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Latest Digital Art Collection; a Little Taste Sept. 2019


As they say on a certain late-night talk show, let me break you off a little piece of what I’ve been dabbling with the past few days.  ‘Had a little brainstorm.  ‘Got lost in a frenzy.

…Some promotional posters.  The first for a new/old SEEBS comedy TV series.  The second for a movie you might have missed.  And, the third–sans most of the typical promotional details–for a cartoon I greatly enjoyed, just given a smaller jump into the future than the Legend of Korra.

…Festive stuuuuuff!  Halloween/Dia de los Muertos is just around the corner.  So, here’s my latest contributions to the festivities.   That is a squirrel in the first and Batman and Catwoman in the second and third ones…in case you couldn’t tell.  My cat and squirrel tails tend to blur together, as I favor crafting shaggy cats (versus short-hair cats).  [I am not sure why I was hung up on a kiss; but I was.  The world could use a bit more loving and less lusting.]

…Just in time for the Asian (Autumn/Harvest) Moon Festival, here’s my lil poke at the story of the moon goddess and the jade rabbit (or the rabbit/goddess in the moon).  Here the goddess and the rabbit, having been up there a while, decide to get together, instead of chasing.

…Another small slice of my simple/complex infatuation with the mysteries of Japan, before next year’s summer Olympics.


…I figure every other group out there has one of these.  So, why not magicians?  I may drum up a stand-up comics one, next.


So, hopefully, this will stick with you as you go about your online journey and bring good word back to me.  If not, then you are not unforgettable.  And, apparently, I am.  😛


Pawty Awn, Dudes! Happy Costume Day (Ahead)


Whether you are trick-or-treating, attending a costume party or just a fuddy-duddy who doesn’t care much for Halloween, at all, get creative and make this weekend something fun.  [I say this knowing I’ll probably hate half of what the weekend brings and muddle through some creative effort few really appreciate around here.]

In the spirit of things, here is a glance at some of the thematic art I’ve created over the internet years.



This was actually a coloring book page I found online and modified multiple ways.


And, this was a costume shop website pic I modified to appear more ghostly.

A variety pack of simpler silhouette pieces.


And, some more elaborate ones.

I haven’t exactly been in the best of moods this year.  Otherwise, I’d likely have a horde of new art in the Chat Cafe.  I’ve still got a stack of projects I would like to get done before Nov. 1.  Projects that are not online/PC.  So…



The Moment Dark Shadows Took a Big Bite Out of My Weekend


It was a lousy Halloween afternoon.  I didn’t mind the rainy weather, though it prevented me from going outside and decorating the driveway.  But, the company I was forced to keep was getting me down.  So, I retired to the dungeon and flipped through TV channels until I stumbled upon a show I told myself years ago I’d never watch.  Dark Shadows.  I had seen bits before and thought it was far too scary.  But, giving a few half-hour nuggets of hooooorribly dull and repetitive dialogue a chance, I discovered an entrancing soundtrack and an intriguing mystery with some great sets to boot. [Seriously, the show wastes so much time talking in circles; it takes ten episodes to complete a scene.  And, the monotonous introductions to each episode are just awful.]

I became consumed with interest late into the night when other channels failed to impress and my last minute pumpkin carving effort fell apart.  Still, I went to bed at a reasonable hour so I would not need a coffin.  And, come Sunday morning, I went back to that channel only to find the series starting over.  I thought I was getting close to the end of the series.  But, I missed it and then missed the introduction.  Oh well.  I am putting the series on my DVD wish list.  If I was a resident of Collinsport, I’d be pursuing all three of the lovely young women:  Victoria, Carolyn AND Maggie.  🙂


But, wait.  There’s more.  In fact, looking at the DVD options, I see my viewing of the series was a deceptive reduction.  There is far more to the plot than what was aired in one weekend.  I seem to recall bits of interviews or some dedication TV special mentioning the very things I am finding now.  The series compiled over 1,200 episodes with many more characters and time-traveling plots that I did not come close to seeing.  Phew!  That’s a mind-bending train to chase.  I’d hate to bite off more than I can chew.  🙂


Halloween aka Costume Day Gallery, Back in Chat Cafe



I dug out the old spooks, pumpkins and costumed minxes for the upcoming holiday and put a few “bumper stickers” on display in the Chat Cafe.  Have a look if you are in the mood or in need of some holiday inspiration.

If you find any great festive art you’d like to share, leave word, link or attach it here.  Or, if inspired to make your own, leave word of it being posted in your blog.





Jack-o-lanterns; What Do We Scare Off and What Do We Invite or Attract?

The original purpose of jack-o-lanterns was–like costumes–to keep bad spirits away on Halloween (or the Samhain/Celtic holiday).  But, over the years, people have carved all sorts of images in pumpkins (among other things) for Halloween lanterns.

So, the other day, I asked myself…

1) What do we scare off with a silly, happy or sad jack-o-lantern? 

2) What do we scare off with a sexy or silly costume?  And,

3) If not scaring off, what do we attract or invite?”

Think about it.

What message are you sending to the spirits around you?  If you had control over this–and, I think, we do–what would you try to convey with your costume/lantern?

Ask yourself…

1) What do you need to keep away from you/your home?  Greed?  Gluttony?  Terror?  Crime?  Lust? 

2) What do you want to visit/more of in your life?  Love?  Happiness?  Candy?  Money?

3) How do we convey these messages with costumes and/or jack-o-lanterns?

AND, 4) Who is this Jack guy who got his name attached to so many pumpkins, anyway?:)

Happy Halloween…or…Happy Costume (and Lantern) Day



Chronic Christmas Syndrome, Seasonal Madness

Do you suffer from CCS? Chronic Christmas Syndrome?


There is a sickness here growing across the western hemisphere, an obsession with Christmas music which causes those afflicted to play it for three or more months in a year, eradicating the value of all other holidays and contributing to holiday decorations remaining stapled to the house months after the holiday season ends. These folks don’t suffer from winter/holiday depression. They THRIVE upon the “spirit” of Christmas and shove it down everyone else’s throats like retail store chains, turning the season of giving into the season of impulse shopping, road rage and trampling your fellow human being to get the not-so-big bargain of the week. All for the glory of the economy and those guys and gals who applaud opening the stock market every day for whatever reason.


If you live somewhere tropical, it could drive you mad with envy of those who have snow. If you live somewhere snowy during winter…and you’re really sick of looking at all the “dead” sleeping trees and traversing the ice and snow which can be genuine hazards yearly…not to mention the freezing cold which is rather unpleasant and can be as harmful to the body/skin as summer heat…you don’t need to hear sleigh bells for more than a month. Especially if you’ve ever spent a significant amount of time in a shopping mall or retail store.


In short, where is the autumn appreciation? This is like using sunglasses to stir soup or sticking freshly grown flowers in the freezer. Don’t ask me how I came up with those two. But, those of you with CCS are killing Autumn George by playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving is said and done. If Christmas George and Autumn George meet, the universe will surely collapse.