The Attack of the Russian Pornographic, Hacking Stalkers!


What the heck, people?!

I check my comment alert box to find roughly a dozen LIKEs (aka “put a pin in this so I can stalk it, later”) from what are clearly Russian websites of some kind infiltrating this blog space.  What brought this on?  Some comment I made?  Or, are these people just some biker gang of internet pests sweeping through websites on a whim?

Normally, I’d peek into the profiles of strangers visiting my space.  But, I am afraid I won’t like what I find if I even attempt to open up what these people might have–if they have anything remotely affiliated with a WordPress account.  [404 or worse.]

WordPress?  Care to explain?  And, should I be concerned?

Shall I copy/paste the IDs of the latest rogues here?  I think I shall!  [Just insert www. before each of these for the full names and remove the extra spaces I inserted so no actual links to hazards appear.]

sexy. jzxlz.ru
sexy. rphgu.xyz
sexy. yacgaww.website
sexy. 9jotaq.website
sexy. otrhhp.ru
sexy. doui.xyz
sexy. zxydqz.ru
sexy. qslosc.ru
sexy. rcie.ru
sexy. erxz.ru
sexy. zkfi.ru
sexy. tzxukole.ru
sexy. qzxwz.ru
sexy. qtfns.ru
sexy. dixvp.ru

sexy. administrator-mail.ru  <–an ADMINISTRATOR to a MAIL service in Russia?  Possibly the ring leader of this gang?

This isn’t the first time something like this has come up on my radar.  Though, the last time, it was maybe 3-5 weirdly adult IDs LIKING or FOLLOWing something I wrote.  Now, it’s over a dozen and all different “people” on different postings.

Why?  Afraid to be connected to an actual person?  What is the plot behind this very conspicuous action?  Some new method of “bombing” (which was so popular for kicking people out of chat rooms when you got mad at someone, back in the day)?  Someone didn’t like something I said and decided to leave a stink trail on my words?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it, again.  When you say something in view of the public, be careful.  Because you might be showering for an audience, exposing your naked bits to some freaks who should concern you.

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