My Mother Made Sure I Had Hormones at 4


Thanks, Simpsons and your LA-Z Rider made by Steve Cutts!  Now, I know.  And, knowing is half the battle.  Yo, Joebra.

It all makes sense, now.  After watching one of the recent episodes of The Simpsons, I realized why I was a rare kid interested in girls at the tender age of four.  My mother made sure us kids drank our milk.  And, regardless where the milk came from–it sure was not made by a cola company–it had hormones which some say contribute to allergies.  But, I guess it could also contribute to early puberty.  Or, at least, early yearnings to be intimate with a girl.

Bart had one hot military teacher to fantasize about.  I had one new girl each year of elementary school and at least two teachers I favored with affection.  Homer said a pretty teacher can aid a kid’s motivation to learn.  It sure did.  Now, you know.


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