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Latest Digital Art Collection; a Little Taste Sept. 2019


As they say on a certain late-night talk show, let me break you off a little piece of what I’ve been dabbling with the past few days.  ‘Had a little brainstorm.  ‘Got lost in a frenzy.

…Some promotional posters.  The first for a new/old SEEBS comedy TV series.  The second for a movie you might have missed.  And, the third–sans most of the typical promotional details–for a cartoon I greatly enjoyed, just given a smaller jump into the future than the Legend of Korra.

…Festive stuuuuuff!  Halloween/Dia de los Muertos is just around the corner.  So, here’s my latest contributions to the festivities.   That is a squirrel in the first and Batman and Catwoman in the second and third ones…in case you couldn’t tell.  My cat and squirrel tails tend to blur together, as I favor crafting shaggy cats (versus short-hair cats).  [I am not sure why I was hung up on a kiss; but I was.  The world could use a bit more loving and less lusting.]

…Just in time for the Asian (Autumn/Harvest) Moon Festival, here’s my lil poke at the story of the moon goddess and the jade rabbit (or the rabbit/goddess in the moon).  Here the goddess and the rabbit, having been up there a while, decide to get together, instead of chasing.

…Another small slice of my simple/complex infatuation with the mysteries of Japan, before next year’s summer Olympics.


…I figure every other group out there has one of these.  So, why not magicians?  I may drum up a stand-up comics one, next.


So, hopefully, this will stick with you as you go about your online journey and bring good word back to me.  If not, then you are not unforgettable.  And, apparently, I am.  😛


Free Pervert Profiling


Setting: We open with an elated young woman (May) joining a female friend (June) for lunch at a small restaurant. [Insert an assortment of clinking plates and silverware.] The latter waits at a small round table for two and gets up to embrace her friend as she approaches with good news practically exploding from her artificially white smile.

[May is a humble gal dressed in a wooly coat adorned with a scarf she knitted herself. Her flats are weathered from plenty of walking and catching buses. June has sold her soul for a bigger salary; thus she is dressed in the latest fashions which cost a fortune but will be completely worthless in less than five years.]

June: So? Tell me. What’s got you so excited this morning?

May: I just found me the perfect boyfriend. He’s the complete package.

Both women take their seats. A waitress appears to collect initial orders for coffee and appetizers. Throwing the departing waitress a casual glance, June returns her full attention to May.

June (whispering): May. There is no such thing as a perfect boyfriend.

May: I beg to differ, June. This one is. I know it.

June: And, have you done a background check on him, yet?

May: What?! I-I’m not that kind of gal. I trust my gut.

June: Well, you can trust your gut to the bank. But, you’re a fool if you don’t, at least, do a quick search online. Just go to and get your free pervert profile. Input everything you think you know about the guy. A trusted professional will do the rest. In no time at all, you’ll know just how perfect this guy really is.”

May removes a surprisingly expensive-looking “smartphone” from her knitted handbag and brings up a search engine.

May: Just go to, ay?

June: It’s totally free. Try it.

May pretends to input what she knows about her new boyfriend in a matter of seconds…because the commercial will end in less than thirty seconds. Upon seeing a discouraging message on a flashing red screen, May sulks.

May: I guess you were right. He’s far from perfect.

June: See? You owe me one.

May: What do I owe ya?

June: For starters, you can buy me lunch. Just kidding. You’re poor.

Both women laugh in a muffled, corny, TV sitcom way as the image freezes.

Announcer: Don’t date Mr. Wrong. Go to and get your free background check, today.

Disclaimer: The image seen on May’s phone is not what you actually see upon inputing data. The previously mentioned website has no information to provide other than what visitors give to it. Thus, your attempts at a background check may result in a 404 apology. There are no trustworthy professionals here. We don’t know the meaning of those words because the majority of our employees don’t even speak English. We are not responsible for your absent-minded use of the internet. All sorts of message and data usage fees will be levied just for fun and profit. But, we will avoid legal action by creating a charity and writing everything off during tax season.