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Dragobete/Valentines, mini-wave 5


The hits just keep coming.  Here’s a small fifth wave of Dragobete e-cards/valentines before the weekend, introducing another old favorite cartoon, The Legend of Calamity Jane.

The next two are for valentine rejections.  If you wish to tell someone to keep their distance or change their ways before thinking twice about dating you, use one of these.  [There are similar ones in one or two of the previous waves of valentines, as well.]

And, one more valentine for the married couple that has gone the distance (reached a milestone anniversary).



Dragobete/Valentines, Wave 4


Valentine’s Day has come and gone in the west.  Now, the focus is on Dragobete, the Romanian Valentine’s Day which happens February 24th.  Here are a few late valentines and some special cards just for Dragobete, some using my current fascination with the 1979 Spider-Woman cartoon once more.


A few miscellaneous Dragobete pieces…


And, an assortment of general valentines…



Dawn of Writingbolt

Thundering clouds erupt with a ferocious brilliance.  From the heavens of awen, a new face appears…


Greetings, WordPress community.  It has come to my attention that there are many “blog” sites in this cyber-universe.  However, I do not consider this just another “blog”.  It is a multi-faceted and experimental space for creativity.  Virtually, a website creating service. 

Unlike the other sites I have sampled, here I find the tools to dabble in page designs I have pondered many a night.  Though the controls leave something to be desired, I feel as if there is potential to better suit my moods and–possibly–achieve goals I could not elsewhere.  We shall see if this rings true.  Til then…and until I channel a new ferocious storm…the cyber-skies will remain semi-peaceful. 

I would suggest examining my About Me page for more information as I may be continually updating that with new details.  I welcome all comments and/or questions regarding art, astrology, philosophy, mythology, movies, cartoons and writing(fiction).  But, I am just as ready to feed them through my moral and personal filters.  I am always seeking a fellow movie viewer/critic.  And, I make a fairly good therapist.