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Dear Ashley Greene,

Oh, Ashley Greene. Oh, Ashley Greene!

You dream. You moon child. Your name sings in my ear like the prettiest song bird at the break of dawn. Your name is as close to perfection as your beauty. You probably have no idea how perfect you are (even if you are a few inches shorter than my ideal).

At present, it seems, you are only known for one (minor) role in some vampire-werewolf-love-triangle movie series. [And, I hate to see you do anything worse.] Not only are you gorgeous (with some of the finest brown hair I have ever seen), but you also have this curious “heaven-sent” quality about you, as if your parents were in on the secret. Let me explain (in geeky astrological terms).

You were born a rabbit year (in Chinese astrology). The rabbit is–by nature–a wood (element) sign associated with the color green. An ash is a type of tree. A lea is a grassy meadow…where trees may grow. Are you with me on this? You are Ashley Greene, a Pisces (Fire) Rabbit. [And, yes, those are rabbit ears that stick out when you uncover them/bind your lovely locks.]

Now, wait, Pisces is a water sign. Well, plants need water to grow. But, Pisces is ALSO a sign of the spring season when plants are just regaining their green color. And, what about the fire aspect I just mentioned? Well, the sun is a big ball of fire and something that also helps plants grow.

How perfect is that? You’ve got your own supply of fire and water to nurture your growth into the perfect plant that you are. Is it all just too much? Too much perfection? Or, is the combination of elements confusing, leading you astray?

I wish I could say more. But, I barely know you. All I DO know is that you are beautiful in more ways than I can probably describe. Surely, you are more than a stunning, heart-stopping face. And, I am sure there is more about you yet to be discovered/honored. We…you just have to find and share it with the world…or, at the very least, with that special someone (who could be me, given the chance).

[Oh, but there is this lingering doubt in me–from my gathered statistics–that worries we might pick each other apart while working well together…that doubt, distrust and/or jealousy might infect our bond…that our love would be obsessive, compulsive and as bad as it is good.]

I send these thought to you on a leaf with the hope that they reach your lovely branches. Please return your own in a manner I may comprehend and let me know that you hear me.

Writingbolt, seeking some bunny to love him


From “The Many Loves of Writingbolt”