Dear Karen Gillan,


Psst! Karen! Who? You! Yeah! You, you blushing Sagittarius snow fox with that lovely red hair reminding me of spaghetti sauce. You white fire rabbit with that cute, curling nose beckoning me to come closer. You five-foot-ten winter beauty with that sweet, sly, goofy grin of yours and that bubbly voice (which garbles your words when you get into a frenzy). If Snow White was a redhead, you’d be perfect for the role.



What fire. What range you have. Even if a twinge of silliness seems to leak from your serious pores. It seems you are always a clown even when you stop me dead in my tracks. I might as well expect you to throw a pie in my face when you strut by in some fashionable yet comfortable attire. That wit is as charming as it can be frustrating. [I know myself.] Where does this humor come from? Nerves? Or, an irrepressible inner child?

How could I not notice you when I dared to watch Dr Who, a show that is more vexing than it is entertaining? If not for the Doctor’s lovely companion(s), why would I bother to watch, at all? And, of all those companions that have come and gone, who can hold a candle to your towering radiance (and somewhat charming goofiness)?

Maybe I am just captivated by your astrology, your perfect height, your charming face and that glowing red hair. You see, we’re two peas in a pod. We’re practically cousins or siblings (though I don’t want to go there). I see you with that goofy TV boyfriend/husband and think that loyal dope could very well be me (though I like to think I’d have a more fiery personality in your presence). I see us having a ball on a comfy sofa, watching movies, playing games and getting a little too silly with bowls of snacks.

But, maybe we’re too much alike. Maybe we’d find fault with each other and pick ourselves apart. It’s a fair concern to mention. Some sources say two like us would have to work at happiness. Others say it’s a recipe for bliss.

Sure. You wrapped up your stint with the Doctor (though your essence seems to echo). And, you’re onto other projects, guarding the galaxy from boredom. Other pretty faces will move into your old territory. But, I won’t likely forget yours.

If by some chance you are able to send a message through time and space to my doorstep, I’d be most appreciative and respond in kind with the utmost respect for privacy.

Writingbolt, a kindred fire spirit looking for his match

Dr Who star toys with new action figure

Dr Who star Karen Gillan comes face to face with a five-inch version of her character Amy Pond. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Wednesday August 18, 2010. Gillan, 22, is pictured with the figure ahead of an event for fans of the sci-fi show at the Glasgow branch of the toy store Hamleys. See PA story SHOWBIZ DoctorWho. Photo credit should read: BBC / Simon Ridgway / PA Wire

From “The Many Loves of Writingbolt”


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