.  “Again?!” I groaned.  I couldn’t believe it.  Two plates in one weekend.

Is there some superstition attached to this?  Is the number of plates significant?  Does anyone know?  Should I just look it up online?

On top of this weirdness, I’ve been struggling with a bout of spring allergies and what seems to be some sort of head cold affecting different parts of the body, but primarily my nose and throat.  I am fighting a tickle cough and noticing my “alien arm” looking a tad more crooked/curved and painful to stretch.  Yet, I also have more strength and a desire to stretch it.



Go to Sleep, and Wake Up with a New Website…Again?!

I swear, blog sites don’t sleep or stay the same for long.  You go to bed and wake up the next day with a new sandbox.  Here I am expecting to see my familiar controls, and they’ve changed, AGAIN.  The last time, certain features were on the right.  Then they went to the left.  Now, the icons changed, again.  I wonder if it would freak me out as much if I didn’t come here as often.  Maybe I’d miss a few changes and only experience one.  At least, I can still find my “fingers and toes.”

Am I the only one who cares?