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Early Birthday Present to T. Swift


I cannot guarantee I will be available to do this on her special day (Thursday).  So, I am posting these, today.  Cooled off the presses, these are a few special portraits I composed, similar to my recently posted magazine (subscription) covers.

In recent years, I’ve been trying to make something special for her (every year).  And, this is my latest installment in that pursuit.

Enjoy.  And, Taylor Alison Swift?  A most happy and blessed birthday to you, you gorgeous and talented creature.

[There have been some slight modifications over the process of completing these.  So, you might notice small details that vary.]


The above are just two cards I previously made and posted that I am including to feature a photo (for comparison and respect).









How many ways might I describe her?  Let me count the ways.


I believe that adds up to 13.  Or, to put it more simply, she is just…




And, if all of this is a bit much for her or anyone viewing this posting, well, just avert your eyes or go find some sunglasses, I guess.  It comes from the heart, my creative heart.




Short Story Writing Challenge: Tell-Tale Silhouettes



I had the impulse to craft some Carmen-Sandiego-ish, Dick-Tracy-ish silhouettes one day. Here is a sampler.

I propose a small creative writing challenge to those who happen to stop by this post. Can you conceive a short story that takes our female detective/explorer from the first image on the left to the last image on the right? Where did she go that day? What happened along the way? And, what did she discover at the end?

Place your (very) short story here in the comment section. [You won’t be glared at for writing a long one, either.]


Digital Painting Sampler 4-26-2018


I’ve been painting up a storm since I purchased Clip Studio Paint Pro (which is the closest software I’ve found to my previous, glorious photo editing program from the turn of the millennium, Photo Studio 2000).  [On that note, I still miss the ability to make text transparent with ease.  If it can be done with CSPP, I have not figured out how.]

I’ve been contemplating opening a separate portfolio/gallery space/account for my personal artworks.  But, I can’t seem to resist sharing a quick sampling.

These two were simpler pieces composed with silhouettes I honed.  The lines are result of a “burst” tool.  And, the rest is from an imaging/paintbrush tool (and text).

Can you guess who the following famous face and TV/movie characters are supposed to be, even if the gender may vary?  [Or, in the case of one image, a famous face posing as a movie character.]  In all of these cases, there should be adequate clues.



Previous to the above, I have been taking my fashion design skills to the next level by upgrading my old MS Paint boot designs.  Here’s just one of the many.  I went all out with the old GI*Joe action figure package back, too, so buyers (should these ever get made into a fashion line) can have collector cards for all of their purchases.  Yeah.  😛  Or, it’s a fun way to advertise the details before purchase.



Stocking Up on Holiday Art


While I am busy in my elfin workshop with stocking/boot designs galore, I would also like to feature some of the general holiday art to leave my desk.  If you’re good kids, you’ll see more and find some in the Chat Cafe space all winter long.


Princess Zelda bookmark


Zelda and Link ornament, plain


Zelda and Link ornament, snowy


vinyl record


cheerleader silhouette

Flourishing beauty

snow globe silhouette


Circle Cut Silhouette Art Sampler


Here is just a taste of what I’ve been crafting with silhouettes cut with a circle frame.  It has been a meditative process similar to mandala drawing.  I expect to have more pieces to add to this small collection in good time.


I realize the above is NOT a circle cut.  It is a rare exception that stemmed from the other pieces.  I had a meander frame I wanted to use with my Greek figure.





Cool points to anyone who gets what the above image is emulating.


Already Ready for Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020


The moment I heard Tokyo was getting the Summer Olympics in 2020 and saw the “trailer” at the end of Rio’s closing ceremony, I started conjuring ideas for promotional material.  [Presents business card to anyone working on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.]

Here are the first thoughts to cross my creative mind.  [Note:  I am posting this months after I finished these pieces.  I am not sure why I didn’t post sooner.]


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The above slideshow was the first piece I imagined, combining the busy city lights with the Japanese rising sun flag and the dawning of a new day of competition, particularly the first day of the Olympics when the torch is lit.  I had a tune playing in my mind, as well, to accompany the animation.


Pawty Awn, Dudes! Happy Costume Day (Ahead)


Whether you are trick-or-treating, attending a costume party or just a fuddy-duddy who doesn’t care much for Halloween, at all, get creative and make this weekend something fun.  [I say this knowing I’ll probably hate half of what the weekend brings and muddle through some creative effort few really appreciate around here.]

In the spirit of things, here is a glance at some of the thematic art I’ve created over the internet years.



This was actually a coloring book page I found online and modified multiple ways.


And, this was a costume shop website pic I modified to appear more ghostly.

A variety pack of simpler silhouette pieces.


And, some more elaborate ones.

I haven’t exactly been in the best of moods this year.  Otherwise, I’d likely have a horde of new art in the Chat Cafe.  I’ve still got a stack of projects I would like to get done before Nov. 1.  Projects that are not online/PC.  So…