The Moment Dark Shadows Took a Big Bite Out of My Weekend


It was a lousy Halloween afternoon.  I didn’t mind the rainy weather, though it prevented me from going outside and decorating the driveway.  But, the company I was forced to keep was getting me down.  So, I retired to the dungeon and flipped through TV channels until I stumbled upon a show I told myself years ago I’d never watch.  Dark Shadows.  I had seen bits before and thought it was far too scary.  But, giving a few half-hour nuggets of hooooorribly dull and repetitive dialogue a chance, I discovered an entrancing soundtrack and an intriguing mystery with some great sets to boot. [Seriously, the show wastes so much time talking in circles; it takes ten episodes to complete a scene.  And, the monotonous introductions to each episode are just awful.]

I became consumed with interest late into the night when other channels failed to impress and my last minute pumpkin carving effort fell apart.  Still, I went to bed at a reasonable hour so I would not need a coffin.  And, come Sunday morning, I went back to that channel only to find the series starting over.  I thought I was getting close to the end of the series.  But, I missed it and then missed the introduction.  Oh well.  I am putting the series on my DVD wish list.  If I was a resident of Collinsport, I’d be pursuing all three of the lovely young women:  Victoria, Carolyn AND Maggie.  🙂


But, wait.  There’s more.  In fact, looking at the DVD options, I see my viewing of the series was a deceptive reduction.  There is far more to the plot than what was aired in one weekend.  I seem to recall bits of interviews or some dedication TV special mentioning the very things I am finding now.  The series compiled over 1,200 episodes with many more characters and time-traveling plots that I did not come close to seeing.  Phew!  That’s a mind-bending train to chase.  I’d hate to bite off more than I can chew.  🙂


30 Responses to “The Moment Dark Shadows Took a Big Bite Out of My Weekend”

  1. February 1, 2016 at 9:15 am

    I carved a pumpkin this week. 😉

    • February 2, 2016 at 1:54 pm

      I am digging the footwear in your lil avatar/profile pic.

      A pumpkin this week? And, what season is it for you? Winter or summer?

      I carved a winter pumpkin, once. I had saved it from Halloween because it was so elegant and white. But, when it started to rot, I said it had to be carved like its siblings, to give it that moment to shine. I am at a similar crossroads this year with my last lil white. But, as it has not started to rot, I am inclined to keep it whole.

      • February 2, 2016 at 8:01 pm

        Oh hey! Another speaks. Thanks for the kudos on the boots. (With all my haters I ain’t sticking up my face.) Yeah, I made it to the fifth night with this pumpkin.

        It’s winter here. I just got to it. I have one more; I want to make a Valentine jack o lantern. (Have done it before.) What I picked did better on the porch than kept in the house. I guess the natural cold is keeping them fresh. Though whites are hearty and can really last, I noticed. What shall you carve?

      • February 2, 2016 at 9:14 pm

        All your haters? Are you Taylor Swift’s dark twin? 😛 Are those skull and crossbones socks? [Not a fan of death or pirate stuff much.]

        Fifth night of what?

        A valentine one, too? Cool. This sounds like the beginning of a grand friendship. 😀

        They fare better on the porch?? In winter??? I would expect them to get frostbite and rot just as fast as they do after Halloween.

        I actually kept mine indoors away from dampness and radiators, and they survived more than two years uncut. I had one that was a perfect white apple shape I kept whole that long before it started to gather white mold dust and lost its top. I carved a smiling face shedding a tear that February/Valentine’s season.

        I don’t know. I am torn between enjoying the lil white as a whole and giving it a face. No telling how this will go.

      • February 2, 2016 at 10:43 pm

        Maybe I’m her twin. Maybe this is a parent trap thing! Not sure. Yes, my skull and crossbones socks.

        Oh fifth night of my jack o lantern continuing without going to mold! Oh, not the cold out here isn’t too severe and seems to preserve the pumpkin. TWO YEARS? That’s way farther than I got. I usually get as far as April. (I’ve made Easter jack o lanterns.)

      • February 2, 2016 at 10:47 pm

        Not sure? Uh, okaaay.

        Ah, the carving survived five days. I can’t say I clocked my previous carvings. But, they did not last long, sadly. That’s kind of the rub of it all. I guess carving them is the equivalent of dropping them from a crane. But, I like to think it gives them a second life/spark. Even better if you can carve the pumpkins and harvest the rest: eat the seeds, sprouts, flowers, etc. But, I wasn’t sure if my white pumpkins were good for that. I tried roasting the seeds. They didn’t turn out as well as the ones I can get from a grocery store.

        Yep, at least two years. I am pretty sure one lasted three years in a dry basement space. I kept it in an open cardboard box. Every Halloween I didn’t carve it, I put it on a skeleton base and displayed it indoors.

        Easter ones, too? Good golly. Do you keep a pumpkin farm?

      • February 2, 2016 at 11:17 pm

        Oh, I’m just joshing. Having a little cider here. Aw, well if you like a carving, a photo is always fun. I’ve been doing that since before the digital photography became so available. My Valentine’s Day pumpkin? We carried that, fully lit, on a trail in the evening and took it to a Mexican restaurant. Barely anyone batted an eyelash, which was kind of disappointing.

        No pumpkin farm. Just get them in the granny-cart from the market each year. But oh my gosh, I’m re-reading this blog post. If you ever listen to my first podcast into I am sooooooo with you on what you wrote here: “” [Seriously, the show wastes so much time talking in circles; it takes ten episodes to complete a scene. And, the monotonous introductions to each episode are just awful.]” SO TRUE! I’ve had so many people asking me how I could skip a single minute of DS and I’m like, “Because it’s predictable!” (((lol)))

      • February 3, 2016 at 10:30 pm

        Cider? As in the sort of apple cider usually freshly made in the fall or some other kind?

        Photo of what? Your pumpkins? My pumpkins? I have photos of most of my carvings since 2001.

        You took a valentine pumpkin to a restaurant and on a walk there? Wow. And, who is we?

        I suppose no one wanted to pick a snit with you. You know, all those haters you mentioned. 😛 heh They just figured you were Mrs. Pumpkineater.

        Granny cart? As in a wire basket on wheels big enough for maybe two bags of groceries?

        Every year? Why not grow your own?! Pumpkins may spread out vines, but you only need one good lil plot, maybe two feet by two feet and a few seeds to get them going. You can always cut the plant back and keep one or two vines growing. I’ve grown white pumpkins two years so far, in a four foot square garden patch. They spread out to about a seven foot diameter plant. I couldn’t do it every year and still grow other vegetables with the family. The garden is only so big. But, two years, I had a nice crop. The first, I was a lil greedy, hoping to carve 30 pumpkins and display them across the front of the house like I’ve seen some pumpkin festival homes do. But, after 15, I was sick of carving.

        I used to get nauseous carving big orange ones in my youth. My hands wound turn to stone from the sap. And, I’d literally feel like vomiting after sniffing the interior too long.

        I think that’s because Dark Shadows was a soap opera of a unique sort…until other soap operas tried the vampire thing (which, to me, was laaaame). [Ehem, yes, I’ve dabbled in a few soap operas over the years.]

        I actually thought the introductions were a good idea…just hastily/poorly written.

        I would not say the show was all that predictable. Especially when it got to the part about time travel. I have not seen past season 3? I think. But, I imagine all that past life and trying to break the curse stuff will drive me madder than that thief that becomes B’s “Igor.”

      • February 3, 2016 at 10:45 pm

        Oh, hard cider, the stuff with an octane rating. 😉 The pumpkin? It was me and my (now) husband. We up for being wacky, hence finally marrying. ❤ I've tried to grow pumpkins and didn't have much luck. Wow, sorry to hear about all of that trouble with the pumpkins, but that is an awful huge amount!

        Oh, of course the writing couldn't always be top notch for Dark Shadows, they were all rather in a hurry. Five-days-a-week is a rough schedule. Glad I don't need to do that. No one is running home from school to listen to my show, so I don't have to rush. And I'm pleased as punch you casually mention past-life! Man, I've had too many people come after me using it and saying, "REINCARNATION DOESN'T EXIST!" and I'm like, "Huh? I don't give a darn. What about the other supernatural stuff over here???" Hee hee hee, Barnabas' Igor. You mean Willie? Yep, he's rather crazy. Hard to act his part, that is.

      • February 3, 2016 at 11:15 pm

        Octane as in alcoholic?

        Ah, I see, it was your pumpkin and your “pumpkin.” Good grief, Linus.

      • February 3, 2016 at 11:23 pm

        Ha ha ha! yeah, gosh, I’m not sure I’ve ever called him that. (We can a kitten named Pumpkin, so we would associate the name with her.) Yes, as in alcoholic. (Gonna try to take a week off the sauce. We’ll see how I do.)

      • February 3, 2016 at 11:28 pm

        You mean you drink weekly? All the pumpkin and fun stuff you two must be doing–sounding like a dream to me–and you never called him pumpkin/punkin?

      • February 4, 2016 at 12:46 am

        I was doing that. Things got really bad in the last few years. Loved ones just stopped talking because they were too busy clicking on “social” networks and sharing links, and losing cognitive faculties. (I haven’t been the only one experiencing this either.) So, one goes into a land of decay. I’ve entitled this problem the Apathetic-Disconnect.

        Nah, I call him “Missy” sometimes. Ha ha. Hey, we got a good chat going here. Do you have email? 🙂

      • February 4, 2016 at 12:54 am

        Argh! The plague of social media! Where does it end?!

        Missy? Kinda gay.

        Uh, yea, but I am not sure how to feel about emailing all these married people (particularly women) and me being a male heterosexual hermit.

      • February 4, 2016 at 1:04 am

        Aww, I’ve got plenty of nice guys I’m writing to. (Hey, I’m looking to pair up more than fictional people. I want everybody to be happy. I’ve known a lot of lonely chaps who are just as great as the lonely lasses.)

        Hee hee hee! Yeah, I’m just playing with him calling him that. It’s not often, though. And I wholeheartedly agree with the plague of social media. You can mention it to almost anyone anywhere and that person knows exactly what you’re talking about. It looks like it will end with people using it in moderation and being sheepish towards those they neglected. *crossing my fingers*

      • February 4, 2016 at 4:35 am

        Yeah, well, I dunno how else to put it, but I don’t feel good about running into all these married people online.

        What? You are playing matchmaker?

        Or, people turning into computer zombies like in Disney’s Black Hole…or mad monkeys like in the Planet of the Apes movies…or target practice for the androids they foolishly/unwittingly built with all their testing of tech gadgets/PC lessons…or, centuries later, some new species digs up the remains of humanity turned to mush and then dust at their computer screens among heaps of trash.

      • February 4, 2016 at 7:56 am

        Really? Well I guess I should be finding them, then we can hide in a corner. I keep finding the single people. Sure, I can play matchmaker. Mostly what I think about is just giving out the tools of how people find their people. That’s the main thing. Oh, wow, yeah, I’ve even thought of those guys in The Black Hole when I consider these problems. Not bad. I got the soundtrack album on vinyl somewhere around here. Don’t recall the mad monkeys in Planet of The Apes, unless you mean the people. At least Nova spoke in the second one. I think it was the second one. (We’re not those underground humans worshipping the atom bomb yet, though. That was a fright.)

      • February 4, 2016 at 2:17 pm

        Well, if that ain’t the sheep finding the greener grass on the other side of the fence. You find us isolated souls (or maybe swinging bachelors?), and I find all the couples in some state of quasi-harmony or tattered distress. I kinda feel like the used auto salesman, except the autos in my lot are still being used. 😛

        You do seem like a fun person. I am just concerned about feelings getting crumpled/crossed. As it was, I went to bed last night vexed over this.

        You give out tools like dating tips? I don’t think the world–much less the internet–needs one more “expert” on life. That’s about as groan-worthy as Dark Shadows dragging out a scene.

        Ya see? When we start thinking alike, I get scared and feelings I should not be having unless this is one of those movies where two people in very different lives and places cross paths before finding themselves sleepless in Seattle and having that fantasy happy ending only a movie seems capable of creating.

        Uh…the whole series of Apes movies are about mad monkeys! They’re mad when they revolt against the humans. They “go ape” in every film.

        You have the Black Hole soundtrack on record?? Even a copy of the audio book (kids book) cassette would be amazing to survive the 80s.

      • February 4, 2016 at 9:37 pm

        Nah, I’m not a dating tips person. But everyone is so gosh-darn lonely, and to me it’s as simple as specific interests to engage with those of like-mind and then maybe something better could come from that. We don’t seem to be aware of doing that anymore, at least in specifics. Everyone got very generalized which is a problem. But hey, I wanted to chat with you because you seem fun, too. I’ve been looking for people with a laid back feel for DS among other things. (Dealing with silly fandom politics as people calmly eat their bran flakes has been horrendous.) And yep, my folks are big soundtrack geeks. Mum would pick up all the record albums from Gemco and Tower. (Bet you haven’t heard those names in a while, eh?)

      • February 5, 2016 at 10:44 pm

        Yes, common interests seems key to any connection surviving the greeting phase. And, if it were so easy for me to find a group with common interests that didn’t turn me off or scare me away, I’d probably be there. I just shy away from so many options. And, travel is often a problem/concern. I also am not fond of signing up to be a member of something at cost in HOPES of connecting with someone but more likely to go home lonely and vexed/conflicted.

        Define generalized.

        Oh, I am sure we would have lots of fun together. That’s what worries me a bit. If my wife was having fun with a single guy (like me), I’d be a lil edgy when I reconnected with her. “What are you doing? Who is this guy?” Also, I have already had so much experience with entertaining married women online while their spouses or boyfriends are away only to be cast aside like a soap opera, book or video game when life intercedes. Not exactly something I care to invest myself into, again. But, yes, I am already aware you and I have much potential.

        If you want to play matchmaker, you can stick around. 🙂 Or, if you want to chat, there IS my Chat Cafe space, too.

        You mean you don’t already have a full fan club for you Dark Shadows party? But, you said you talk to LOTS of fun single people, already.

        I have only heard of Tower Records. Gemco may have been on records my family played, but the name was never verbalized. I remember a few RCA records with the dogs on them, too.

      • February 5, 2016 at 11:00 pm

        Ah, well. I’ve finally discovered how to cover where I’m at socially, at least in one or two groups. Working on a few others. Generalized? Well even I find this. You want to go to a board-game event. Well, everyone has to agree on the same game, oui? There are a lot of board games out there. If we’re not specific… well, a cribbage fanatic with a taste for classic games isn’t going to dig Risk, Cards Against Humanity, or perhaps Pandemic. S/he shall feel rather left out.

        Say! What’s this Chat Cafe space? You’ve got me curious. (I’ve been hitting the chat rooms a lot lately. Thank Heavens they still exist!) As for me I am quite loyal about friendship. Always have been. And my sweetie has chik friends, I haven’t had reason to worry… yet. (But I have a back-up plan if that ever comes to pass.) Oh, no. I have no real party. Many DS fans, especially on Facebook, are often back-biters, despise the characters, and push their faulty memories of it around like so much rubbish. It’s been disastrous. (Addams Family fans? Much nicer! 🙂 )

        A lot of the fun single people are fairly recent but not always consistent, and the older friends got sucked into the internet-zombie vortex, I am sad to say. Aw, never got music at a Tower Records? Bummer. That used to be the place for all of it. Anyway, with DS and my work, I have thousands of downloads, very few talkers, and once again I am the black-sheep of the black-sheep. Maybe I’m a purple sheep, who knows? It’s happened in Gothic crowds, too. I just don’t conform enough for anyone’s taste. Hee hee hee, reminds me of a guy with spiky bangs actually.

      • February 6, 2016 at 12:02 am

        Okay, as I start to respond to this most recent reply, I reeeeeeeeeeeally think we need to take this somewhere else (more private, perhaps) because it’s just going to explode into email form, anyway, if we keep at it. And, it’s going to get personal.

        Chat rooms still exist? I was sure after I quit going around 2007 that they all turned into virus-laden pits of “bots” (aka chat prostitutes) and mad bombers who had more fun causing users to lose the use of their computers than actually chatting. I figured, once I left, looking back, I’d see some Terminator war zone full of smoking crap and soiled sex dolls.

        [I kinda feel compelled to say, “Chat rooms went out with the Jerk!” Referencing an old Will Smith show which mentioned a certain hair style instead of chat rooms.]

        On that note, kinda missing the social side of my previous blog site, I made a Chat Cafe page which is kinda like a chat room from the stone age. It doesn’t move. There are no emojis or sound effects, etc. No falling leaves in the background or Snoopy typing on his typewriter. Just a big black space for comments that run on like this.

        I don’t understand what you are saying about covering yourself socially.

        I DO get the generalizing bit though I am not sure how to process the explanation in sync with the word generalizing. In fact, someone else was just telling me how people are having a real hard time with agreement, lately, myself included. I have my particular tastes/interests–though I consider myself more adventurous than my family–but periodically find myself opposed to trying something others or another group wants to do. I am not the best joiner nor a good leader.

        Well, good to hear you have a back-up plan if your Missy ever decides to cross a relationship line…


        So…if they are talking negatively about the show to an extent that bothers you….uhhhm…how are they fans or fan club members?

        That’s because the Addam’s Family was pretty much nonsense that didn’t really progress. It was an episodic, weekly dose of ghoulish wackiness that kinda got old like canned applause. That was a different time. And, while I can look back at some episodes fondly or find new amusement in the old footage I saw differently as a kid, the appeal IS different/lessened. Fans of the show pretty much just like characters (and wackiness) and may refer to some episode like Seinfeld fans do. But, if anyone were to question why a relationship doesn’t change/progress, then, I suppose, discussion could get heated. And, this topic could go on forever, too…

        Whereas, with Dark Shadows, I was afraid to even look at it when it first aired. But, when there was a marathon on local TV recently, I gave it a chance and found myself strangely hooked. But, I didn’t get to the really weird/mind-bending seasons.

        I felt like an internet zombie when I partook in chat rooms that went nowhere. I occasionally feel like one now going through reels of blog posts.

        I only went to one record store in my youth, and I don’t know what it was called down the street. My family didn’t go music shopping as far as I recall. I don’t know where they got the records we had. They were just there. One year, my brother and I went to a bed store down the street to get a free record for visiting. What a lame promotion that was. And, how lame we were to go for the freebie. I think it was a New Edition record? Can’t remember.

        So, you are Elvira Sheep? 😛 Or, Morticia Sheep.

      • February 6, 2016 at 12:22 am

        Aw, man. I was the first one who suggested email. ( xoiscythe@hotmail.com ) Yes, I risk even more spam! Oh, whoah. Naw the chat rooms hung on and many chatters kept in touch to find new modes. I almost thought you meant “The Jerk” as in the Steven Martin film, actually. (Hee hee hee to Snoopy on his typewriter… Oh my LORD, I get sick of emoji stickers!) And sounds great on being about as non-conformist as I am. Boy, have I been whacked around by people burbling nonsense at me as if it’s “gospel truth”.

        Back-biters? Yes, you have no idea how many people severely despise Barnabas Collins, Josette Dupres, Victoria Winters, though not as many there, just gettin’ all uptight and strange. I’d expect more hate for Jason McGuire but there ya go. People too ticked off at their own life-choices and taking it out on their old loves. How are they fans or club members? Good question! They don’t seem to recall the actual show very much or very well. I guess all it takes is a click on Facebook to get into groups and it all goes downhill from there. (One friend told me it only gets nearly as bad on groups for “The Prisoner” but that is to be very expected. That show really IS all about a wild array of conflicting interpretation.)

        Covering myself socially. Well, I don’t drive so I get swept under the rug, but my pal reminded me of meetup.com and I started at least one group so far. Relief! I was people starved, for sure.

        Oh, I am definitely Elvira sheep. Someone told me if anyone could enjoy what I do more it would likely be the Elvira fans who are the best fit. Anyway, the email address is here now. You may write at your leisure. Cheers.

      • February 6, 2016 at 12:35 am

        You DO know you wouldn’t have more than one person to worry about sending you spam if you used the Contact Me option which is more private (and was suggested to you more than once now). [If you insist upon using email. Or, was that a chat handle/ID?]

        I don’t even remember half of what I saw during that marathon of the show. It just washed out with what has been going on in my rather dull but constantly creating life.

        I once belonged to a Sci-Fi page for a superhero show. And, I got into some serious crap with people there because I had a negative or contrary opinion about something. It got so bad, I had to hit the eject button and never go back.

        Ah, Meet Up…this isn’t the first time that name has crossed my desk. Maybe the phone is ringing for me to give that a try. I almost signed up once. I don’t see myself doing so well starting a group. I started an online club once. That was like pulling teeth to acquire members. Most of those joining were spammers, adding to my distaste for all things online. It might have contributed to me not even giving a look to that infernal Fbook.

        It seems you and I have much in common. I don’t know what else to say….except plenty that should probably be shared privately.

        I used to watch the late night Elvira movie specials/hours. I enjoy the opening with her going into the theater. I don’t know if I got that much out of her comedy bits and the movies themselves…which kinda turns the whole experience into an exercise in either forcing sleep or avoiding it. I looked up the woman who wears the costume. She’s alllright. 🙂 Bit of a band-chaser, though. There’s a better term for that which doesn’t come to mind, presently.

        No, you contact me at your leisure or USE THE CHAT CAFE!!! Urgh! 😦 😛

      • February 6, 2016 at 1:26 am

        OH NO! Aw damn, okay. I was just using these awkward wordpress side bar things! Now, I gotta figure out where all the links and stuff are. (Oh, well, beats trying to do Hawkeye’s voice…

      • February 6, 2016 at 2:29 am

        Eruh?? You are…computer-challenged? Using an older format of WordPress for some reason? Doing Hawkeye’s voice…as in the Marvel Comics archer or the MASH doc…and when…why…huh?

      • February 6, 2016 at 2:58 am

        Not important now. I sent you a message through the “contact me” page. Yeah, I’m computer challenged, but to a much lesser degree than most people.

      • February 6, 2016 at 3:24 am

        I feel like I am talking to a female version of myself…though I’d never wear skull and crossbones socks. 😛

      • February 6, 2016 at 6:22 am

        Hee hee hee. Yep. Email is all done. I have more socks where that came from. Even Doctor Who socks, oddly. 🙂

      • February 6, 2016 at 6:36 am

        Dr Who socks would be okay…maybe a blue Tardis pattern…not weird pasty faces and images of that screwdriver thing.

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