Yoooo JOES! 30th Anniversary of 1st 1985 Cartoon Episode Art


As previously announced, here are some of the silhouette pieces I’ve been pumping out the past few days.

NOTE:  None of the characters I made are from the original series.  But, many if not all are parodies of original characters.  Others are “recruits” from other cartoons I like.  I have renamed the “Joes” GI*Jackpot because the “original” five members are a sort of dream team.  And, Cobra is replaced with Parasite (apparently).  See if you can figure out who is replacing who (from the original cast).  And, yes, you may notice there is considerable repetition of poses (using no more than three variations of a pose).  I was just “in a zone.”

Any suggestions for improvements/other characters?  Would anyone like a custom silhouette-character of their own design made?





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