Thanks, Stupid, Disrespectful Viewers


Once again, I glance at the “stock exchange” stat screen that this site provides to show what everyone is looking for or at each day.  And, what do I see?  Some rather questionable search “key words.”  For a while, I kept seeing a rather shocking and X-rated reference to a cartoon character I really like.  Now, it’s a quest to find naked pictures of one of my crushes.  It’s not bad enough the most viewed piece of my “Creation” is still that dumb joke I wrote about being a poopologist.  After…what…eight years here?…I can’t express enough how valued I feel to be “working” at WordPress.  I suppose I feel like the lowly grunt in the corner cubicle who no one even notices until he does something crazy and ends his own life.  But, don’t worry, ‘no plans on going that route anytime soon.  I’ll just keep pushing the glasses up my “clean” nose and continue creating…something…for whatever reason…obviously, not for the appreciation of an audience.

2 Responses to “Thanks, Stupid, Disrespectful Viewers”

  1. May 11, 2019 at 8:44 am

    The ups and downs of creative life

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