Happy 20th, Pokemon


So, I just heard/realized it’s been 20 years since the initial introduction of the Pokemon craze.  And, I guess there will be a commercial to show some support during the Super Bowl (Feb. 7th)?  Here are a few images I whipped up to show my interest.  If you want to bring out the geek in me, ask about my favorites.

Here’s a toast to twenty years of teaching kids it’s okay to involve their pets and animals caught in the wild in arranged fights (like cock and dog fights).  If that aspect could be eliminated and the pets could interact and evolve some other way, perhaps there would be more harmony in the world instead of violence.  Including “beauty pageants” isn’t enough.

Here’s a link if you want to check out the commercial and/or see pics people uploaded to show their Pokemon fandom.  Pokemon.com “Train On”

  1. I was more interested in the first 150 than any other set.  Though, the later games that involved time of day were rather impressive (despite the usual RPG excess of time needed to invest in raising/evolving the critters).  I’ve highlighted those that were favorites, confusing, comical, etc.  If there is no dot or square by the creature, it’s in a gray area (undecided).  I questioned a few of the character choices, initially.  But, the more I learn about Japanese/Chinese myths, the more some make sense.  Yet, I would categorize more as ghost pokemon or yokai due to their nature/appearance.  For example, the electric/metal pokemon like Electrode/Voltorb and Magnemite.  Drowzee/Hypno is based upon a myth about an anteater that consumes dreams.  Wouldn’t that be a ghost/spirit, as well?  And, what of the “human shape” pokemon?  Jynx is close to but not quite human shape.  And, Mr. Mime is just freaky/weird.  If people can be pokemon…?
  2. I made two with images from a Mystery Dungeon game.  One is just a group of preferred creatures (not all personal favorites).  The other–I thought was clever–features a fire monkey from one of the more recent games.  It’ll soon be the year of the fire monkey in Chinese astrology.  How fitting, ay?
  3. Then there is the one with two favored trainers up top with fireworks.  In that one, I used coloring book images I had digitally colored, including a few favorites.
  4. Lastly, I took a bunch of game sprites and one of the finely drawn manual images, slapped them together and added 18 Pokeballs to make a grand total of 20 in the image, one for each year.

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