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Vanishing Comments, Too?


I swear, this had better be a glitch…and it probably is.  But, if there’s any chance this is linked to me trying to remove unwanted Follow-ers and some sort of Pandora’s box I opened…

Now, I know some people have comment filtering.  But, more often, I submit a comment and see it on the page with “waiting for approval” or something like that.  But, since yesterday and my fuss about the bad follow-ers, every time I submit a comment, it just vanishes without a trace.  And, I hate to feel so stupid to keep writing out my thoughts just to have them disappear.

So, am I just running into a new shift in the way things work here, is this a glitch or do I have another reason to fuss?


Can’t Remove Unwanted Follow-ers?!


Congrats, WordPress.  You’ve done it, again.  One more thing that doesn’t work when I try it.

You’d think by having the latest computer tech that everything would be up to speed, but that’s not the case.

What am I complaining about, now?

I finally figure out there’s an option to Remove unwanted Follow-ers, namely ones I know are not actually interested in my blog for reasons other than stalking and marketing purposes, and the damn thing won’t work!  I can delete people I know are legitimate and nice enough (probably; I’m not going to chance it).  But, when I wave the cursor over the “bad ones,” it doesn’t always show the hand or register a click.  And, instead, I get a “Stop Script” error message about WordPress not functioning properly.  And, after that, everything starts freezing up, and soon portions of the page disappear.  I can’t log out or anything.  So, I close the window, reopen and have to log in, again.

Tons of fun!  NOT.

For all I know, it’s the scammers/phishers sending me spam and racking up views on that stinky post I made.  I have a strong suspicion the trouble is coming from the Ukraine.

I want the stalkers and scammers/phishers off my reader list.  Do I name names and get someone else to do it?


WordPress!! My Contact Me Page Is Not Working!


Okay, you WordPress cogs.  What’s the deal with my Contact Me form/page?  Someone has told me they can send links/messages to their own mailbox.  I have people visiting my page; but I get no letters/notes.  I even sent myself a note; but it did not arrive in the mailbox.

I feel like every week I am sitting in a leaky submarine and having to fetch waterproofing tape when a new glitch appears.  It gets tiresome, fast.