Zelda Is Coming!



I haven’t quite gotten off my Pokemon 20th anniversary kick.  But, it would be shameful for me to forget another rather big anniversary.  It was thirty years ago, February of 1986 (close to the same date Pokemon Blue was released), when the original Legend of Zelda cartridge-format video game for the NES was released.  And, a few years after, some people made a stellar–though short-lived, modestly flawed and reasonably repetitive–cartoon about the game!  You can tell the old fans from the “millennials;” the former show the cartoon respect while the latter just voice hate with horribly spelling and grammar.  [Way to go, modern education system!]

I did a lil binge-watching, recently, and it fired up my creative side.  This consequentially triggered a massive burst of my deja vu syndrome.  [I swear I’ve posted most if not all of this before.]

At any rate, anticipate a Zelda (cartoon) flood of epic proportions, in various forms.

And, if you ever think it too much, well, EXCUUUSE ME, princesses.

Cyndy Preston?  Jonathan Potts?  You rock.



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