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Latest Digital Art Collection; a Little Taste Sept. 2019


As they say on a certain late-night talk show, let me break you off a little piece of what I’ve been dabbling with the past few days.  ‘Had a little brainstorm.  ‘Got lost in a frenzy.

…Some promotional posters.  The first for a new/old SEEBS comedy TV series.  The second for a movie you might have missed.  And, the third–sans most of the typical promotional details–for a cartoon I greatly enjoyed, just given a smaller jump into the future than the Legend of Korra.

…Festive stuuuuuff!  Halloween/Dia de los Muertos is just around the corner.  So, here’s my latest contributions to the festivities.   That is a squirrel in the first and Batman and Catwoman in the second and third ones…in case you couldn’t tell.  My cat and squirrel tails tend to blur together, as I favor crafting shaggy cats (versus short-hair cats).  [I am not sure why I was hung up on a kiss; but I was.  The world could use a bit more loving and less lusting.]

…Just in time for the Asian (Autumn/Harvest) Moon Festival, here’s my lil poke at the story of the moon goddess and the jade rabbit (or the rabbit/goddess in the moon).  Here the goddess and the rabbit, having been up there a while, decide to get together, instead of chasing.

…Another small slice of my simple/complex infatuation with the mysteries of Japan, before next year’s summer Olympics.


…I figure every other group out there has one of these.  So, why not magicians?  I may drum up a stand-up comics one, next.


So, hopefully, this will stick with you as you go about your online journey and bring good word back to me.  If not, then you are not unforgettable.  And, apparently, I am.  😛


All A-Boot the Feet, Day 30


Just in time for express Christmas orders, we have a stellar Chinese Astrology collection, a second web-tacular Spider-Man-inspired group, nine new members of the Collette Angel congregation…and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves for no particular reason.



Dear Paige Spiranac



Are you a fashion phenom or a pro golfer? Either way, you’ve caught my eye. You sure know how to fill a pair of jeans, not to mention boots and a white tank top.  [But, the “selfie” obsession is mildly concerning.  In fact, you may be too busy teasing men and looking at yourself to notice any of this.]

I am a bit conflicted. Your astrology could be responsible. On one hand, your planets hit so many bells and whistles (with my own chart), my ears are ringing. Even your name is a bundle of fun. On the other, there’s a sharp beak and a fluctuating ego waiting to wound me in the hen house. I can almost guarantee we’d not only set the barn roof on fire but burn the neighborhood down. But, there’s also a chance one of us would die in the blaze. [Some safety measures are in order (for when irreconcilable differences arise).]

I’ve noticed many models are quite tall and thin. You are not quite either. You’re above average height and packing plenty of curves. And, unlike many models, you have better fashion sense. Isn’t that amazing? They go out of their way to look the way they do and sport some of the weirdest fashions out there.  Yet, here you are, with photos featuring a variety of good looks. It’s hard to find a fashion failure. [I will say this: Never wear a fabric color too close to your skin tone. And, peach/coral may not be your color.]

I’m a bit particular about blondes. You seem to be that perfect blend of dark roots with buttery goodness on top. Please tell me it’s all natural and not treated. And, as for those eyeglasses you sport so well.  Do you really need them or are you playing a part? [Cuz they are playing with my mind, Superwoman.]

I am not a golf fan, at all. [Unless you count mini golf and golf video games which can be amusing.] But, if you like superheroes/comic books, especially Iron Man, well, we need to talk. [No, I will never be Stark Naked. But, I do have something in common with Tony.] Have you ever attended a superhero costume party/convention?

There’s just one fantasy I guess you cannot fulfill. It’s kind of a big one. [My lips are up here, darling.]

In short, if you are not otherwise engaged, send a letter my way.

Now, without further ado, I present a rendition of Roxette’s “(She’s Got) The Look,” a late 80s tune that came to mind whilst admiring you.  [Yea, the song existed before you were born.  How about that.]




Soft, creamy hair.
A powerful stare.
Blue eyes on fire.
‘Make your heart perspire.
Built like a live wire.
She’s got the look.


Knows how to handle a club.
She’s a golfer, bub.
With an iron in her hand,
She’s the Iron Woman, Stan,
A dream for a comic fan.
Paige has the look.


She’s got the look.
Paige has the look!
She’s got the look.
Paige has the looook!
What in the world can this artist ever do
To get himself sitting right next to you?
And, I shout, “Ah-blah-nah-hah-wha?”
She’s got the look.


Dark brows, nice lips.
Not to mention those hips.
A fine five-foot-six.
She’s not walking on sticks.
A water hen with an Aries fix.
Paige has the look.


Her name is a game.
Her wardrobe is the same.
A pair of sexy glasses
Can make their own passes.
A fairway model for the masses.
She’s got the look.


And, I go, “P.S., I, uh, hwuh……”


Ah-blah-nah-hah-wha! Ah-blah-nah-hah-wha! Ah-blah-nah-nah-hah!

Ah-blah-nah-hah-wha! Ah-blah-nah-hah-wha-wha!
She’s got the look.
And, I go, “Ah-blah-nah-hah-wha! Ah-blah-nah-hah-wha! Ah-blah-nah

-nah-hah! Ah-blah-nah-hah-wha! Ah-blah-nah-hah-wha-wha!””
Paige has the look.


And, I crow, “Cock-a-doodle-ooh-yah!”
You’ve got the look.  [But, don’t let it go to your head.]



What in the world can this artist ever do
To dance himself right in step with you?
And, I shout, “Oo-la-la-la-la!”
P.S., don’t be a stranger.



Writingbolt, 6-9-2016



Astrology Question, Re: Rooster and Rabbit


Okay, all you astrologically inclined people in WordPress-land.  I need your input.

Let’s say you have a Rabbit year paired with a Rooster year of compatible elements, with an 18 year age difference and the following favorable signs:  Sun, Venus and Mars are all very compatible with my signs.

Is this a favorable match even if Rooster and Rabbit are said to be trouble together?  Or, does the warning remain the same?

Also, if the Rabbit and Rooster are compatible elements and Venus and Mars are a hot match…but her Sun doesn’t sit well with his Sun/Moon…can this relationship still work?


Dear Karen Gillan,


Psst! Karen! Who? You! Yeah! You, you blushing Sagittarius snow fox with that lovely red hair reminding me of spaghetti sauce. [Or, is it brown? Just painted red? Either way, you’re still enchanting.] You white fire rabbit with that cute, curling nose beckoning me to come closer. You five-foot-eleven winter beauty with that sweet, sly grin and bubbly voice (which garbles your words when you get into a frenzy).


The red lipstick is a bit much/heavy on your naturally lovely face.  [But, if it’s (for) playing a part…]


What fire. What range you have. Even if a twinge of silliness seems to leak from your serious pores. It seems you are always a clown even when you stop me dead in my tracks. That wit is as charming as it can be frustrating. [I know myself.] Where does this humor come from? Nerves? Or, an irrepressible inner child?

How could I not notice you on Dr Who? Of all the lovely companions that have come and gone, who can hold a candle to your towering radiance? I see you with that goofy TV boyfriend/husband and think that loyal dope could very well be me (though I like to think I’d have a more fiery personality in your presence).

Maybe I am just captivated by your astrology, your perfect height and that fabulous hair flopping about your face. I see us having a ball on a comfy sofa, watching movies, playing games and getting a little too silly with our hands and feet.

But, maybe we’re too much alike. Maybe we’d find fault with each other and pick ourselves apart. It’s a fair concern to mention. Some sources say two like us would have to work at happiness. Others say it’s a recipe for bliss.

Sure. You wrapped up your stint with the Doctor (though your essence seems to echo). And, you’re onto other projects, guarding the galaxy from boredom, welcoming gamers to the jungle with your fierce, roundhouse-kicking legs. Other pretty faces will move into your old territory. But, I won’t likely forget yours.  [And, please, please, PLEASE don’t do anything to ruin that lovely hair of yours…other than aging taking its course.  Shaving your head?  I pale at the thought.]

If by some chance you are able to send a message through time and space to my doorstep, I’d be most appreciative and respond in kind with the utmost respect for privacy.

Writingbolt, a kindred fire spirit looking for his match

Dr Who star toys with new action figure

Dr Who star Karen Gillan comes face to face with a five-inch version of her character Amy Pond. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Wednesday August 18, 2010. Gillan, 22, is pictured with the figure ahead of an event for fans of the sci-fi show at the Glasgow branch of the toy store Hamleys. See PA story SHOWBIZ DoctorWho. Photo credit should read: BBC / Simon Ridgway / PA Wire

From “The Many Loves of Writingbolt”


Dear Ashley Greene,

Oh, Ashley Greene. Oh, Ashley Greene!

You dream. You moon child. Your name sings in my ear like the prettiest song bird at the break of dawn. Your name is as close to perfection as your beauty. You probably have no idea how perfect you are (even if you are a few inches shorter than my ideal).

At present, it seems, you are only known for one (minor) role in some vampire-werewolf-love-triangle movie series. [And, I hate to see you do anything worse.] Not only are you gorgeous (with some of the finest brown hair I have ever seen), but you also have this curious “heaven-sent” quality about you, as if your parents were in on the secret. Let me explain (in geeky astrological terms).

You were born a rabbit year (in Chinese astrology). The rabbit is–by nature–a wood (element) sign associated with the color green. An ash is a type of tree. A lea is a grassy meadow…where trees may grow. Are you with me on this? You are Ashley Greene, a Pisces (Fire) Rabbit. [And, yes, those are rabbit ears that stick out when you uncover them/bind your lovely locks.]

Now, wait, Pisces is a water sign. Well, plants need water to grow. But, Pisces is ALSO a sign of the spring season when plants are just regaining their green color. And, what about the fire aspect I just mentioned? Well, the sun is a big ball of fire and something that also helps plants grow.

How perfect is that? You’ve got your own supply of fire and water to nurture your growth into the perfect plant that you are. Is it all just too much? Too much perfection? Or, is the combination of elements confusing, leading you astray?

I wish I could say more. But, I barely know you. All I DO know is that you are beautiful in more ways than I can probably describe. Surely, you are more than a stunning, heart-stopping face. And, I am sure there is more about you yet to be discovered/honored. We…you just have to find and share it with the world…or, at the very least, with that special someone (who could be me, given the chance).

[Oh, but there is this lingering doubt in me–from my gathered statistics–that worries we might pick each other apart while working well together…that doubt, distrust and/or jealousy might infect our bond…that our love would be obsessive, compulsive and as bad as it is good.]

I send these thought to you on a leaf with the hope that they reach your lovely branches. Please return your own in a manner I may comprehend and let me know that you hear me.

Writingbolt, seeking some bunny to love him


From “The Many Loves of Writingbolt”