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Scheduled Post Not Posted?

Thanks a bunch, WordPress!  What’s the point of scheduling a post if it doesn’t get posted?  I could have posted early in that case instead of not at all.  Nice feature.  I have foreigners able to view pictures I uploaded in advance, but the post that would contain them–which was scheduled for yesterday–did not post on time.  I had to click Publish just now.  Yay, no one comes to my party, again.  Or, maybe the fire monkey pulled one over on me.

N-Now, you do plan on having dinosaurs in this dinosaur park.  Right?



Visitors Viewing Content Not Yet Posted?


Question:  How are people able to view pictures uploaded but not yet posted?  Are my photo archives/storage some sort of “cloud” available at any time?  I am unaware of this feature.  But, I notice I have “views” on items that have not been posted in a blog post, yet.  I had them set on a timer to appear today.  But, the views came as early as yesterday.

Can someone explain this?