When Toddlers Make You Think, Sept. 2013

I had two moments with a nephew today that really made me think about life and the kindness we can bestow upon each other if it exists in our hearts.

First, we were playing in his sandbox when the shovel I was using broke. My initial reaction was “CRAP! Mom’s gonna kill me for breaking his toy!” But, what did my 2 yr. old nephew do? He handed me a spare smaller shovel without a peep. Without knowing the words, he–in his own way–was saying, “Here, uncle. No worries. It’s not a total loss. We can still work together.”

Then, we were working on a chalk drawing on his driveway when I needed a certain color to draw part of the picture. When I initially asked him to give me the right color, he said, “No” and gave me a different color. I asked a second time, and he did the same thing. The third time, I asked him, “What color will you give me next?” and offered him the piece he last gave me. This is when he finally traded me for the one color I wanted from the start. For some reason, this made me think about that famous line/lesson: Good things come to those who wait. I was patient. And, when I was trying to get what I wanted, I was denied. But, when I least expected it, what I wanted was handed to me.

‘Makes ya think. Food for thought.

6 Responses to “When Toddlers Make You Think, Sept. 2013”

  1. October 1, 2013 at 4:35 am

    That’s a cute one. I like being with kids especially when things get heavy.. they lighten things up and their innocence just keeps the heart away from the heavy thoughts. 🙂

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