Happy Day of the Kings/Epiphany


Okay, I know I am a little late.  Heck.  People are already probably taking down their decorations, cleaning up the confetti and packing up the party foods.  But, this was the earliest I could get here to post this.  So…


Today, Jan. 6th, is the day the three wise men, three kings or magi reportedly reached the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. It’s also known as the Epiphany. [In some parts, this is considered the final day of the Christmas season.]

This year is slightly different due to the Summer Olympics in Rio. Here we have three wise guys, dominions, from Rubika, a small, Asian nation not recognized by the Olympic administration. [Don’t bother looking for it on a map, they are already furious no map shows it.]

Bob is hopeful. He has brought his gold, hoping someone will make him a medal from it. Frank is incensed. He always is when something upsets his amusement (like being left off of the list of nations invited to the Olympics). And, Murray is…well, just Murray. He’s always puzzled by his pals, never sure how to feel and lost for direction until guided by yonder star which leads these three from afar to the hosting nation.

Their journey westward begins today, Kings’ Day as some call it. Let us wish them well (while the other three famous guys go see the baby).


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