I May Not Know Art; But I Know What I Dislike


I like to look at art listings here to get ideas and compare notes with other artists.  But, some days, I come across posts that turn my stomach and make me lose my eyesight temporarily.  Typically, these involve:

  1. Gore
  2. Violence
  3. Tasteless/Full nudity
  4. Dark/Evil subjects

I just came across another one, today.

With all of the LIKE-ing buttons and whatnot, can we get a DISLIKE button or maybe even a barrel of rotten tomatoes to throw to express how much we dislike something?  Nah, that would be mean and “judgy.”  I’m just saying…  But, I guess everyone’s tastes vary.  My mistake for opening the wrong door.  Just…cover up, people.  Okay?  And, let’s not promote the dark side.


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