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Happy Birthday, Shirley MacLaine!


Shirley, can I be serious?  I’m not sure…when you’re always smiling like you do.  [And, don’t call me Shirley.]

I’ve said so much about this gal already.  What more can I say?  She’s a delight to just about every sense (or so I imagine).  She’s…quite simply (and yet more complex than I may ever know) a unique and precious spark of life, a reason to smile for no good reason and the occasional naughty one.  Yet, for even the slightest dip in the naughty pool, she can bring you right back to the heavenly gates with some sort of glowing innocence.  If I never get to meet her in person, I feel I’ve already met her on another plane.  And, though I am sure to cry buckets when she’s “gone,” I suspect I’ll see her, again, somewhere, somehow.

Happy birthday, Shirley.



**posted two days in advance because I have yet to have much luck with the scheduling feature.



Oh, What a Boot-iful Day 19


Oh, look.  New boots on display at the Writingbolt Shop.  The display stand on the left is a spiral of astrological gems.  On the right, a web of colorful oddities.  And, up the middle, it looks like a tornado hit the place.  In fact, one pair of boots looks like a tornado, itself.



Astrology Question, Re: Rooster and Rabbit


Okay, all you astrologically inclined people in WordPress-land.  I need your input.

Let’s say you have a Rabbit year paired with a Rooster year of compatible elements, with an 18 year age difference and the following favorable signs:  Sun, Venus and Mars are all very compatible with my signs.

Is this a favorable match even if Rooster and Rabbit are said to be trouble together?  Or, does the warning remain the same?

Also, if the Rabbit and Rooster are compatible elements and Venus and Mars are a hot match…but her Sun doesn’t sit well with his Sun/Moon…can this relationship still work?


Profound Thoughts: The Wrong Way Signs

Profound Thoughts with Writingbolt


I see a WRONG WAY sign on one of my walks and begin to wonder if that’s not the universe speaking to me.

One of these days, I am going to turn away from that sign and walk the other way.

But, what happens when I reach another wrong way sign in that direction?

Where do I go, then?


Where do I stop?


Punny Chinese Astrology, Humorology




Yesterday, while verbally scuffling with members of my family, puns involving Chinese astrology animal signs popped from our mouths. The one that stuck with me was this.

“Shut your mouse, no bunny asked you.”

[In regards to how a Rat year can sometimes bite off more than it can chew and irk a Rabbit.]

The response was amusing enough to send me pondering other possible and fitting combinations (if you generally know how these signs pair up or know of two people with certain signs and how they get along).

Another I came up with was for a Rabbit year with a Tiger year. I thought it might make a nice e-card or valentine.

“Let’s paws to compare notes before we stripe up something new.”

[‘Not quite as snappy. Some say a Tiger year and a Rabbit can click like yin and yang. Each takes different risks and sees things differently. Others say the two may bore each other (for whatever reason).]

Or, how about…

“I’m all ears when you growl my name, but sometimes you just roar me.”

[Including what I just said above about boring your partner, here the Rabbit likes when Tiger puts on the charm but is turned off when the latter is too loud or bold, usually making a scene.]

Can you think of any other clever pairings of Chinese animal signs? Share them here.