How Do You Describe a Blonde/Blond?

I find picking the right words to describe a particular shade of blonde/blond hair difficult.  I think it becomes a bit subjective to opinion.  So, I want you the reader to give me your opinion of what word or words you would use to describe these different shades of blonde/blond as I describe them.  Okay?

1) A very creamy yellow blonde/blond which almost looks like butter.

2) Same blonde/blond with darker roots/streaks.

3) A very pale, white blonde/blonde verging on silver.

4) A pale, washed-out blonde/blond nearly white with just a hint of yellow.

5) The same as 4 with dark roots/streaks.

Please give 1-3 words you’d use to describe as many of the above as you can.  Thanks.  Likewise, give your adjectives for the following blonde hair color images.

1) Ponytail

2) Chin-length feathery hairdo

3) Shoulder-length “yellow tulip” hairdo

4) Charlize T.

5) Blake L.

6) Julianne H.

7) Long and straight in black



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