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The Birthday Tay Parade, Week 3


I recently saw a commercial for the new Cats movie (the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical in movie form); and while I am a bit turned off by the male cast–to the point that I was hasty to refuse seeing the movie at first notice–I saw how fab Tay looked in action and Judy Dench and Rebel Wilson, who I also like…and I guess I am torn and excited at the same time.  I am very tempted to see it and hoping the men don’t make me want to puke or scream in disgust.

Ehem.  But, other than that…

Continuing with my previous post, here’s more of the Masked Artist work.  Let’s hear it for…the Bartender.

I put her at four different movie theaters, each featuring Cats (making use of my Taylorcats logo from a previous post, as well) and a slightly unique ticket-counter person/response with her own uniform variation.  Meh.  Well, it amused me, anyway.


And, this was the general/first theater design option, in which you get the Savor card “shpeel.”

And, if you cannot get enough cats…

Well, she has a lot of cats, here.  Can you hear the music?  The moonlight calling?







Clothing an Ecological Hazard? As If!


What’s this about eco-friendly clothing options, now? Clothing has become a landfill concern, like plastic bags and broken electronics? That’s crazy talk.

If clothing is an ecology concern, then the real root of the problem is our old frenemy, the economy. Long ago, someone wove an elegant spell which convinced countless souls to control the world through the demand of money in exchange for goods and services. Before long, people wouldn’t lift a finger without coin in hand. You see traces of that in rebellious children who don’t help their elders unless they are paid to do it; allowances, wages and such rubbish.

But, what puts such thoughts in someone’s head? Are adults to blame for passing it on to their children? Sure, parents tell their children they cannot have something unless/until they get a job and buy it themselves. That happens.

What is more common and suffocating, though, is the omnipresence of influencial media. Whether it’s the “old” way of jabbing your cranium with TV and radio commercials or the “new” mutation of pop-ups and the like on everything Windows-fed or Apple-based. I don’t own one myself, but I would not be surprised if someone had a watch-like device they wore on their wrist that could fire an image, a slogan, a salespitch a motivational message to do something financially-stimulating, simply because the technology we trust is powered by the economical machine.

There was a time when inventors invented things and struggled to make them last. Then, as their talents improved, inventions became durable marvels. But, some dark soul with financial aspirations, some golden-touch entity said, “Make it breakable so they will buy more.” And, if that’s not enough, the sales pitches have been non-stop efforts trying to convince you that new is better than old (even if a place called OLD Navy continues to thrive in its own way), that today is better than yesterday. Rubbish.

Back to the topic at hand.

Ecological concern over clothing? Try less impulse shopping. You might have to turn down the pop-culture, song-of-the-season commercialism and focus on necessity, on sustainable comfort versus temporary pleasure. Try lowering prices on cheaply made crap and charging price for genuine quality that you can guarantee to endure or replace, at least, until your value is proven. Because, these days, the brands that boast reputation have fallen so far from their old standards. I used to count on Jansport backpacks for lasting an eternity. I haven’t owned or bought one, in a while. Do they still hold up to their good name? I wonder.

Renting clothing? Can you believe there is such a thing? I can understand celebrities renting dresses or suits for some award show/party. But, everyday folks renting what they wear more…regularly? No way. No thanks. If I am renting clothes, I might as well consider myself a prisoner working in a laundry room for hundreds of other lost souls. I just can’t do it. I will not wear used clothing, mainly because it is my strange belief that used comes with history. And, I don’t want a stranger’s history attached to my body. It would be like wearing the suit of a man buried just last week. Sick. I can’t and won’t do it. And, I seriously doubt my decision will have any ecological impact worse than 98 percent of the human population.

If you want the honest truth, I wear my clothes until they pretty much bust. As of right now, I am due for a new wardrobe because most of my clothes…at least, the clothes I wear regularly, casually, are showing signs of decay. They’ve become senior attirizens and cannot be kept alive on deceptive drugs and poor caregiving. I am going to miss these clothes when I finally have to dismiss them from active use. I don’t know what will become of them, either. But, I really don’t care to think of some less fortunate soul wearing my rags.

So, really, is this an issue? Clothes in landfills, swallowing up Earth-space that we just cannot spare? Has the world gotten so lazy and careless that we have to be so concerned about every thing we do and use? Water, land, air… Have we gone so far to misuse our precious resources? Are we worse off than the days of excess hairspray and fossil-fuel emissions? Oh, wait, that’s still going on; isn’t it? This is just a new phase of pitching the same cry for help.

And, if clothes in landfills are a concern, then maybe we all need to stop wearing clothes and just start living in the nude in the woods and wherever we feel fit. Clothing has been around a very long time. I have never read of a past stage in human civilization that had a problem with such rubbish. If it is our present-day concern, then I put full blame on the economy and all of the excessive push for impulse shopping. That, dear fellow humans, is the enemy. Not the shirts on your backs.

I’ll give what I heard on TV one point. They said maybe people need to stop looking at shopping (for clothes) as a pasttime. Indeed. Well said.

[But, you want to know what’s a bigger landfill concern than clothing? Try about a million new toys people are trying to put up for sale, toys that often sound and look alike and are made of the smallest plastic parts, which are sure to become a hazard before they get famous. And, the ads just keep coming and vanishing; letting me know the toy didn’t last and is probably being added to a landfill as another takes its place. Yeah; let’s talk about the excessive use of plastic for merchandising. And, let’s knock on Disney’s doors and tell them to keep the noise down, because they’re motivating others to get their 15 seconds of fame and 100 years of landfill space. How can any kid truly love any of these toys that seem lacking in inspiration, lacking in repeat use/fun and lacking in quality to last? These are not beloved characters from historical stories like Archie and Marvel comics. Although, now that Disney has taken the reins of Marvel merchandising, that’s gotten out of hand, too.]

Yet, I know some older folks who seem to have nothing else to fill their days. I dealt with them as customers. I deal with them as family. They are lost for what to do with their less able selves. So, they turn to “bumming” just to “get out of the house for a while.” It’s kinda sick; ya know? It’s a sickness, and it’s sad.

Buy clothes that will endure and satisfy you for a long time, not just one day. Wear those clothes and care for them like children. Get the most out of your clothes, and your dollar, and you won’t likely have to worry about them harming your environment.


The Birthday Tay Parade, Week 2


I’m jumping ahead; I am intending on posting new pieces each Friday, even after the (first of two) special day(s).  But, I guess I cannot wait (and cannot be sure I’ll get the time this Friday).  So, enjoy these a little early.

I’m sending out invites (to a fantasy party)…

…and enclosing the first pieces of a three-part puzzle I will call…The Masked Artist.


Let’s hear it for…the waitress (and all the variations of the image I crafted).




Let the Birthday Tay Parade Begin!


So, we’ve crossed the one-month point.  There are less than 30 days to Tay Swift’s next big birthday.  [I won’t say a number :P]  And, I have a fair amount of art to share…rather, I’d like to send it directly to her.  But, I don’t know a good channel for that.  So, this is the best I have (since I don’t use InstantNoodleGram or GoTwitYourselfHashheads).

Let’s see…what to start with…  Let’s try these.



FUN!  Tay Swift playing cards with a flip-able bit of wit to each side.  Normally, the face cards match top to bottom.  But, these you can rotate to see two sides of the same lovely coin.  Or, in some cases, a more friendly and classy Tay on one side and the more daring and glamorous CMA Tay on the other.  I am not sure why I put the yin-yang symbol in the middle, but note the shift of time from day to night and how that might affect mood.  And, in case you’re wondering about the alien reference, I thought she kinda looked like the sexy alien from the Species movies in that outfit.  So, I thought that was remotely amusing.  🙂


Happy Birthday, Karen Gillan (in advance)


Lately, I don’t know when I’ll be here, at WordPress.  And, I don’t quite trust the scheduling tool since my last issues with it.  So, I am taking up my bow and firing a quick arrow to ensure this thought and artwork gets to the lovely gal’s eyeballs and heart on time.

I noticed she’s got a sequel coming out on the birthday of another special someone in my eyes.  So, I decided to capitalize on that a bit with this small flood of digital pieces.  [I couldn’t narrow down my variations.]

Without further ado…

Happy birthday, Karen!  [Officially Nov. 28, as far as I know.]




PS2 The Sims, Ahead of Its Time


I’m having another one of my nauseating deja vu moments as I indulge myself in some Sims therapy, taking a break from my recent obsessive, stress-injected attempt at online/offline gaming with the grown-up version of Highlights Magazine’s hidden object hunts.

If you feel like reading a short novel and riding my train of thought, enjoy. If your a fellow The Sims fan, all the better. Come on; it will be like reading comments under a YouTube video.

Long ago, in a workplace far away, I met a guy who let me borrow his PS2 and The Sims 2 game. I was quickly enamored with the liberty to design households, not cities or theme parks like the “old” Sims games (which I found a bit tedious and boring, more like work just to watch ants at play). I created a few fun households and slowly figured out how most things worked with the help of certain Cheat Gnome codes. Without the gnome, I was quickly growing frustrated with lack of money, people losing interest in each other and dying from all sorts of unexpected accidents, often fire (because you could only put so much in a house and need to teach people how to use appliances). After failing to complete the “get a life” story mode and earning a few jars in my house, I was ready to look for fun elsewhere. When I returned the game, my coworker said I could keep the memory card, just in case I got my own PS2 and The Sims 2 game. Well, since then, I have misplaced that memory card (because nearly 10 years went by without me acquiring a PS2); but my interest in and memories of that old Sims game sticks with me.

Now, present day, I recently took the plunge and bought myself a PS2 and a Sims game. Well, first, I bought a Sims game for the Wii which kept me busy for a few weeks; it didn’t have all the “bells and whistles of the one I remembered. And, sadly, the Wii graphics could not render bodies smoothly; arms and legs are a bit square and jagged. Still, it’s a fun retreat to an…well, island retreat. And, with a cheat gnome, you can go to town on setting up your own Gilligan’s Island.

As for the PS2, I had some troubles, at first, which delayed my purchase of games. And, while I had hoped to find a copy of The Sims 2 or some even better version, I stumbled upon a copy of The Sims (the first) and couldn’t pass it up…while the salesperson just threw me a look, as if to say, “Really? That old retard? You really want to spend your money on manly sex dolls and transvestite women of color?” I say this because that is sort of what you get in The Sims (the first). The creators were not very skilled with making feminine women…nor giving a decent variety of hair styles and clothes that don’t look like globs of paint…or kid options, in general; though there are some really bizarre dress-up things you can do with the kids which should be available to the adults!

Getting started with The Sims, I was just about as frustrated as I was with The Sims 2; except in the second game, I was able to “woohoo” and marry a number of couples, forming a sort of fantasy harem, with relative ease. And, I definitely had more fun playing dress-up and interior decorator. The first The Sims (not to be confused with the likes of Sim City or the very early flight simulation games) didn’t seem to have a “woohoo” option. Nor did I see the ease of forming relationships. There was no benefit to having a fish tank (except one lousy point for this or that and the fun appearance it has) or most objects which mainly raised the blood pressure of the household fire meter. [In The Sims 2, the fish tank provides fun AND food you can cook, oddly. And, a couch can provide fun items and money. In the first The Sims, you’re lucky if you get a phone call that informs you of some strange cash prize like a Community Chest card in Monopoly.] You really need space and lighting to see into rooms and allow dumb people to move without colliding, so they don’t forget what they are doing and get into trouble. But, this takes money and causes other risks.

So…why bother with The Sims (the first)? Well, once I looked online for cheat codes and discovered, sadly, there was no gnome, I was considering tossing the game…..and then I noticed codes for freebies and a “fish eye” mode. Well, it was better than nothing. And, for the most part, Fish Eye (1st person) mode is fairly fun. You get to see people’s faces…at times, which is fun when you kiss someone or give them back rubs. You can enjoy yourself in a bathtub or shower. You can walk around the houses like you’re playing Duke Nukem. The only downside is not being able to look at the people around you (not just directly in front of you)–for example, when you’re dining with guests–seeing the baby in your arms, etc. There was so much effort to block nudity and the like that certain views were impossible.

Alas, without the ability to quickly fill “motives,” the game seemed a chore…and has become a chore, particularly in “chapter five,” when it seems you are forced to raise two kids. And, that’s one rather funny and strange part. It’s almost like a Greek myth. My newly married wife didn’t even have sex with me to conceive. She just took a very sensual bath, and–poof!–flower petals rain down as a cradle is born nearby. And, we clap before the kid starts wailing and draining every battery until no parent wants to attend him/her, and the game warns you of child services coming to take the child away. I was genuinely tense reading that; I was/am taking virtul child-raising seriously. There’s no option to toss or punt the kid when he becomes intolerable and no cheat code to make them happy. It’s buck up or game over. And, I didn’t want to get through four chapters of this story just to get a grim ending and be denied completion. [Just to add a note, the second kid was born when, shortly after the first sprang from infant into a fully intellectual and talented child, as mysteriously as the way she was born, when the mother (not the strange non-customize-able Mom figure, just to be clear) went to make breakfast. Having read about how Hera birthed Hephaestus, that was all that came to mind. This woman had no sex and was birthing kids from the water and food. Amazing and amusing.

When the first kid was forced into the “life” of my Sims protagonist, I had a powerful flashback or deja vu moment. I had read about this game. I had studied so many aspects. I knew what was limited and what was unique. Didn’t I? Or, am I imagining it? Am I suffering some sort of insanity from too much solitude? When did I read up on this game? When did I write about it before? I knew you were not supposed to keep the wife happy in chapter five; you’re supposed to let her be miserable so you can get two promotions, which require a fair amount of socializing if you pick the Musician career path (which I did because there’s no other Artist path, not even a cook as you could be in the Castaway game). If she is too happy, the kid seems to come with ease…and the kid sure did! I just wanted to make my wife happy.

I…forgot? what I had read…but then remembered. Weird. I remembered and am remembering all that I supposedly read too late. If I had ready internet access to all that is The Sims, I might have caught myself in time. Instead, I am forced to save a single file prematurely just to save me from repeating a thousand steps in a day; and this leaves me with getting out of some jams which cost goals and time…and that takes the fun away.

Now, if you’ve stuck with me this far, you might be saying, “Wait. The title of this post says something about the game being ahead of its time. What did you mean by that?” I’m getting to that. I just get carried away, now and then.

This is another freaky part, aside from all the freakish faces I’ve encountered in the game and being forced to get into a hot tub with some unappealing stranger just to wake from a dream and get screeced at by an equally unappealing mother figure. When I went to design a woman, the first design that appears looks INCREDIBLY close to the beloved Taylor Alison Swift, the sweet-sounding songstress I’ve come to adore. No fooling; check it out for yourself. You just start designing a family and switch Male to Female; and–bam–there she is standing before you. Except, the eyes may be a bit green; there seems to be a Sims standard for starting with green eyes. But, you can fix that. Still, the woman sure looks like Tay…and kinda sounds like Tay. But…..this game was made in 2002. In 2002, Tay was a mere 13, her cosmic number. And, throwing another freaky wrench at you readers, there’s a clothing option that features a T-shirt with the number 13 on it. Why that number of all numbers? I’ve seen plenty of sporty shirts in games with numbers like 5, 7 and 21. And, in a game like this, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 69. But, 13? Why 13? Was that the number of the day the game was released? How…convenient. Convenient like the instrument choices the game provides, including a RED (Tay favored color) electric guitar and a piano approved by Arianna Grande…er, Arianna Chimeway. Hmm…but the name on the piano was close to Grande…another intriguing detail. So, now you see what I meant by the game being ahead of its time. These bizarre inclusions and my sickening bouts with deja vu have supplied ample time-traveling madness.

How is this possible? How is it a game from 2002 can be a Tay Swift simulator? I didn’t see more than a glimpse of her until 2008. When I start the Castaway game, the first female figure option is usually a dark-haired woman who looks like a cruise director. From what I recall of The Sims 2, that also presented me with a dark-haired woman as a starting step, though both The Sims 2 and Castaway have a “randomizing” feature. The Sims (the first) seems set on presenting you with a Ken doll and Taylor Swift. Bizarre. Almost as bizarre as the feeling I am having even now, that I have written all of this before and am just repeating myself.

Submitted for your approval; a man of considerable age and fair wisdom has a very strange experience, an encounter with a virtual and highly desired lover, for what may be the second time in The Sims Zone………..


$1,000 for the Makers of G5 Games


I recently invited people to join me in playing an online/offline game made by the G5 company. Since then, I’ve sampled two of their very artistic…and very vexing *free* hidden item games. If you are familiar with the games, then you will likely find what I have to say fairly amusing. If you have no idea what I am talking about, feel free to find out for yourself or just carry on with your mindless scrolling.

Dear G5 Games,

I am so pleased with your work. I’d like to offer you $1,000. I know you normally ask for less to buy various starter kits, chests and whatnot. I’m saving time and being generous for all your wonderful artwork and…ehem…time-killing entertainmennnn-tah. But, there’s a catch.

To collect this $1,000, you must find it in a picture, a picture that is very dark and blurry like a bad painting of a barn in one color, a picture set at *Magister* level. And, the money will be disguised as a thin silver thread, like a slender antenna, which blends in with about a million other brush strokes in the blurry painting. It’s a very dark picture; so you’ll likely need a flashlight (which is quite useless and only lasts five seconds) or a torch (which is slightly less useless and just as temporary). Just to make you feel better…or worse…I’m going to surround the item you are seeking with dozens of other things you’d like, including other dollar amounts, money bags, etc. Oh, wouldn’t that be sweet. But, no; they are just there to distract you…like so many pictures we players must search over and over and over and over and over and over again, looking at all the objects we normally cannot find so easily, laid out in front of us, mocking us.

Even if you find the silver thread, which is no bigger than an eyelash and partially hidden behind another section of the picture, you’ll find it difficult to click on. If you get weak, you can just wait a day to recharge and try again; or spend a few talismans to rev yourself back up in a fraction of that time.

But, wait, there’s more.

Before you can even reach this picture, you must make a journey of a two hundred and eighty-five levels, gathering three billion coins and unfathomable “experience.” Are you up to the task? Cuz you sure put us players to it!

[You go from needing 20,000 coins to open one portal in Twin Moons to 84,000?! And, to rack up that kind of coin, you need to get combiners that are only available in portals miles upon miles ahead of what’s accessible, spend countless hours making what is available even more difficult and expensive than it already is…or buy our way there? You folks are cruel and nuts. You might as well just make all the portals accessible at no cost or need to collect a billion bitty things and just sell the game for $20 in a form that can be installed, uninstalled and reinstalled with ease, and call it a year. Because you are proving there is no “fun” in “game.” Like some video games of the past, you have lots of nice graphics but are lacking elsewhere. I’ve been tempted to try some of your other games, but I reaaaaally don’t want to go through more of the same grief. Wait; I am having a psychic moment…the big solution at the end of the game, the answer to the mystery…oh, there our missing elder man is, in the final picture, like reaching the end of Candy Land. Big whoop. By the time I get there, I’ll look back on all the time I invested in the games and cry.]

And, should you succeed, you may come away with any number of other useless items for combining one of your many random collections of images which the characters in the games fake caring about for flimsy reasons…or no reward at all. You might solve the picture and get nothing. That happens. Right? But, do try and try again and again, searching a thousand times if you must to find that lucky thread of payment. Then you can spend it on more useless stuff in your own games…or pay a small portion of a medical bill…maybe something for your eyes.

So, aren’t you glad I sent this payment? Aren’t you glad you made these ridiculously challenging and frustrating games that can crash, show pictures that don’t belong in the games and lose progress gained in a blink? Thank you for making them *free.* Now, I’d like my eyesight, time and heaps of patience back. [But, lovely artwork…the not-the-least-bit-creepy parts (not just about every male character that looks like some secretive killer), anyway.]

Sincerely, your pal,

PS  The recent Halloween festival in Secret Society has been remotely refreshing, considering it didn’t involve a glitch…though that last glitch was somehow tied to downloading another of your games which does not seem to recharge energy and follow the clock/calendar of the other…as if you just cast that old child aside.