That Song; Guiding Light or Bug Zapper?

In a world that seems to be increasingly consumed by what I am inclined to call unnecessary and/or discouraging crap, something comes along to nudge my shoulder and tell me to keep my chin up, to keep trudging along and keep my eyes open for the silver lining in the dark clouds before me.  In recent years, this comes in the form of song.  On a particularly lousy day, I turn on my headset and hit the trail on foot.  And, suddenly, I hear a song that speaks to me (among all the other either lousy or bothersome stations).

This song burns brighter than any other.  It cuts through the fog like a lighthouse.  It can’t quite pull me to shore on its own.  But, it definitely is reaching out to me, telling me to get off my wet diaper and learn to walk, again.  ‘Telling me to not give into the darkness and fear…even if it seems all I can do is either hide in a ditch or get mad and rebellious.  ‘Telling me to keep the eye of the tiger and let people hear me roar.  ‘Telling me to be a firework and look for that door that opens when others seem to be closing.  ‘Telling me to build something sensible though others are too busy burning down what they built so high.  ‘Telling me to set myself free and stomp on the grave because I’m here forever or whatever.

On the other side of the coin, music is a drug.  If I listen to sad songs, I can drift out to sea in sadness.  If I listen to angry music, I need to run full tilt or punch something.  If I listen to love/happy songs, I usually imagine myself having fun with some beautiful woman…and then come to my senses with a sigh.  When the music stops, it can leave me with withdrawal symptoms.  Thus, I must moderate my listening time.  And, even the best song can wear out its appeal when the station plays it to death.



1 Response to “That Song; Guiding Light or Bug Zapper?”

  1. November 13, 2013 at 7:53 am

    It’s both a guiding light and a bug zapper for me. 😛

    You sound so down tonight hey? 🙂

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