Kudos, McDonald’s, for Thinking Outside the Box


When I was still technically a kid, Happy Meals came in colorful plastic boxes shaped like UFOs and train cars.  You could put stickers on the windows that featured the McD’s cast of characters.  And, when Monopoly season blew into town, you could ask for free pieces at the service counter.

Nowadays, there are no free game pieces to request.   But, Happy Meals are gaining new appeal with their innovative designs…even if the boxes lack something to be desired.  My nephews just got some Transformer toys which are not the best but decent.  But, what makes the package as exciting as the toy is how the toys and boxes are designed to respond to/with “smart phones.”  On the My Little Pony side, you can fold out a stage for the ponies to show themselves off and light it up with your phone’s light feature(s).  On the Transformers side, you get a target to punch out and hit with your toy’s missile.  I kinda like the Pony side better.  But, both are clever uses of an otherwise discarded/recycled box.  Plus, the latest toys have some sort of scan feature that lets you access a game with your phone/mobile device.

That sure is thinking outside the box.  Way to go, McDonald’s.

I should also mention a previous promotion featured a pack of folding valentines and a mini story book.  THAT was an awesome treat to go with a kid’s meal.  Let’s see more of that.  [And, bring back the cool plastic boxes shaped like vehicles.]


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