Profound Thoughts: Do Not Give “Her” a Name

And now, it’s time for more Profound Thoughts with Writingbolt…


I imagine meeting someone like George Clooney and having a discussion about love and his recent marriage. And, I can hear him telling me, a guy who has yet to come close to any relationship remotely resembling marriage, to go out and find my Amal.

Considering he went as long as he did as a bachelor after a broken marriage left him numb…and the odds of a long, successful/happy marriage in the modern world…there’s one thing I’d have to tell him.

Do not give “her” a name.

Imagine if you met a married someone who told you the same. What if–dare I say it–something unpleasant were to happen to their “one true” love? Does that then mean that your “friend” wanted you to meet/marry someone who would leave you?

You know what I’d say to that? Thanks a lot, you jerk! What kind of crap speech is that?


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