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Fashions Signaling The World’s End?


When Target commercials are worse than Old Navy commercials, I fear the world (of fashion) coming to an end.  Seriously, I don’t expect much from a retailer like Target.  I know they are not a “high-end” clothing store, but they used to have options I…well, liked.  But, some years after they began airing ads with trendy songs-of-the-summer and montages of jagged shifting imagery, and years after certain feature fashion designers started boasting their lines at the stores, Target seem to have lost their money-lovin’ minds.  I used to say the same about Old Navy.  I used to think Target put Old Navy on the endangered shopping list.  Now, it seems things have shifted.   And, that really scares me.  A place with OLD in its name showing clothes better than what you can get at what used to be a favored department store.  Sad times, indeed.

What am I talking about?  What is so bad at Target?  Let me put it as clearly as I can, in my personal opinion, mind you.  I don’t like pastels.  I detest melon orange and shades of aqua-marine/sea foam/turquoise, even if the last one is said to be lucky for Sagittarius.  I am tired of the same old striped crap that looks like the bottom of the wallpaper or card stock barrel.  I am tired of pants too tight for my man parts, apparently designed by gay folks looking to score some action in the rear…just sayin’.  And, in general, as I say again and again, I am astounded there aren’t more options and that, it seems, no one cares to design or make quality men’s clothing that isn’t cheaply screen-printed tees and sloppy pants or costly suit-and-tie combos that do nothing outside of an elitist boardroom or convention event.  It seems I will have to scrounge around the shady import websites, these “pop-up” outlet malls of the Far and Middle east, and pay ridiculous shipping, no doubt, to get anything more appealing to my artistic and heterosexual senses.

As if shopping for men’s clothes isn’t bad enough, these days.

Vent complete.


Thank You, Christina Applegate


Have you ever had a thought escape your mind when someone decides to interrupt or distract you while you’re thinking of something? And, have you struggled to hang onto that thought or trace it back to its source only to forget what you were trying to say or do in the first place? Have you ever felt like letting whatever thought that was go and saying, “Goodbye, Garfield.”

If you have, then you, like me, remember a very brief moment in TV history, when Christina Applegate played Kelly Bundy on a slimy, groan-worthy yet periodically amusing TV show called Married with Children. There was one special episode when Kelly had to appear on a game show and answer some trivia questions. She complained about having limited memory capacity. When anyone–especially her dad–tried to cram new thoughts into her head, she forgot something. And, at a precious moment, she says goodbye to her memory of Garfield, the cartoon/comic strip cat.

[Apparently, it’s impossible to find this episode/clip online? Is it because she uses the name Garfield? Really, Jim Davis?]

I tend to refer back to that moment whenever my mind forgets what it was trying to say, which is often enough due to the interruptions that come my way. Too often I cannot complete my thoughts when accompanied by just about anyone. It doesn’t matter if its kids or adults. It’s like I can hold my breath for five minutes, but I only have 2 minutes to breathe before someone else takes the air or jabs me in the gut.

Anyway, I’d just like to take a moment to thank Christina Applegate for getting lodged in my memory as an example of the sad condition I and others I know have been facing for a number of years, now. I know her character was just supposed to be especially dumb for some juvenile reason. And, I’m not exactly losing critical childhood memories every time I learn something new…not that I know of, anyway. And, back when I first saw that episode, I didn’t think much of it other than laughing at Garfield leaving her head. But, now, it seems so relevant.

So, again, thank you, Christina.

And, thank you, Garfield, for being one my first inspirations to take up drawing cartoons/comic strips. I once took a tour of a newspaper (office building) and received sample strips for Garfield and Marvin. I don’t know what happened to those. But, I remember holding them.

Ah, memories.

…What was I saying a minute ago? Before the bit about how I had a comic strip proof in my hands? I was just talking about… Ah… Nope. Forget it. It’s gone. Goodbye, Garfield.



Ah, WordPress glitches, I Know Them Well


So, just a quick note this time.  Now, it’s blog posts from itself on my feed that don’t open in separate tabs when I try to do just that?   They just come up “page not found.”

Is this just another “Um, you need to check your updated browser and such” push-the-glasses-up-the-nose moment?  Or, maybe it’s just cuz the site hasn’t put a new post on my feed in more than two years?



Happy Year of the Earth Pig, 2019/4719


Chinese New Year is just around the corner, again.  February 5th, to be exact.  It’s the year of the Earth (brown or black…or yellow, if the ol’ Voltron cartoons have anything to say about the elements)  Pig.  [I may not be here to celebrate in the moment.  So, once again, I am posting this in advance.]

Like the previous year, this is supposedly a good year for generosity as well as reaping rewards.  Though, the past year was better for investments.  This new year is a time to party and enjoy the fruits of labor before the next year, the Metal Rat, when a new cycle begins and all sorts of new happenings start popping up to change the way you look at life, I have a feeling.  Anyway, this next (moon) year is supposed to be good for just about everyone, including some who fear losing control.

Here are my designs for the Earth Pig year.  Notice all of the other animals are present, and the rat is white (metal) in anticipation of it’s time the following year.


And, I’ll throw in one I made by editing a snippet from an Urusei Yatsura cartoon.  The moment I saw the pig, I immediately thought of the upcoming new year.



A WordPress Photo Folder/Filter Tool Suggestion


Just a small suggestion to the makers of WordPress, home of 30-some percent of the internet’s power?

I’ve added A LOT of images to my lil Media folder.  Most of them are valentines I have designed in recent years here.  And, when I want to find other images for posts I make, sometimes reusing images from long ago as Featured Images, it can be a bit of a pain/drag to scroll all the way back through ALL of my images just to find the one(s) I need, even with “super-fast internet service.”

So, just a thought….and I know there is probably a forum better suited for such things…I’m just not looking for it right now.

Buuut, could there be some kind of folder/filter tool added to the media storage system which allows contributors to your 30 plus percent of the internet-verse to home in on particular images via some Key Word/Tag or maybe a sub-folder system in which images could be categorized by date?  Even that would make things simpler, as I can see dates appear around the images, letting me know when they were added…but if I can’t just zip to the dates, like I can with my digital camera, when I go to the “dates taken” menu thingy, then the dates do very little other than let me know when I added those images.

Whatdya think?  Just a thought.  A good one, I think.


Which of These Is the Best Snake Name? Input Needed


So, I am working on a story and need a name for a pet snake.  I’ve come up with a short list of names and would like readers’ input.  Which do you prefer for a yellow and white/albino python found in a forest setting during summer vacation?







Early Birthday Present to T. Swift


I cannot guarantee I will be available to do this on her special day (Thursday).  So, I am posting these, today.  Cooled off the presses, these are a few special portraits I composed, similar to my recently posted magazine (subscription) covers.

In recent years, I’ve been trying to make something special for her (every year).  And, this is my latest installment in that pursuit.

Enjoy.  And, Taylor Alison Swift?  A most happy and blessed birthday to you, you gorgeous and talented creature.

[There have been some slight modifications over the process of completing these.  So, you might notice small details that vary.]


The above are just two cards I previously made and posted that I am including to feature a photo (for comparison and respect).









How many ways might I describe her?  Let me count the ways.


I believe that adds up to 13.  Or, to put it more simply, she is just…




And, if all of this is a bit much for her or anyone viewing this posting, well, just avert your eyes or go find some sunglasses, I guess.  It comes from the heart, my creative heart.