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Happy Birthday, Constance Wu!


Normally, I’d take a recent pic/photo and whip up an e-card.  But, not this year.

I do, however, have an ample supply of smiling balloons and chocolate cake (for everyone).

And, until some crazy rich director or co-star steals you away, you still WU me.  😀

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Happy Year of the Earth Dog 2018/4718


Friday, February 16, 2018 (4718) is the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the year of the (brown/black) Earth Dog.  [I’m just letting you know (in advance).]  What does that have to do with the price of tea in China, you ask?  I’m not sure.

But, it’s a good year for both building up investments and security and, if you have faith, feeling secure (provided your honest and a dog’s friend).  Put more money into retirement savings.  Cash in on stocks.  Buy or sell property.  Enjoy the fruits of interest/dividends.

If you own a dog, treat him or her right.  Don’t neglect the dog.  Don’t send your dog away.  But, don’t spoil the dog, either.  Healthy care is a healthy investment in your four-legged friend (or three-legged if the poor thing lost one).

The Dog guards against the vices of the world.  It has no tolerance for thieves, doubt, greed and/or any behavior that causes division (such as racism or sexism).  Thus this is a year you’ll see plenty come to justice for misdeeds.

And, this is a time to spread good will, share the wealth/crops and, if you’re good boys and girls, receive some from others.  Don’t forget to give thanks to any kindness you receive.  [I am also not sure what makes this different from other years.  Every year, it would not be a bad idea to be kind to others.  However, it would be wise to not give more of yourself than is sensible.  Do not leave yourself at risk of exhaustion or going broke.  DO NOT GAMBLE.]



Happy Birthday, Shirley MacLaine!


Shirley, can I be serious?  I’m not sure…when you’re always smiling like you do.  [And, don’t call me Shirley.]

I’ve said so much about this gal already.  What more can I say?  She’s a delight to just about every sense (or so I imagine).  She’s…quite simply (and yet more complex than I may ever know) a unique and precious spark of life, a reason to smile for no good reason and the occasional naughty one.  Yet, for even the slightest dip in the naughty pool, she can bring you right back to the heavenly gates with some sort of glowing innocence.  If I never get to meet her in person, I feel I’ve already met her on another plane.  And, though I am sure to cry buckets when she’s “gone,” I suspect I’ll see her, again, somewhere, somehow.

Happy birthday, Shirley.



**posted two days in advance because I have yet to have much luck with the scheduling feature.



New Pokemon, Family Designed

Here is the first batch of pokemon designed by my nephew and I.  I turned his cutouts and sketches into digital art.  But, some of the characters I designed myself.

Tell us what you think of these.  If you see anything like this in the existing Pokedex, let me know which existing Pokemon you think make one or more of these irrelevant/pointless.  And, if anything similar turns up in the new games of Sun and Moon, let me know, too.  [Once upon a time Noctowl, Hoothoot and Totodile were sketches in my sketchbook.  Then they were part of Pokemon Gold/Silver.]





















Finish This Sentence for Me…


“When you have to ask which you’d rather have pee on you, a dog or

your nephew, …”

Yea. That happened.



Dear Lauren Cohan,

Lauren-Cohan -Refinery29-Magazine-560x840-redsweater-1

Bite me, Lauren Cohan.

That’s what I’d say if I met you on the set of The Vampire Diaries.  Alas, I only know you at a glance.  But, the more often I see you, the more I learn and learn to like.

I can’t stand the sight of blood (or needles), and, apparently, neither do you! I don’t like many horror/monster movies. But, I saw enough to learn more and discovered some tantalizing details. [If you’re not the least bit into astrology, please put up with me for the remainder of this relatively brief monologue.]

For instance, you’re a Sagittarius Water Dog (western/Chinese astrology combo)**. The first part could prove difficult but the rest is glorious. You’re a few years younger and five-foot-seven (which suits me just fine). [We’d be neck and neck if you wore heels. That was a little vampire joke.] We have similar minds (which could be good and/or bad), sharing an understanding of alone time and personal space as well as a spirit for travel/adventure.



Our sexual chemistry/balance comes very close to blissful perfection. One of my books uses the words “potential wholeness.” I would not be surprised if we both experienced buzzing nerves when we meet. Nor if we struggled to keep sweaty hands to ourselves. You could easily be the Watson to my Sherlock (or vice versa). At the very least, we’d be awesome and/or mutually challenging friends.

There are a few downsides, including the potential for being mirror images of each other, copying dramatic tactics, being equally disorganized/sloppy, inconsistent and blunt at the wrong time. If there is no grounding force to sustain our sanity and keep things in order, we might wind up penniless hippies. [Which, I like to think, wouldn’t be the worst thing with someone like you. Though, a sense of security is important.]

No. I don’t know much. But, I know I am intrigued. So, do me the honor–if you can find the time–and share with me all I need to know. [I will return the favor with the utmost respect for privacy.]

Writingbolt, the snack that bites back


From “The Many Loves of Writingbolt”

**If recent sources are correct, the birthday I first found was incorrect.  And, the new one seems to make you a Metal Rooster…which would be rather bad or, at least, challenging.  Even if the Venus/Mars combo is still rather good…but not as good as it first appeared.