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June Birthdays; Happy Birthday, Famous People!


So, I’m going to try something new, this year, making fewer individual posts and more grouping posts for each month.   [Note:  These are meager lists of people who have caught my eye/interest, not a wide-ranging list of every famous person you might know.  So, don’t expect much.  :D]

Without further ado…

Happy birthday to…



Oona Castilla Chaplin (Gemini Fire* Tiger*)

[In Game of Thrones, she played the lovely short-lived wife/nurse of Robb Stark before being slain while pregnant…lovely, lovely woman from Madrid, Spain.  Supposedly, she is cast to appear in future Avatar films?  I am guessing NOT the air-bender variety but the James Cameron blue cat-people ones.]

Angelina Jolie (*Gemini Wood *Rabbit)

[Ya all should know about her, by now…played a hacker in Hackers…made a lil name for herself in the first Tomb Raider films, before Fassbender’s hot wife…got in a sticky situation when she starred with Brad Pitt in Mr. and Mrs. Smith…and now she juggles a bus of kids and being a diplomat to the world.]


Maddison Jaizani (Gemini Wood Pig*)

[The lovely dark-haired Iranian/British gal pal from CW TV’s Nancy Drew.]


Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski (Gemini Metal *Sheep)

[Actress/model, UK/American, appeared in “Gone Girl”.]


Sibel Kekilli (Gemini Metal Monkey)

[A German? beauty who appeared in Game of Thrones as the enchanting brown-haired whore named Shae, who enchanted the dwarf Tyrion Lannister.]


Alana de la Garza (Gemini Fire* Dragon)

[Gorgeous, GOR-GEOUS! American actress from TV’s CSI:  Miami (where I first spotted her and said, “Who IS that gorgeous woman?!”), Forever, Law and Order, Do No Harm, etc.  The world became so much prettier when she came into it.]



Natalie Alyn Lind (Gemini/Krabulus Metal Dragon, cusp gal)

[Most recently noted for being part of The Goldbergs, Dana Caldwell, Adam’s first girlfriend…and then briefly departed to play an emotional teen mutant in the latest X-Men-related TV show.  ‘Super cute; the sort of girl who makes me think back to the first freckle-faced girls I fell in love with as a kid; I’d be just like Adam G.]

Erica Durance (Gemini/Krabulus Earth Horse)

[Another gorgeous gal I first met in Smallville (TV), then Saving Hope (TV).  She just has that strong, wholesome woman vibe about her; she makes a perfect female version of a Superman type.  So…a Superwoman.]


Mercedes R Lackey (Krabulus Metal Tiger)

[Author of some magical romance books I read and sort of liked (for the way she thinks and giving magic tastes and smells I could detect).]

Petra Nemcova (Krabulus *Earth *Sheep)

[Model, Czech Republic, vegan; never married?]


Christina Chang (Krabulus Metal Pig*)

[Taiwan/Amer. actress who appeared in Live Free or Die Hard, CSI Miami, and The Good Doctor.]


Help Me Think of Names!


And, get famous (whenever I publish) by having YOUR name (or a pen name you supply for yourself) worked into my latest book (project).  You could wind up a primary character, opposite the protagonist(s), a neighbor, CEO, taxi driver or police officer, for example.

The names I direly need are LAST/FAMILY names.  So, go nuts combining letters, words and/or sounds to get something special.

I am looking for:

  1. A name that incorporates the word “BUN.”  BUN could be any part of the name, start, finish or middle.
  2. A name that incorporates the word “TRESS” or “TRES.”
  3. A name that incorporates the word “LOCKE” or “LOCH.”
  4. A combination of three names (female first, female middle and last/family) that create a word or name with the initials.  IE Jane Ellen Trisket = JET

Submit your ideas to my mailbox (on the contact page) or in the comment section below.

Get brainstorming.


Thoughts on the latest “big” sexual assault/cold case debate

If you mention a certain fairly famous comedian’s name these days, you might start a fire.  [I won’t start one now.  But, I’ll tell you he has had a few shows with his name attached to the title and sold pudding pops for years.]  But, while some might “get their dander up” about the women lying about abuse to get money from the guy, I’d like to offer a countering argument with some personal experience (which I won’t exactly discuss here/publicly) to back my assessment.

[If you want the short “tweet” version, here it is:  The women were terrified to go up against the media.  The guy has the potential to be intimidating/manipulating.  And, while the women can’t legally get rich from bringing the cases up now, they need and deserve emotional closure.  It’s better to get this off their chests than go to the grave never making their feelings known.  And, any one of them who happens to be a fake has her own conscience and higher power to deal with.  As for anyone who feels the need to remove any and all connections to the man simply because of the fuss going on, you people are being stupid.  Either you respect the man or you don’t.  And, if you didn’t know the truth, why not?]

I know that’s not a good short version.  But, here are more words to tickle your brain cells.

Just because a bunch of women come forward several years after being (rumored) abused/raped/taken advantage of does not mean their case/s is/are invalid.  Sure, there are legal boundaries for what can be done within a set amount of time.  That’s just the paperwork mumbo jumbo tied to all the financial organizations.  So, worst case scenario, they can’t get rich from bringing this up so late after the incident.

But, had they brought up the matter soon after it happened, can you imagine the “fire wall” they might have faced?  I think what one woman said is true.  He is famous for being the good, fun, nice guy, and he’s making moolah in his prime (which seems perpetual).  If you take on a giant like that legally, you’re bound to get squashed.

Now, there are exceptions to the “rule” like a certain Monica who went up against the U.S. president.  She didn’t care who he was or if he was in good health.  She went in guns blazing to get her peace.  And, what actually happened may still be up for debate.  But, why bother?  Let those involved go on living in peace without the tabloids and regurgitating interviews.  And then, there was the famous football player/actor accused of murder.  Anyone who caught a piece of that media coverage (or a certain Seinfeld episode) know how that went.

These women–the legitimate ones–didn’t have anyone in their corner after IT happened.  They kept silent, probably out of fear.

Funny people often have a dark side we don’t normally see.  Let that be known.  If you don’t know or deny it, check again.  Comics/Comedic actors fight depression and dark forces out of the spotlight.

And, if you’ve been in a painfully broken relationship–however long or brief–and have ever felt you didn’t say enough or walked away under unfavorable conditions, you might be familiar with a term called CLOSURE.  A couple can get divorced and still feel aftershocks of emotion decades later.  Some get re-married.  Others harbor grudges and/or scars.  But, the smart ones get everything they need to out on the table so they can breathe easier.  [For some, this need is insatiable.  They’re just perpetual hurricanes of venting.  And, pray you never become or face one.]

These women–the legitimate ones (and only they and those they know can vouch for their validity)–need closure.  Now.  Before he and they are dead.  It just happens to be when he is losing his health and mind that they felt strong enough to speak.  It’s no different than the spouse of a hostile mate (and it need not always be the man who is hostile) being too afraid to get out of the negative situation.  Sometimes it takes the opposition being on their deathbed for the “victim” to finally “peep.”  ‘Nothing wrong with that.