Photographic Gunfire Makes Less Sense Than Fatal Gunfire

As I catch the US President talk about the recent shooting in California, I hear him suggesting tidbits of information as well as gunfire in the background.  Not lethal gunfire…unless you can die from camera flashing.

But, what is the sense of it?  The rapid-firing cameras while he is trying to speak (requiring the occasional “uh”).   Three hundred snaps a minute, and what?  You maybe use one in some daily tabloid that says nothing…because he had so little he could say without stirring suspicion and gossip?  He’s just trying to be an active president addressing the people in time of tragedy.

Just tell me, someone, WHY do camera people have to snap so many damn pictures every time someone speaks on TV?  And, what do these photos do?

The constant gun violence is senseless.  But, so are a dozen cameras blinding someone talking and cluttering the airwaves with what sounds like more gunfire.  Either put the silencer on or holster your weapon…er, camera.  Thanks.


Hi.  I am Writingbolt.  And, I approve this statement.

Writingbolt.  Not running for US President in 2016.  But, maybe I should be.


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