Dear Alexandria Morgan (the model, not the soccer player)

Dear Alexandria,


You have a fresh face with striking features. And, like many models, you are tall. In fact, you’re the perfect height (for me). I am just seeing it for the first time and quite captivated. One might think you were just a kid roped into the business if they didn’t do a lil research. [I certainly was a bit concerned.]

I did a lil astrological research and learned we are quite a match. Except for one detail. The year you were born could be a problem. Some would say opposites attract. I remain a bit skeptical.

You’re also practically a perfect fit for a character I have been working into recent books (I write).

I’d like to talk with you more personally/privately and get to know you better. But, I don’t see a way to do that. [I don’t partake in certain “social media” locales.] So, if interested in knowing more, please contact me via the link above. Thanks.

[Hopefully, you’ll find this in a favorable light and time.  As with other letters I have written here, I am sending wishful thoughts into cyberspace.]



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