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Harmonic Resonance, Your Personal Gravitational Field


Have you ever wondered what draws two people together to become lovers or friends?

How do some people attract crowds of supporters or followers while others seem perpetually alone?

Do you believe opposites attract? Or, do you avoid opposites, knowing they only lead to trouble?

Some try to scrutinize the planets and stars for an explanation. Others analyze relationships with parents and spouses and charge a larger fee for their sporadic services. I am now inclined to think there is something deeper, more hidden and inexplicable at work. It’s like writing a book; instructors provide guidelines on what is proper, and then countless author’s ignore those guidelines to write the way they choose in that moment of inspiration. It’s a gravitational pull and resistance that eludes the confines of categories, houses and types. It’s HARMONIC RESONANCE.

Being that there is likely no math, science or pre-written logic to clearly define and/or explain it, one may think there isn’t much to say about this phenomenon. So, hopefully, I don’t talk “too long” and bore you to death. But, if you find yourself intrigued, that’s a positive resonance, an attraction to my words and energy. And, if you resist, if you feel agitated or bored with my words and/or “vibe,” that’s a negative reaction. Both are a form of harmonic resonance. It’s a cosmic secret like what you may refer to as God or the gods; if we fully understood it, we might exceed our human restraints. I do not expect myself to give you all the answers to the questions in your heads; but, perhaps, I can generate some insight or shine a light on what puzzles you.

Since 2001, I’ve been a casual student of astrology. And, while the science has its merits with generating some level of accurate predictions and sorting out relationship chemistry, there remain cases in which people either do not get sufficiently thorough readings or don’t seem to reach the predicted conclusion/goal. On a personal note, I do wonder why connecting with people of a certain sign (or signs, if you want to get technical with all the aspects of moon, ascendant and such) didn’t go as well as I expected. I did my own “math” and came up wrong; or, at least, the relationships ended and left me longing.

From my understanding of astrology, it’s so complex that even avid astrologers are continually analyzing charts to process details; it’s fed by information. Provided little information, the result is quite vague and likely to be inaccurate. Provided more information and plenty of time to consider variables, and you may get a more accurate prediction…but a precise result?

[If you look at the angle of this or the arrangement of those, you might figure out what went wrong. But, what if you don’t see all the angles? What if you assess the situation with only four variables when you could have used seven? Or, what if there is no possible human ability to process the situation?]

Like objects in space, each of us generates a sort of gravitational frequency or vibration. This frequency is affected by thought and emotion in a seemingly chaotic manner. There are thoughts and emotions that we generate and alter daily and others that have existed for some time which do not change easily. The former you might refer to as impulses. You feel like spoiling yourself today until someone you meet upsets your selfish, giddy mood. The latter are more like morals or personal limitations. No matter what Roger says to Bridget, she is not going to start smoking just to satisfy some whim of his. But, with progressive or traumatic influence, Bridget could still be driven to take up smoking or some equally addictive and potentially harmful habit.

Our impulses cause minor shifts in our harmonic resonance and can steer us away from what we desire in terms of long-term happiness. But, what may be defined as core values remain a more consistent, filtering force, rejecting whatever is deemed offensive or negative. And, even beyond that hard clay, which can still be shaped by impacts upon our lives, traumas and epiphanies, there are generators at work, creating frequencies that are uniquely our own. These generators are like fate, beyond our control. We can put all our energy into steering ourselves toward or away from someone or something, but, if it is already determined that we attract or repel that someone or something, our harmonic resonance will decide the outcome.

Positive result examples:

# A man and woman meet as kids, develop a sort of friendship, become separated by school and/or careers and yet manage to reconnect, decades later, and marry.

# Two other people become good young friends but become separated when one decides to marry someone else. After some time, the two old friends reunite and rediscover a spark which leads to the end of one marriage and the ceremony of another.

# Two people, seemingly trapped in an unfortunate situation caused by hazardous weather, discover a bond which blows their minds and leads to a lasting, loving relationship.

# A boy and girl meet in fifth grade, are quickly deemed “a couple” and remain together through their remaining school years and adulthood.

# A seemingly unqualified job applicant has an inexplicably positive effect upon the person hiring new employees. The applicant, despite logical reason to be rejected, gets the job. When asked by their boss, the HR person says they just had a really good feeling about the applicant. [And, a number of other applicants walk away wondering what they did wrong.]

Negative result examples:

# A man and woman get married (for whatever reason) and soon find themselves at odds with each other. Because they are loyal to their religions and under the scrutiny of family, they refuse to divorce/separate, even though there is no love in the relationship. They quarrel more than they enjoy time together. Every year, they just keep grinding against each other and enduring a cold, miserable existence.

# A boy, looking to make friends at school, is too shy to approach the kids he views as favorable. Instead, another boy, who is just as small, lanky and awkward as him, approaches and acts as if friendship is certain. But, the first boy quickly discovers a negative feeling in his gut from the visitor’s presence. Despite the former’s effort to elude the latter, the pestering presence remains for more years than the average human should have to endure.

# A girl, deemed pretty and inexplicably “popular,” draws a shallow circle of supporters, who quickly adapt their appearance and behavior to match their “master.” Another girl, who wishes to join the circle, is not given any satisfactory reason why she cannot and is repeatedly heckled until she develops a harmful habit. The “outsider” either tries to fit in (and still gets rejected) or does not change (and cannot understand why being herself isn’t adequate for being part of the group).

# A highly qualified person engages in a job interview with an exquisitely written resume. All conventional signs point to a guaranteed job offer. But, the HR person can’t shake an unpleasant feeling they have about the applicant; the latter walks away discouraged and confused.

Some say putting a smile on your face can improve what comes next. You’ll attract more friendly faces and willing subjects with that expression. You’ll ace the job interview if you add a firm handshake (and dress appropriately…and put a bunch of profit-inspiring numbers in your resume). But, what if you cannot put that smile upon your face because your mood is too “heavy?” What if you are capable of smiling but still do not reach a positive result? Was it something you ate? Your breath? Body odor?

It is possible odor–not necessarily an odor you can compare to laundry–plays a part in this resonant chemistry. I do think pheramones are a key part of harmonic resonance. But, they are like a spark or flame to a gas; they are a reaction of energies. The output stems from vibrations created by our personal generators. The car’s engine puts out heat and vapors, and the odor of those vapors, laced with chemicals from solutions in contact with the engine, elicit an agitated or pleased response from the humans that detect them. [And, with a certain combination of elements, those car emissions could produce hazardous sparks and/or fires.]

Pheramones are the solar flares of our metaphorical hearts. If you shield yourself from the sun’s rays, you may not feel its warmth or suffer any negative side effects, but you can still look out a window (or at a computer monitor, if that’s your way) and see that the sun is shining. Given adequate time and space, harmonic resonance exceeds man-made boundaries. But, regardless of boundaries, it exists.

I do believe studies that claim perfumes and colognes mask our pheramones, our natural essences that should attract favorable companionship. And, it makes more and more sense when you think about those artificial scents like alcoholic beverages. People drink to forget things and relieve tension; but the alteration of mindset then affects the responses they get from the people around them. Yet, some love drunks like sad puppies or stray kittens, while others avoid the pet store with firm conviction, certain they would not make a good care provider for such creatures (or simply unwilling to take up the responsibility).

If putting on perfume and cologne or drinking throws you into the path of people you don’t want to meet, why bother? Don’t you want to attract people that benefit you and who you may benefit in return?

In the deepest of truths, no matter what you do to yourself, harmonic resonance is the guiding force that will ensure a pleasing result is reached…or continually bother you until you get away from a negative, menacing energy. When we truly listen to our “guts,” harmonic resonance will decide who is favorable and who is to be rejected. Unfortunately, this seems to permit a number of misguided experiences to learn right from wrong (for some, anyway).

I’d compare this to planets, moons and other rocks in space orbitting and occasionally colliding. Does Jupiter willingly bring objects into and reject some from its orbit, or does its harmonic resonance exceed the power of will? Maybe Jupiter doesn’t enjoy the company of certain moons but is presently unable to shed them.

There is gravitational force at play, and, despite the predicted orbits and cycles, unexpected abnormalities occur. We may not look far enough ahead in our “calculations” to know when some clash will occur…or we just cannot predict one. But, there is one evident detail; there is a force at work, a force that can cause you to do a surprisingly good deed for some stranger or cause an unfortunate accident.

Our moods and actions (including dousing ourselves with artificial scents) may affect the outcomes of our resonance; we may miss meeting a good match or crash into a dozen bad ones because of what we’ve done to ourselves or how we let ourselves feel/think in the moment. If we foster a bitter or sad mood, we might miss an opportunity to meet a new friend. But, if a harmonic resonance exists and remains steady, we should be able to bypass any mental and emotional barriers to connect with the “right people.” And, given the right circumstances, harmonic resonance will filter out the negative, menacing, peace-depriving forces in our lives and surround us with positive, reassuring ones.

These questions remain for me. Is this harmonic resonance always positive/pleasing in its purpose? Are we “destined” to meet a positive end, even if unpleasant circumstances get in the way? Or, are some of us “fated” to live miserable lives while others prosper? If negative results are not in the nature of harmonic resonance, why do some seem to suffer most if not all of their lives? And, how does this energy impact the length of those lives? What if the life we know is service of some sort of punishment and harmonic resonance is the shackles?

I’d like to think harmonic resonance is a guiding light that can…will lead us to those other beings that satisfy our souls and cast out those who harm us. And, I’d like to believe I will, one day, find another–if not others–who resonate nicely with me and have a positive impact upon the world, the universe, I know. Or, rather, the union will either make a positive note in history books or more simply satisfy whatever longings I have (which cannot be reduced to just “sex” and consumption). I’ve experienced both positive and negative attractions and had mixed experiences…but nothing good that has lasted and satisfied my being; I haven’t “found my place.”

And, breathe.

So, what have I given you? More headaches or a refreshing perspective?


I meant to add another aspect when I first wrote this.

Have you ever encountered someone who is so much like you that others think you two should be friends/lovers…yet, when you think about that “match,” all you feel is animosity?  Could it be you and the “match” have a similar resonance?  That does not mean you two are compatible, unlike atoms of the same element.  [Are there elements that don’t bond atoms?]

But, what happens if the person you admire favors the “other you” or dislikes both people with the similar resonance?  Have you ever seen someone you like marry someone like you…who isn’t you?  [I’d say those are moments when you wish you didn’t know the truth…didn’t know the outcome.]


Venting Colbert Report, 12-13-2019


That’s right. It’s called Venting Colbert Report, like the cable-TV show the suit once hosted “in character.” So, set your VCRs to “not stunned” at what I’m about to say; it’s nothing new but needs to be said.

I just want to take a little time to let off some steam about a certain late-night talk-show host who has been the silver-tongued court jester, grilling the current US president ever since the big businessman and his gorgeous (first) daughter (and the rest of the family) stepped into office.


Colbert may have the best personality and face to show at those hours. But, he’s wasting his breath and making me ill more often than he can make me laugh.

I’m so tired of so many things in this world; my memory isn’t entirely sure…but I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time I’ve written about him/this. I don’t even watch the show regularly, anymore. And yet, there comes a point when you hear and see enough, with family input, to make you want to scream. Rather than scream or throw things, I choose to type out my fury and need to vomit in a more “rational coping” way.


Disclaimer. If you have a beef with the current US president and/or are a die-hard Democrat and/or Colbert fan, do not take anything I have to say as Republican or any negative attitude/force against all that is good. If you do, you might be on the path to becoming a bully or troll…like this guy (who I am about to point at with my steely index finger and try not to make an obnoxious sound). And, some band of hobbits or other mythical folks will come along to smite you.

MEANWHILE!!!…Mr. Stephen J. Tolkien Colberenstein Bearson spins lyrics after lyrics about the big cheese and anyone who crosses paths with the guy, calling everyone names–occasionally funny names–and dancing around the stage like…well…a court jester. He’s so busy doing it, he doesn’t have time to wipe all the seemingly intellectual crap he’s spewing from his Charmin behind. Yep. You may say he has a silver tongue. But, his tongue doth only look silverish because-eth he hast spent countless years polishing it, bent over a writing desk, trying to turn ravens into wood. He has been working with other writers on other shows that try to make other people look amusing and worked his way to the front of the stage. And, unlike his late-night cohorts, who are choking on his exhaust fumes, trying to keep up, he has excelled and fed on applause like a vampire sucks your blood (or raids the ice chest of a hospital). Turn the lights down a little, and you’ll find him curled up in a corner, reading about hobbits and dwarves and ready to cast fake spells at you if you disturb him. The other guys in bad suits sweat frozen burritos and cough up last night’s dinner while Mr. Frank Lloyd Copy-n-Write Webber Grill greases the competition, leaving a flaming oil slick on the race track.

[I’d compare him to the stocky Jimmy…well, the dark-haired one…the one with a Hispanic sidekick…the one who likes to leech onto basketball games for extra air time, because they both excel at calling people names and little else. But, I’d hate for the two to team up and start dishing out wedgies at schools.]

Who was once a refreshingly smooth-talking guy, trying to best the freckled Irishman (who worked his way up from one half of a sinister geek duo to solo string-dancing superstar, Conan O’Brien, who was slighted a better broadcast slot), dazzling the crowd and featuring some nifty special-effects segments about a variety of things, insisting he was not going to be the political menace he was on non-broadcast TV, when he was “in character,” has turned the hypocritical heel and become the Burger King of hashing out politico fries. All he needs is a paper hat and a stained apron.

Colbert has beaten the dead darkhorse, broken the record and made the guy holding the starting pistol point the barrel at his own head. If he’s going to flash that Captain America shield wherever he goes, I cannot be a Captain America fan. I am struggling to be an America fan, already. He’s not helping.

Turning another light on this subject, trying a different angle, there’s a point when funny becomes badgering, when a witty remark becomes, “Hey, basketball head, want me to dribble you all the way home and tell your mommy to call you Wilson?” If you get people to laugh about the foolishness someone has done, good for your fifteen minutes in the spotlight. But, Idina Menzel, man. Let it go! You can’t be those other late-night guys trying the same jokes twice, just in case people don’t watch every night. You can’t expect me to turn off my TV for a month, come back and enjoy more of what I heard last time as if you were a newborn smartmouth waiting to be baptized into geekdom.

[Switching to interview mode…]

But, Mr. Colbert Cheese on Bleh, I know; you probably don’t write all of this stuff, yourself. You…probably have a disorganized team of writers at your side, pitching ideas, feeding you lines. You just read the cards. You’re the figurehead of…well…your own government? Hmm. Who does that sound like?…like a certain orange-faced businessman who looks like he’s in charge but also part of a three-branch government who can handle itself just fine without you turning countless American minds into computer-phone scrolling gelatin-heads who’d rather vote for you than an actual candidate or take your word for a reason to vote or not to vote. Does it matter who we vote for? Are we voting in anticipation of Mr. Late Night putting the winner on the hot seat?

[Now, back to talking-to-someone-else mode…]

Yet, I’ll still say Colbert must have a brain; he doth read a lot of imaginative works. He must have some magic in that old top hat he found. And, when he puts it on his head, he is sure to dance around. [Have you heard that song?] Perhaps, this is all a strategic move. Perhaps, getting the competition to try and follow his dance steps is Colbert’s way of staying on top. He plays the pied-piper flute, gets the other guys to chuckle nervously and sweat buckets; and, soon, he’s the only one still standing.

[And then back to interview mode…]

Bravo, Mr. Showmancer. And, yet, your British spy-apprentice doth have another magic in his pocket, where he keeps one hand to grope himself and cope with the thoughts running through his head when a “hunky” “delicious” male guest is on his show, before he mentions his wife and kids. He would seem to be a true wizard at getting people bigger contracts and other business. He turns the new turd on the street into streaming gold, when he’s not processing pot with his Showtime-Pizza-Place band (including one beautiful bass-guitar player) and partying like Dionysus. [Sadly, his smaller ragged band sounds better than yours, too. Ouch. But…you just keep staying…eh, human.] He has even seduced a lovely blonde songstress I admire into playing cat-and-cat with him.

MEANWHILE!!!…you continue wrenching those eyebrows and trying to figure out what to do with your hands every night. How is a raven like a Conan O’Brien or a running Letterman, sir? I’d ask the raven. But, he’s too busy dancing and picking on the same bloated corpse to answer.

So…I’m going to go, now, and try to wash that tripe right out of my hair, again, try to forget what got me all worked up in the first place…because…you’re not worth it. You’ve spent, what, three years now? hounding this guy and all who cross his path; I’d have a hard time looking at you when–this–is all over and not replaying your previous grilling in my mind. You go so far to tease–no, harass and harangue–the man about what’s in his pants, night after night.

Are you going to be as outspoken with the next president? Are you going to keep the political grill-train going for as long as you stand on stage? Don’t you have more to contribute? Or, are you too much of a geek to talk about it? There’s no king to send you to any number of death-dealing service providers, but that doesn’t mean you should dance and pitch the same crap every day.

Even Tolkien would be turning in his grave, mumbling, “Dude. If I had a plus-five Sword of Mercy, I’d use it to end this madness. Screw your vital roll, sir. You’ve said too much and wasted your turn. I take my ring of power and disappear from this world you’ve sullied.” [Or, that’s just what I imagine he would say if he was a DnD geek.]

Don’t be just another twit doing impersonations of a tweeter.


You’re a wit, sir. Now, use it, properly.


I’m a Yod?


I just latched onto a shooting star that brought a new term into my horizon.  A yod.  Have you heard of such a thing?  I had not until today.  And, it took two dips into one information pool to get a decent grasp–though it still boggles the mind a bit without some visuals/charts I can comprehend–on the concept.

I won’t go into details.  I’ll let you research it yourselves.  But, I am thinking this is what’s been separating me from the world around me all my life.  It’s coded in me.  I am pulled in three directions perpetually.  It just changes flavor of ugliness or difficulty with every stage of my life.  Like ripples in a pond, it echoes and makes itself most known when obstacles stand in my way.

So, as I just told someone, I am thinking of changing my name to Yod, the difficult one.

I truly feel like crying right now…as if my eyes have been reopened.  I feel I should be smart enough to grasp this.  I’ve already read about the challenge my combination of signs presents.  Yet, this new term and explanation winds me with all the freshness of some parent striking a child for doing wrong.


What I Look For in a Woman


I don’t have a specific type. I have loved all shapes, colors and sizes. However, I do have some general preferences (which may lean toward specifics that are essentially “ideals” to shoot for and not expectations).


As long as you’re not a minor or more than…I’d say 14 years my junior or 24 years my senior, you should be okay. [Astrology is important in some cases. Not so much if you are closer in age. Mental/Emotional/Social compatibility is also key.] Personally, I’d prefer it if you were between 8 years younger and 12 years older. One of my fears is dying too soon and leaving my chosen lover to find another man. I don’t like the idea of being a number.


As long as you’re not an atheist (unless you consider Buddhism atheism)…practicing Wicca/Scientology…or unable to put religious rules aside of love, you should be okay. I don’t otherwise care if you’re Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, etc. Just don’t try to threaten or convert me (or anyone else) by force. As for politics, if you are strict in your political views (most often because a family raises a child this way) and prefer to wave flags than be open to examining both sides, we’re bound to clash.


Generally, I prefer TALL brunettes with NATURAL dark brown HAIR. [Natural hair is the key word. No dye jobs or hair pieces unless you’re clean shaven for good reason. But, I am not opposed to red, “raven-haired” or lighter blonde women. I just don’t care much for “dirty” or dark blondes.] As for height, anyone 5 ft. 5 in. (165 cm) or taller is okay. But, ideally, I’d like someone in the 5 ft. 8 to 6 ft. range (172 cm plus).
I look at the FACE and upper body mostly. [I don’t stress too much about your lower half or overall shape as long as you are in GOOD HEALTH and able to keep up with me physically. I’ve met some chubby women who can run faster than me. So, that tells you something:P But, do keep up. I walk fast.] I look warm and/or striking EYES with (typically) average EYEBROWS (not to thick or wire thin). I look for a “cute” (slender) NOSE with curled tip, ideally. I like fuller (rather than thinner/broader) LIPS to compliment my own, something I can really kiss with passion and that doesn’t look bad with lipstick (though I prefer you don’t wear it).
This verges into interests, but I like/want a woman who isn’t afraid to wear COSTUMES. She should be comfortable wearing silly and sophisticated HATS and dressing up in character now and then (not every month if that’s what worries you). [I am big on having fun on Halloween…not scaring people or making them sick. No evil/gross monsters.] If you find this childish or improper, look elsewhere for your man.


[This is difficult, going into specifics. In general, consider the details for myself and be sure yours are compatible/manageable. Ideally, you are rather reserved/polite in public while keeping your “wild side” secret until you and I are alone at home (or out somewhere together).]

“The Rules of Mood/Anger Management”:

1) If you are angry, either “go to your corner” (preferably after explaining your exit) or insist we work it out properly…preferably playfully with padded boxing gloves, pillows or other wrestling tools to blow off steam without an excess of physical/emotional injury. 2) Though it is preferred we do not go to bed angry/upset, if you need to or must, let us sleep in separate rooms for the night. There’s no need to share an angry bed and struggle with sleep. 3) Neither partner may refuse to hear the other partner’s side though each may lose self-control in a rant. Both sides must be given adequate time to speak/express. And, any denial of something addressed by the other is open for discussion. Both sides must be or be made aware of their own refusal to see something and/or resort to self-analysis/meditation to come to grips with this. 4) Hitting–though not preferred–is permitted provided no injury is inflicted except in extreme cases (typically self-defense against an abusive spouse…which should not be a case for us). Weapons of any kind (other than words, hands and/or feet) are inappropriate. 5) As my partner, you are free to have your temper/moods. But, you will not be found crying in private when I am available to shoulder your tears or discuss your feelings. Nor will you force me to discuss/express feelings when I am busy with something else at the time. We will agree upon/schedule a meeting of moods if necessary.


[Preferably…] You do not have a circle of male friends (especially not exes you can’t seem to release). [Nor do I hang out with women I’ve been with intimately without your approval or, preferably, presence.] You don’t have to have many (or any) female friends. But, you and I will be accepting of acquaintances both male and female without sexual tension/history. If either of us has sexual history with someone we visit, it should be discussed upfront early in the relationship. [Personally, I am not comfortable with a woman hanging out with a guy she slept with previously. That puts excessive pressure on my trust.]


[See the details I have listed under ME.]

1) You do not encourage/insist upon/engage in oral and/or public sex. 2) You do not set rules for scheduling sex during dates. [IE No sex before the third date. Sex on the fourth date is mandatory.] 3) You do not respect my concerns for casual sex while dating other guys and sleeping with them as you please. [Wouldn’t that seem just a tad cruel/unfair?] 4) You do not compare me to an ex/other date in terms of sexual performance or any other “skill”. [IE My last boyfriend ___ed more with me. You’re not as good at __ing as my ex.] 5) You do not have an ex that shares my name. I do not want to be a bad repeat or second try. 6) Likewise, if you’ve dated other guys with an astrological sign that matches one of mine, try not to bring it up in discussion unless I specifically want to discuss history. 7) You do not keep ex lovers as close friends unless they are other women (you “experimented” with). There will never be a time when you are alone with another man who has had such contact with you. The risk is too high. It goes beyond the natural bounds of trust and veers into “an open relationship”. 8) You do not initiate sex through temptation without ensuring safety precautions have been put in play. If we are having “careless” sex, we had best be prepared for the possible outcomes. [If ya know what I mean.] 9) You do not expect a regular schedule of sex/intimacy. I am not a machine. [Yeah; yeah; I know.] If one of our “systems” runs at a higher speed than the other, we work out other means of dealing with this or do not engage in a sexual relationship, at all.

In regards to money/spending/saving…and this could get touchy/ugly…I will simply say that I prefer a woman who is not materialistic or as likely to collect as me. I have a big enough problem limiting myself when I get carried away. I need to reduce my inventory and keep things simple to make moving/relocating/travel easier. I don’t want or need someone with “a hundred ceramic hippos” competing for storage space or requiring a moving crew. However, if you are have a closet of costumes or are avid reader/bookworm and have a few shelves of books, that’s fine. I might even like to share. One other rule I have about money/spending…DO NOT ever find yourself shopping and telling yourself/someone else, “I better get home quick and sneak this in the house before my man gets home.” If you are sneaking purchases into our space to avoid confrontation, you will be sorely mistaken and feel/hear my wrath. Deception is a no-no.


[If you don’t know or care to know about it, it might be good/nice to look into it a little.] I have little tolerance for/luck with the following sun/birth signs: Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo and Gemini. I have good odds with: Sagittarius, Aries, Taurus, Libra and “Krabulus”(the crab). More importantly, look for your moon, rising, Venus and Mars signs. Ideally, you have one of the following in Venus: Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius.
You have one of the following in Mars: Capricorn, “Krabulus”(the crab), Leo or Scorpio.
You are one of the following Chinese astrology years/animals: Dog, Snake, Sheep, Pig, Rabbit, Tiger or Ox.
[Here are some preferred/ideal pairings of the above: Aquarius Ox 1973, Taurus/Gemini Tiger 1974, Taurus/Pisces/Aries Pig 1971, Aquarius Rabbit (Jan. 22-29, 1975), Scorpio/Sagittarius Rabbit (Nov. 10-25, 1975), Sagittarius/Capricorn Snake (Dec. 4-27, 1977), Virgo Snake (Sept. 1-20, 1977), Libra/Scorpio Snake (Oct. 17-Nov. 9, 1977), Scorpio/Sagittarius Sheep (Nov. 4-28, 1979), Virgo/Libra Sheep (Sept. 17-Oct. 10, 1979), Leo Sheep (Aug. 9-20, 1979), Pisces/Aries Sheep (Mar. 4-28, 1979), Libra/Scorpio/Sagittarius Dog (Oct. 2-Dec. 9, 1982), Leo/Virgo Dog (Aug. 14-Sept. 10, 1982), Taurus/Gemini Dog (May 5-30, 1982), Scorpio/Sagittarius Pig (Nov. 9-Dec. 6, 1982), “Krabulus” Pig (June 29-July 9, 1983) and/or Aries Pig (Apr. 6-12, 1983).]


I do not care if you have good or bad connections to your family. I do not know what the impact of bad relationships with your parents will have on our relationship. But, it would be nice to have a receptive, accepting and welcoming family on one end. I am not usually comfortable with “broken families” with one or more divorces/step-parents in the mix. Otherwise, it’s you and me, m’lady. To infinity and beyond.

If you’ve already been married more than once, I’m probably not going to be a good match. [Once is more than enough of that mistake. And, if you insist upon a “prenup” when you marry, forget it.] If you have kid/s (single parent), you’d best discuss the particulars with me (including how much contact you have with the father). If there are more than one kid and more than one dad, just look the other way.]

Nor do I feel comfortable with SINGLE MOTHERS. There are just too many around, lately. And, I can’t help but be concerned. I do not feel apt to taking on the father role in place of the child’s true father. Nor do I want any contact between the ex and my lover/wife because it will make me feel more like an accessory than an equal. I think it’s best for single parents to come together. But, there aren’t as many single dads as moms.

If you have any pets, be sure your house/apartment isn’t a small zoo. One or two well-behaved cats/dogs/fish/lizards/etc. is fine. No furniture-mauling monsters unless we’re living in bare rooms on a farm.


[As long as we have sufficient interests in common, we should be alright. The only interests I may not fully/sufficiently share include: CARS, SPORTS (I occasionally watch and may play a few, but I am not an avid fan/fanatic/follower), POLITICS, POETRY, THE COLOR PINK, THE STOCK MARKET, TECHNOLOGICAL GADGETS/IPHONES/ETC., DOCUMENTARIES/NON-FICTION, REALITY TV, NASCAR and/or COUNTRY/RAP MUSIC (to name a few).


Like me, you can burp, fart, pick at yourself all you like. I won’t likely be concerned unless the timing is “inappropriate”. For the list of things I don’t want in a woman, see PEEVES/DISLIKES.


1) If you wear: glasses, clip-on earrings (an old-fashion alternative to pierced ears), knee socks/leg warmers, sweater/pea coats, little to no makeup (low-maintenance) and/or hair in buns/ponytails.

2) If you have what I call “rabbit teeth (or a slight overbite of the two upper front teeth). [Reference: Kate Beckinsale]
3) If you have a richer (deeper than shrill/high without sounding manly) voice with an Irish/Russian/British accent.
4) Likewise, if you’re Irish, Russian, Middle Eastern (Iranian, Saudi Arabian), Greek, Italian, Spanish, African (black/brown), Native American or Asian (Japanese, Thai or Chinese).
5) If your pet is a pug/Samoyed/border collie dog or Russian blue cat.
6) If you can sing and/or dance well.
7) If you work in movies or are a: nurse/doctor, therapist/psychologist, writer, graphic designer, interior decorator or teacher.

PEEVES/DISLIKES (aspects I do not want to see/find in you):

1) I don’t care for women who wear what I consider an excess of jewelry. I am a jewelry minimalist who likes picking out certain pieces for a woman as gifts (and shopping with her for pieces). I don’t mind a ring or two, a sensible/befitting pendant/necklace and single ear piercings. But, above and beyond that, I lose interest. It’s just more fuss and interference with contact. I DO NOT like facial or belly piercings, especially.
2) Tattoos. I’d prefer no tattoos. But, I have a select tolerance for some.
3) As I already mentioned “low-maintenance”, I prefer a woman who doesn’t take an eternity applying makeup or packing a few dozen vanity supplies everywhere she goes. You can keep stock at your home base for special occasions (as long as they don’t clutter the bathroom counter when I need it:P). But, when traveling, keep it simple. If your skin suffers from the use of makeup, hopefully I won’t nag you about that.
4) “Product-obsessed” women who get roped in by makeup, skin and hair product commercials. If you’re prone to buying these things up at whim, I am sure to lose my patience with your spending habits, eventually.
Included in this list are: spray tans, Botox injections, fake boobs, fake hair/hair extensions/weaves, bleaching cremes/creams,
5) Women who consistently color/bleach their hair (particularly Asian women who insist upon turning their lovely dark brown/black hair a pale, reddish/blond-ish color that just isn’t natural or very appealing to me).
6) Cussing like a sailor. I don’t mind the occasional flash of temper (as I do the same). But, frequent, regular, daily use of cuss/curse words (f**k, sh*t, f**ker, b**ch, etc.) is unacceptable.
7) Likewise, I do not tolerate women (and men) who say things like: “It’s hot as H*** out here!” or “I’m hungry like H*** over here! Sh*t! When do we eat?” Certain words do not belong in everyday chit-chat.
8) An excess use of cleaning products. If you’re going to tote air freshener and hand-sanitizer everywhere you go, there’s a good chance I’ll be annoyed by you.
9) Strict diets (unless ordered by a doctor). Women “afraid to eat” bother me. And, if you prefer one-topping pizzas because you won’t eat mushrooms, onions or peppers on yours, you bore me.


Use the CONTACT feature to write me if you either favorably fit this description or have any questions/comments regarding this post.

And, be sure to read the other pages/sections of this category/file.


Single and Looking Blogging Male; Just Putting It Out There


For those who may come across this and take interest in knowing the writer, this is both a detailed profile (Me) and list of aspects in women I seek (You). It is but the scraping of the surface. I won’t expose anything so personal that would be unwise to shout to the whole restaurant or nightclub. You may dig deeper by contacting me when you desire it.

For those who look to mock or chide me or see me as a “freak”, save your keystrokes and gossip. It will do your karma good.




I’m not a school boy anymore. Nor am I requiring medication to keep me going. Does that about sum it up? 🙂 Think you have it figured out? You might be surprised. Try studying my About Me page. With “eyes and brains” you might figure it out. Want the specifics? So do I. Contact me if interested in the rest, and we can exchange.


I believe there is a “God” though I cannot be certain of a name. I take religion seriously though I currently do not attend services/mass regularly. I was raised with very strict morals which I have upheld a long time. But, I don’t speak of it casually/regularly or press it upon others often. I honestly wish for whoever I let into my trust to be mutually accepting of our chosen faith paths and not let religion stand in the way of love. [I’ll go into more detail in the YOU section.]


I don’t give a rat’s behind about politics other than the necessity for government/order that’s fair to all and not invasive. I do not stand by red or blue. I am not patriotic. I question authority and the media. I want the truth from the person’s face in my presence (not on TV).


I would describe myself (without the typical exaggerations men would “confidently” display to draw you away from their imperfections) as AVERAGE HEIGHT (under 6 ft., not quite as tall as your “bouncer” ex who could fit you in his t-shirt) and SLIM with strong ATHLETIC legs (I like to hike) and arms. I wear GLASSES for distance (near-sighted) which make me look smarter than I probably am. [You decide for yourself how smart I really am.] Most say my EYES AND LIPS are my best features. [You’ll just have to find out for yourself.] I also have long FINGERS which are adept at massages and artistic pursuits. Some call them “piano fingers”. My Polish-Italian (more “Polish” than Italian simply because my branch lacks any of the culture one would desire) family was not blessed with the finest HAIR. Mine is fairly thin and affected by stress as well as a history of conditions I’ve had to endure. If push comes to shove, I may yet shave my head bald. But, I’d like to keep my head covered. I won’t fake it or inject anything into my scalp.

I typically DRESS CASUAL for COMFORT. I don’t care for dressing up unless it’s for a night of romantic dancing or a dinner party/wedding (which is not usually my cup of tea). Dating advice experts and fashion divas be gone. I don’t date like I am applying for a job. I am home in my sweats, t-shirts and jeans. I don’t care to spend hours in front of a mirror or with a dozen products on the bathroom counter. I am a “get up with the sun and go” kind of guy. If you like the FIREMAN type, I’m your guy (sans the typical fireman build). My work wardrobe may vary. But, if you want to be with me at my best, you’ll like/accept me in athletic apparel or jeans (shorts) and a t-shirt with sneakers. I prefer to dress in NEUTRAL colors (brown/gray/black) with splashes of green, purple and red.


[Now here’s something you don’t see every day.] I would say my voice CHANGES with my MOOD. If I am nervous, it rises. If I am calm or occasionally confident/daring, it lowers. I have two laughs. One is shrill and silly like a Batman villain. It comes most easily. The other is brief, deep and occasionally loud. It is rare to hear this one. Who do I sound like? I couldn’t tell you. Do I have an accent? Sure, if you’re not from my area:) But, it’s not exactly a cultural one.


You may see me as a comedian or clown. You may see me as the sensitive/touchy and quiet genius. Neither of you would be completely right. I am COMPLICATED. Deal with it. I can be chatty one moment and silent the next.

Temperament: I occasionally have a sharp tongue. But, I prefer to think I SPEAK SOFTLY, HONESTLY and with considerable DEPTH of thought. I don’t always think first. But, I also don’t avoid thinking completely before, during or after. I get angry often but not for long. My TEMPER erupts and fades quickly. However, if you cross the same line enough times, it develops a scar of distrust. I don’t pick a fight often. I usually have the fight brought to me and am forced to defend myself. But, if I am not pleased with something I see/hear, I have a tendency to snap. Again, this comes and goes quickly. I have no interest in making scenes or engaging in lengthy battles. And, I never resort to dangerous levels of violence. [Which is partly why I don’t drink or do drugs of any kind.] I am not opposed to hitting someone with my hand or foot. But, I am not inclined to use a weapon except in self-defense. [I don’t own any weapons except my hands, feet and mouth/mind.]

Social: I consider myself RECEPTIVE to others even if I start out BASHFUL/APPREHENSIVE/CAUTIOUS. I need more “ice breakers”. I need someone to often initiate or give me something to start a conversation. I do NOT like talking about myself (though it may appear that way to some here as I try to describe myself sufficiently and effectively). Unless you open the door for me (so to speak), you’ll find me the QUIET one in a corner looking on from afar. I’ll be studying you and those around you, looking…waiting for the “right time” to approach. I won’t be drinking to loosen myself up. I’ll be the SOBER one with a soda, tea, juice or water in his sweaty hand and a red face (unless you keep me up after midnight). If there are too many strangers in the room, I’ll be outside.

I’d rather “fist bump” a total stranger than shake hands. I am not a total “germaphobe”, but I do get a bit OC when disturbed/bothered/scared or don’t know someone well enough. I am less concerned with women and germs than I am men.

Romance/Intimacy/Dating/Relationships: I’ll say it once and then again. I don’t care much for dating rules. I don’t set or follow them unless you discuss them with me first. Don’t expect me to know what’s “cool” or “normal” in your world. I particularly do not like rules about sex on a particular date or women who obsess about sex over everything else. Any mention of the former will put me off almost completely. Not because I demand sex. I most certainly do not expect it or force a woman into such a situation. I don’t discuss sex casually (normally). Nor do I engage in it “socially”. It shouldn’t come before romance, understanding and communication. It is the pinnacle of a connection. Not a sport or hobby.

If you’d like to know my preferences (and this is getting personal): 1) I–under no circumstances–approve of public and oral sex. If you are putting your mouth down there, you are not kissing my lips…ever. I do not need to taste anyone’s reproductive matter or pubic hair. Nor do I care to have the neighbors or some total stranger see us together. 2) I am a man of touch. If I accept you into my trust, I accept your touch. And, I expect you to be the same with me touching you. If you don’t like/want it, don’t let me do it to you. Make your preferences known. I love playing with hair…caressing various body parts…cuddling…pressing chests together…kissing without bending my neck*…interlocking fingers…and hugs of all sorts. 3) I am all for protecting oneself. But, I am not entirely confident in condoms or birth control. I do not like women popping pills or injecting themselves with drugs that might have unpleasant or even harmful side effects. I would rather practice alternative/safe sex to share intimate pleasures than risk harm to anyone’s health or an unwanted pregnancy. 4) Costumes/Role play in good taste are/is approved. I’m not fond of most ridiculously slutty/tacky costumes you get in sizes too small from a cheesy costume shop. You can do wonders with everyday clothes and accessories. I don’t expect to write a play before being intimate. I just like the idea of coming home to/to the bedroom with a character. 5) Setting is key. Candles and flower petals. ‘Love them. Asian paper lanterns are nice, too. Likewise, thunderstorms and running water. Nature sounds are often a nice backdrop alternative to heavy/lyrical music. Being close to nature without bugs or other critters invading our privacy. A private spot on a beach or in the woods would be great. 6) I am not opposed to bisexual women. Nor am I opposed to (though I don’t have any personal experience with) threesomes/foursomes (but that’s the limit) with other women (no other men) provided every participant approves of each other. Now, there may be some speculation in how this works. But, I’ll leave that to private discussion. If a woman I consider my intimate partner has an interest in another woman, I am open to discussing sharing intimacies (but not insisting upon any of this). The only reason I approve of this is because of my understanding of “boredom” or “lacking satisfaction” in a monogamous bedroom. I do not want my partner sleeping with other men. But, she is relatively free to “experiment” with other women without my concern. 7) I don’t like the idea of “friends with benefits” when it’s a woman and a man who are both seeking a serious relationship with partners of the opposite sex. If a “friend” of the woman I am with is a woman, that’s fine. But, no male FWBs. [And, for anyone concerned, I would not expect to be permitted a female FWB that wasn’t included in a more open/triangular relationship.] I have no desire for or interest in secretive affairs. Every interaction should be made known and agreed upon “at the table”.

I try to be FAIR as an EQUAL/PARTNER. If there is something I or you don’t know how to do (better), I want the knowledgeable person to help/teach the less educated. I am not a handyman. I am not an expert on sports, politics, finances or fashion. I don’t cook all that well, yet. I dread paperwork. I don’t mind washing dishes or doing laundry. I will vacuum and dust if it gets out of hand. I want us to work together and communicate openly/honestly.

I like to please a woman. Her pleasure is often my pleasure. I don’t put myself above her (unless I am confident my abilities or efforts outweigh hers). But, if she starts to assert herself like an Amazon warrior/feminist, I will put her in her place. She is my muse if not a “goddess”. I don’t spoil or pamper her often. I am not her personal bodyguard at all times. I can’t stop every bullet. But, I do like to honor and treat her well when she pleases me. I never want her to be unhappy for long. Her mood affects my mood. I grant her private space/time as I require for myself. I want to draw/paint/sculpt her (and hopefully she will reciprocate with her own creative talents). I like to shoulder her tears and make her smile. I like to learn her preferences and try to adapt.

[All of the above–regarding intimacy/romance–I want to see in return. I do not like giving without sufficient receiving. Especially in regards to kissing. A woman who can initiate a kiss with proper timing is a winner. If it feels like I am making all of the effort and/or always initiating, I will begin to isolate myself more.]

Still, I may sometimes sound demanding or mean when I see or hear something I don’t like. I may struggle with compromise. I am a perfectionist by my upbringing.

I can seem a bit tight with my money. I have never felt I had enough to spend carelessly. And, I’ve made more than enough foolish purchases in my lifetime. I am not the type who tips big and spends lavishly on his “date”. If you’re looking for a free trip/meal, look elsewhere. I am not saying I won’t treat when the mood strikes. But, I am not some old-fashion macho man who has to pay for everything and who insists the woman be an obedient homemaker/parent.

Nature: I am a natural THERAPIST/psychologist. I like to ANALYZE and speculate. I might surprise you with some of the things I say out of the blue. I may be a bit PSYCHIC subconsciously. I am a fair DETECTIVE. You might also be surprised how you find yourself telling me more than I care to hear while I remain relatively mum. It comes with the territory (astrology). Thus, if I like you, I’ll gladly shoulder your tears and try to make you feel better. I’ll help you find options for your problems. I’ll point out your faults and your assets. But, I won’t sit still for stories about exes or bad flings for long. I have little experience to share. And, often, such stories just have a negative effect upon me. [I also don’t ever want to hear I have the same name, astrological sign or look of an ex.]

I like pets. I have my preferences. But, I don’t think they are necessary. Like flowers, I prefer to appreciate them in nature than in cages or on leashes. If I could have one grand pet, I’d like a Bengal tiger or giant snake.

I am generally CAUTIOUS and CALCULATING. I tend to get overwhelmed (and preoccupied) easily. I’m not the best at making decisions on the fly. I don’t take many risks. I don’t usually dance in public. I am not much of a party host/guest but could probably put together a layout/decor for one well. But, I have my ADVENTUROUS moments. Having a general confidence in the safety and success of something is key.

I am an EMOTIONAL guy who tries to hide it well. But, honesty compels me to cry and expose my feelings. I am “thin-skinned”. I am not the tough guy who snaps at people expressing their feelings and eats rocks for breakfast. Sometimes my emotions override my PRACTICAL side. Sometimes I flee a scene to avoid an emotional eruption. But, I cannot cry in private/alone well. I prefer to have a shoulder.

All of the above personality traits may likely be adapted/altered with time, patience and sufficient love and support. Like any plant, I (and you) need proper care and the right environment to grow.


I come from a relatively small branch of the family which has isolated itself sadly from the rest of the clan. Some make relationship choices based upon family behavior. Well, I can tell you I do NOT get along well with my parents and siblings. Think of that what you will. But, after growing up with my family always correcting and picking at me over every little thing, violating my privacy whenever I am not at home and generally expecting me to be their superstar, I have lost my deepest love for them. Now, it’s more of a tolerance that keeps us relatively civil. I was what you might call “sheltered” and on a short leash when it came to friends/romantic interests. My family never had “the talk” and never seems open to discuss such things. Thus, much is left bottled inside until I find someone I trust with my depths.

I once aspired to have as many as two kids of my own. I no longer require/desire this as strongly. If I am so fortunate yet as to find myself ready for such a task/responsibility, I will discuss it with my partner. Otherwise, I am perfectly content to have her as my only family and travel the world together (without worrying about the safety and happiness of children in tow). I would never be able to handle more than two kids, though.


ART [I draw and dabble in all sorts of crafts, but I appreciate most forms/styles. I am a proficient/accurate creative WRITER/editor. But, I stick to fantasy fiction (with pinches of romance/erotica and comedy/humor) and have lost interest in poetry. My “artistic eye” is far better than my own talents. I like to build/assemble things.]
MUSIC [I would like to at least learn guitar, yet. I miss singing (and have my reasons for not). I have a diverse/select interest in: rock, classical/instrumental, cultural, alternative…generally anything but country, gospel/Christian and rap/hip hop.]
MOVIES [Some day I’d still like to make a few movies (with a proper crew/team). But, in terms of viewing, I generally like sci-fi, action, fantasy, romance/romantic comedy, comedy and animated films of various kinds. Probably the only types I have next to no tolerance for are horror and “teenie bopper”/musician films.]
FASHION [I like to think I have an “eye” for this, as well as art in general. I just can’t find many articles of clothing I care to wear with confidence or pleasure. Women have it sooo much easier. And, I tend to enjoy shopping for clothes with women…within a reasonable frame of time and respect for my opinions:) I just might surprise you with piecing an outfit for you together.]
INTERIOR DECORATING [Give me a theme you desire, and I can probably whip something up in a jiffy. This does not mean I keep my own creative spaces looking like any theme you may prefer:) A cluttered mind, as they say…]
MYTHOLOGY [Particularly Greek and Asian.]
ASTROLOGY [It’s not my religion. It’s not evil. It’s not something I discuss every day. But, I do have a keen interest in it. I view it as a way of understanding people. Not a means of predicting the future. For starters, I was born a Sagittarius (technically the recently re-discovered 13th sign, the snake-bearing healer).]
TRAVEL [I have plenty of interest and little of resources/company to go all the places I envision. Unlike those who thoroughly enjoy solo travel, I prefer to have pleasant company.]
HIKING/NATURE [It’s food for my soul to walk among the trees (outside of allergy season).]
DINOSAURS/ANCIENT RUINS/ALIENS [Ever since I started drawing dinosaurs at age 5. I’m kinda like Indiana Jones except I fear bugs more than snakes and couldn’t use a whip properly if I tried. I liked the Star Wars movies for their array of alien characters. The stories were not nearly as interesting.]
SUPERHEROES/COMICS/CARTOONS [I never really played with my toys as a kid. I treasured them. I don’t have a vast collection of comic books, but I like to read some and appreciate the work of a good comic artist immensely.]
VIDEO GAMES [From Atari to modern arcades.]
OTHER GAMES/PUZZLES [Chess, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, mystery games, Pictionary, musical chairs, charades, scavenger hunts, etc.]
COSTUMES/COSTUME PARTIES [Superheroes, ancient Greece, the Renaissance, feudal Japan, space aliens/astronauts and/or forest creatures are preferred themes.]
BEACH COMBING/ACTIVITIES [Collecting seashells/rocks, playing in the sand, etc. Similarly, I like scavenge hunting in the woods for leaves, feathers, etc.]
MAKING PRESENTS/GIFTS [Get me into an art/craft supply store and watch me go nuts. Seriously. Hold me back. I often make my own greeting/birthday cards.]


I am relatively open to various cultures/types of food. I’ll try just about anything. But, I will not likely eat any bugs, intestines, testicles, tongues, brains…basically anything I generally view as gross or questionable. I’ve tried frog legs. I did not like them. I do, however, enjoy most seafood, including: crab legs, lobster, shrimp, clams/oysters properly cooked and calamari. My favorite foods are pepperoni pizza with “the works”, spaghetti with tomato sauce and meatballs, mangoes and chocolate pudding. [I have an interest in chocolate pudding that verges on a fetish.] I presently have no food allergies. I have contemplated becoming a vegetarian. But, since I don’t often or sufficiently cook for myself, it’s hard getting by on simple raw veggie/fruit dishes. With a good cook as a partner, I may yet adapt. Until then, I like my hamburger, lunch meats and pepperoni. I can live without meats on the bone.

BAD HABITS: [Here’s another one you won’t likely see on your typical dating profile and be shocked to learn later. But, let’s be honest.]

I don’t drink (beyond the occasional single martini or glass of wine), smoke or use any drugs to adjust my mood/body. But, I do pick my cuticles when I’m uneasy. I pick my nose and the wax from my ears (though I prefer to do this privately). I sometimes pick at myself in the mirror (which is partly why I don’t care to spend too much time in front of one). I can become a bit obsessive about some things (like conquering video games or washing clothes/dishes/hands). I can get/be a bit lax with hygiene (in part because I am more of a “low-maintenance” guy). I have my reasons.

Want to know more? Do you care more about my job/work, car/transportation and/or one’s house/apartment? What topic/aspect have I missed? Ask. Contact me.