Profound Thoughts: Hash This

And now, it’s time for another edition of Profound Thoughts with Writingbolt…


I’m thinking of starting a new blog.  I’ll TAG it “TWIT with HASH” so I can freely show off my PERISCOPE for everyone to GO-OGLE instead of their ‘TUBES.  Then no one will have their FACE stuck in a BOOK, ever again.  Have I KINDLE-d your P-INTEREST, yet?

Next, I will print my ZAZZLE-ing YAHOO and Most Scandalous Nonsense on multiple forms made in China for pennies and let them TUMBL’ onto doorsteps.  It’s that ETSY!


[If you have any other “app”/internet lingo you think I could/should add to this piece, feel free to suggest it.  And, if I approve, I will add your contribution.]

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