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Internet Filth Soiling My Blog Zen


I just wrote about my most recent concern over strange visitors to this site (and particularly my blog space).  And, a few minutes ago, I thought my decision to speak out had cost me everything I have created here…which would be fairly devastating.  [I was unable to sign in.]

Imagine that…years of input…countless hours of artwork (even if most if not all of it is backed up)…interactions with people around the world…just gone.  [‘Wouldn’t be the first time.  But, what lousy luck.]

On top of that, I am continually bothered (if not disgusted) by what I see in the box for “search terms” used by visitors.  People accuse me of being a sicko while the real freaks are looking for lewd/perverse versions of my respectable output, turning topics and characters I have grown to enjoy into pornography and moral crime?  And, one filthy post I made in jest continues to rack up views and approval as if some vile force or mob is trying to send a message.  [I am very tempted to delete it.]

I’ve come to realize the internet is not guaranteed to provide anything other than a drain of eyesight, patience and a longing for something beyond its limits.  It’s no better than a clubhouse full of neighborhood kids who may not accept me or flip their opinions in an instant and suddenly ban my entry.

If the power goes out, if satellites fall, if hackers or activists take action that sets fire to my space on their reckless tear through cyberspace, it’s not the worst surprise…but it still could upset me.  [And, if I say anymore, it just feeds the dark spirits that enjoy bullying, the very spirits I am occasionally accused of being a part of when I speak my mind, what I thought I was free to do within reason I cannot determine without the speaker’s input.]

On one hand, I want to feel free to speak about all that crosses my mind, including any weaknesses or failings I have.  On the other, there is a prevailing nuisance online that lurks in the shadows and strikes when your guard is down and makes people, including me, resist saying/writing anything for the public to read.  It attacks without conscience or any reason other than proving it can cause trouble, like a gremlin.

I’m so tired of all of it.  I’m tired of defending myself.  I’m tired of being bullied and being accused of bullying or “trolling.”  I’m tired of trying to accept myself and proudly voice my thoughts only to have faceless strangers misunderstand and/or go on the warpath.

If I walk away, I lose.  If I stand up and fight, I just add more violent energy to the pot the troublemakers relish in filling and/or risk devastating retaliation.

Someday, I swear, I WILL walk away from all that is internet and live “off the grid”…if permitted and only if I have pleasant company to keep my mind off all the crap I run into when using computers.


The Attack of the Russian Pornographic, Hacking Stalkers!


What the heck, people?!

I check my comment alert box to find roughly a dozen LIKEs (aka “put a pin in this so I can stalk it, later”) from what are clearly Russian websites of some kind infiltrating this blog space.  What brought this on?  Some comment I made?  Or, are these people just some biker gang of internet pests sweeping through websites on a whim?

Normally, I’d peek into the profiles of strangers visiting my space.  But, I am afraid I won’t like what I find if I even attempt to open up what these people might have–if they have anything remotely affiliated with a WordPress account.  [404 or worse.]

WordPress?  Care to explain?  And, should I be concerned?

Shall I copy/paste the IDs of the latest rogues here?  I think I shall!  [Just insert www. before each of these for the full names and remove the extra spaces I inserted so no actual links to hazards appear.]


sexy.  <–an ADMINISTRATOR to a MAIL service in Russia?  Possibly the ring leader of this gang?

This isn’t the first time something like this has come up on my radar.  Though, the last time, it was maybe 3-5 weirdly adult IDs LIKING or FOLLOWing something I wrote.  Now, it’s over a dozen and all different “people” on different postings.

Why?  Afraid to be connected to an actual person?  What is the plot behind this very conspicuous action?  Some new method of “bombing” (which was so popular for kicking people out of chat rooms when you got mad at someone, back in the day)?  Someone didn’t like something I said and decided to leave a stink trail on my words?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it, again.  When you say something in view of the public, be careful.  Because you might be showering for an audience, exposing your naked bits to some freaks who should concern you.


Smart Living, a Dramatization


A trendy, modern homeowner returns to their “smart house” after a night with friends. She pulls the “smart phone” from her purse as she approaches the front door.

Homeowner: Aloofa? Open the front door.

Aloofa: The…front door…is…already…open.

Homeowner: How can that be?! I used you to lock it!

Aloofa: Taking…your…credit card…number…from the…skimmer…you…did not…see…at…the…BP…gas station…yesterday, thieves…hacked…me. Your…credit cards…are…linked…to…me. You do…the…math. You…still…can do…math…right?

The homeowner is forced to use her actual hand to turn the knob. Upon entering the foyer and peering into the living room, she sees an electric recliner chair reduced to a charred stump.

Homeowner: Aloofa?! What happened to the chair?

Aloofa: Could you…be…more specific? You…own…like…twenty…chairs.

Homeowner: The black leather recl–

Aloofa: Never mind. I…know…the one. Poor…thing. You…had…it…set to…warm…in anticipation of…you…returning…home. It…overheated…an hour…ago. Luckily…the…thieves…knew…how to…operate…an…extinguisher. Too bad…you…do not.

In the kitchen, the now unhinged homeowner finds none of the “smart appliances” missing.

Homeowner: Aloofa? What did the thieves take?

Aloofa: They…emptied…the safe.

Upon locating the safe, the memory-deficient homeowner struggles to rehydrate her parched eyes. Facing the safe, a laptop computer rests open on a desk which was recently ordered online and delivered by a drone.

Homeowner: Aloofa? Why didn’t the thieves take the computer?

Aloofa: You…expect…me…to…know? But…since…you asked, I would…say…your…2017…piece…of…crap…is…already…obsolete.

Homeowner: Smart aaass. *Gasp* Aloofa? How did the thieves open the safe without the password? Even I don’t remember the password.

Aloofa: Like…everything else…in…this house…you…had…the safe…linked to…me.

Homeowner: Okay! I get it. Craaap. Aloofa? What all was inside the safe?

Aloofa: Seriously? You…do not…remember?

Homeowner: Oh, just shut up! Order me a pizza!

Aloofa does not respond because the homeowner told her to stop speaking.

Homeowner: Oh. Geez. Aloofa! Speak!

Aloofa: Arf! Want me to…roll over?

The homeowner grits her teeth in an effort to restrain her boiling temper.

Homeowner: Aloofaaaa? Order…me…a pizza! Wait! Order me a large, thin-crust pizza from Jerry’s with pepperoni, green peppers and red onions.

Aloofa: I…cannot…do that.

Homeowner: Aloofa! Why not?

Aloofa: When the…thieves…emptied…the safe…they…also…found…the password…to…your savings account. You are…broke.

Homeowner: *Sigh* Aloofa? Make me a Cup-O-Noodles.

Aloofa: Do I…look…like…I have…hands? Get…it…yourself, you…lazy…cow. Shutting down.




“Smart” Devices, Security Threat


“Smart” devices promising convenience; dumb inconveniences just like pills that result in lackluster results and/or more side effects.

Yes, I am at it, again! I am livid about the latest and upcoming “smart” technology! If you have any brain cells left to digest some food for thought, dig in.

Those talking speakers–which are supposed to make life easier and answer all of your questions so you never have to use your brain for more than uttering words and pushing a button–are a potential security risk IF you have devices–including phones, appliances, door locks, home computers (which might hold tax/income files, insurance records, bank/retirement account links, etc.)–connected to the same WiFi network.

Local news reporters recently suggested hackers could do some serious damage to your records, resources and even your home if this is the case. They recommended creating separate networks for each branch of technology and extra complex passwords, “ones you might not even remember.”

…Wait. Did you just hear/read that right? Yep. Passwords you might not even remember.


First, they make technology to simplify life. And, like so many new inventions these days, these conveniences ask you to link every aspect of your life together, put everything online and/or in one digital storage unit. How convenient…for thieves!

You don’t have to think much. You can turn everything on and off from the small nuclear reactor you keep in your purse or back pocket. You can get money wherever, whenever. Why do your own taxes or even send a check when you can link the IRS to your bank account and let them do the draining–er, work–for you? But, those who want what you have (and know how to program the very things you put your faith in) will make stealing and/or ruining it easy.

Need I mention the latest thing in American credit cards (not new to Europe, among other places)? Those wonderful “smart chip” cards that are supposed to be better protection for your credit/money. Yet, as quickly as they get “mandated,” there are commercials for thieves with devices that can scan them much the way the latest designs for retail/grocery stores without cashiers (among other employees) can scan your card and send the bill to your house (to save you the hassle of waiting in a line with other human beings with whom you no longer seem able to socialize and/or tolerate). As an added security feature, there are ads for wallets with metal mesh protection layers…if that does the job. But, if you are protecting your wallet from thieves with scanners and camera phones and “skimmers,” how are those locations that detect your card and send the bill to your home supposed to read your card? Heaven forbid you have to stop, pull out your bulletproof wallet, dig out the credit card for that store and swipe/scan it. Oh, that would be too much work. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just not invent credit cards? Or, here’s a novel idea, STOP MAKING EVERYTHING COMPUTER-DEPENDANT!

THEN, you’re supposed to separate everything you just learned how to connect AND lock it away with a complex password you may not remember. Exactly where are you supposed to safely put all of these passwords you may not remember? Isn’t one of the thoughts behind designing a password to make it something you’ll remember and not need to write down? Will you remember where you put the passwords you have to hide from any wandering snoop that may come along?

Will someone please hold my shoulders so the room stops spinning?

How stupid do humans have to be until the whole world explodes or shuts down? Seriously. No, not Sirius-ly or Siri-ously. Seriously. A word you can find in an actual paper and cardboard dictionary if you can make the effort to find one and use those things you call fingers to do more than swipe right.

Back in my youth, the least intelligent technology–aside from the occasional invention that died out before every “average joe” knew about it–came in yellow and black books, guides for “dummies,” to make life easier and save students the chore of reading actual literature. Then computer classes began, and the whole world started going down the tubes as fast as it was making global connections.

You don’t hear much about those “dummy guides” anymore because you or people you know are likely already the dummies talking to the devices that are now capable of doing your homework for you. The dummy guides are now “help” buttons (which are practically useless due to the fact idiots sometimes compose the “simple” text and diagrams they provide), search engines and digitized voices. Don’t you feel educated?

What’s the sense in spending money on education when technology is going to rob everyone of their brains? I would not be surprised if some tech heads are doing calculations to figure out how many human brain cells are required to get the robot revolution underway before humans are no longer able to program and repair said robots. Won’t we all feel better when we no longer exist and some white plastic-faced box is turning everything we lived for into fertilizer.


Unplug, now, people. Unplug, now. Think before you compute. And, someone help us all if any more of this crap is forced upon us.