Meaningless Followers, Artificial Beauty

Just a quick “alert” to all the pretty (and handsome) “faces” who seem to be “attracted” to my postings from the simple inclusion of a key tag word.  It seems–if I throw in a “tag” for some topic/genre on one of my posts, I will find attractive strangers “following” my activity here.  But, if I “tap the glass” (or look behind that pretty poster), I won’t find anything other than some advertising satellite picking up a blip on its radar and maybe keeping a shady eye on my breathing.

Just because I write about food, hair, drugs or money doesn’t mean I am a regular representative of that topic/item.  So, why does one post deserve followers who are chefs, hair stylists, drug dealers/pharmacists or money…handlers?  And, if it’s worth following, why not say why or introduce yourself…and why you wish to follow?  Even if you “don’t have time” for comments NOW, you should be able to make time.  Right?  You did make time to ferret around and click buttons here, didn’t you?  Or, is this just some subway system for Nook-heads and Pad-i-wants?  [That last one was a tiny Star Wars joke.]

I recall one such pretty face I found “following” me not so long ago.  I wrote a random post about hair, asking for advice/input.  I don’t think I received much.  She seemed genuine enough from her profile.  So, I sent her a message which received no response.  But, I did get some junk mail, later.  I have no idea if the two incidents are related, but with all that can happen online, who knows.  All I do know is the pretty face was worth less than a postage stamp to me.  It’s like being handed a picture of food.  I can’t eat that.  And, a face that isn’t responding or expressing more info about their interest in your work/output/appearance is…well, it might be me when intimidated in the face of beauty.  But, in most of these cases with “faces” I find online, it’s usually trouble.

So, thanks, artificial faces and silent stalkers for adding to my discomfort in this life.  There’s a special place in cyber Hades for you.

And, for the rest of you who might be real people reading this, don’t hesitate to express your interest instead of just clicking a LIKE or FOLLOW button.  Your comment/input is valued by me.  Your silence and eyes are worth more to yourselves.



10 Responses to “Meaningless Followers, Artificial Beauty”

  1. November 26, 2014 at 6:57 am

    I hope your dearest wish is granted. Good luck.

  2. December 10, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    Whew, glad I read this one. I was about to navigate away because I thought I was commenting too much. I have a blog with over three hundred followers and I get maybe ten likes a week and one comment every two weeks. it is irksome. The like button has pretty much ensured writers get no input, just a nod of lame approval.
    I actually have four different blogs, and I am sure if you read them, you’d find I am a real person without an agenda to sell Viagra or whatever. I write because I love to write. I have so many facets and it’s an ADHD society, so instead of consolidating my plethora of thoughts in one blog, I ventured into four topic specific blogs. Not that most care what you have to say unless it applies to them personally or furthers their own agenda. And yeah, I hate thinking in those terms but I am proven right every day. Hard not to be bitter-ish.
    Anyway…I appreciate the comment you left on my random blog and I am glad it lead me to your blog. Finally…something that interests me on the internet.

    • December 10, 2014 at 10:01 pm

      Well, we may be as different as night and day in some aspects, but, yea, we do see some common emotional responses.

      I used to comment more, whatever that means/matters. And, even then, I used to see people comment incessantly, daily, hourly…and wonder what was different between that person and I. I used to get annoyed by people who commented like “yes-men,” kissing the feet of those they followed.

      I suppose a small part of me was just a little irked because I put effort into my posts that I didn’t see in the “tweets” of others (very short, quick, random thought of the day posts). Now, I tend to comment less…but not compared to how little I post. I no longer come up with as man witty or creative posts. And, my fiction supply online has dwindled. I’m just getting old and tired of all of this. But, once in a while, the clouds gather, and I let off a few lightning bolts, er, writingbolts.

      I think the LIKE button is as misused and crooked as the site that hosts it. It’s the words these websites use to make things APPEAR nice and sweet when they are not. And, then the trends become talk show fodder til the word no longer has any nice meaning. It goes from nice thought to cold internet feature to “What was I thinking using such a silly word/button? I won’t LIKE anything, anymore.” I guess that turns every LIKE to hate.

      I think as much as the internet has given people a freedom to speak, it’s strangely also given them a fear. More fear than they face in person.

      I can tell with just one comment you are not a Viagra salesperson or writer plugging their book:)

      I think women love to “talk” (or write) in general more than men. But, I seem to be a bit of a “womanly” guy myself. So, some say I am a hypocrite. I hate “chatty Cathys” but can be one myself when fueled/sparked. I just cannot see “blogging” daily/weekly or how so many women (and a few men) feel pressure to produce a daily/weekly blog. It shouldn’t be a private journal (which should be in a notebook). Nor should it feel like work. But, I see it so much here. People act like this is work and should be getting paid for it instead of some host milking the user/ranter some inconceivable way.

      Screw the ADHD talk. You only make “society” worse by saying so. I don’t want to believe any of that. It’s just the latest trend in why we should be afraid and blow our money/brains out. Hogwash. If there’s such a thing as ADHD, it’s the same sort of demon kids generated in school over “cooties,” an illusion designed to divide us.

      Thanks for your input, kind reader. And, you’re welcome:)

      • 5 notabowlofcherries
        December 11, 2014 at 4:28 am

        Haha I chuckled when I read your post. I am a newbie at blogging. Thank you ,for pointing out some good points.
        Thanks for posting comments on mine. I would have never found your blog:-)

      • December 11, 2014 at 4:31 am

        A newbie? I am pretty sure I’ve seen you around here a few times. Unless others have that profile photo or you are onto a second/third blog.

        Thanks, and yer welcome.

      • 7 notabowlofcherries
        December 11, 2014 at 5:10 am

        Well yea not that new, maybe 5 months new.

      • December 11, 2014 at 5:13 pm

        I don’t feel obligated to post except when I feel like it. I never started blogging to be liked or even get input. I like to write and if someone relates to something I’ve posted..Excellent. If not…I get free therapy by venting.

      • December 12, 2014 at 1:49 am

        That first line kinda goes in a dizzying circle.

        If you post online without any interest in being noticed, then you’d do just as well writing in a notebook as I did years ago. You’re not being honest with yourself.

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