Make Time for “Date Night”

Tina Fey does it, again!  [And, she does it with sex appeal…and a mouth guard.]  And…Steve Carell vomits…quite a bit.  But, they make such a fun and funny couple in “Date Night”.  A wild ride that will “light up” any lagging or boring relationship with the combination of Fey’s genius and Carell’s slapstick and stifled silliness.  A perfect movie for a date of any age or a rental for a couple’s night in with pizza and beverage of choice.  Things happen a little fast and easy, but there are plenty of laughs and thought-provoking moments to seal the deal.  You’ll want to watch it all over again on your laptop with a “computer stick thingy”.

The simple, run-on story is of a couple with two kids who are stressed out and vexed by the boredom they have achieved with their marriage.  Life has become stale and repetitive, and their friends are thinking about separating.  Their only fun is going out for the same meal every “date night” while discussing their opinions of other couples in the room.  [As they say, “What’s THEIR story?”]  As they ponder their own situation, they finally convince themselves to have one special night together in the city at a fancy, exclusive seafood restaurant.  But, their lack of planning(blamed upon the man) leads them to a do-or-die situation in which they steal someone else’s reservation only to end up in a dangerous chase over a missing flash drive and an identity swap.  It takes both their personal skills to survive the night with the help of a certain “shirt-less friend” and his Audi.  In the end, they are grateful for what they have and return home in two pieces.  [A man and a woman.]

My only flinches came from the pacing, the ease of the situation and a few of the slivers of bodily humor which were not necessary(including one in the boathouse scene).  People seemed to be in on “the joke” and a bit calm the whole time which lead me to expect some sort of punchline at the end.  Like a surprise party.  Everything spins around so fast, you start to wonder where the time went, and the ending is a bit abrupt.  It threw me for a loop.  It’s enough to make me question my review and keep the rating moderate.

But, when you reach the end, you get that feeling of having an amazing adventure at night in the city.  The electricity and excitement.  A ninety minute Chase Bank “secret agent man” commercial.  You want more or to go out with a bang.  That’s how Tina and Steve turn this into a fun ride.

So, find some gum and zip your face while I give “Date Night”(rated PG-13 for mild violence and sexual content) 3.5 stars out of 5(2.5 out of 4).  I think you’ll want this one in your collection at home…which is not on some guy’s chest(though that is an amazing picture of Mila Kunis). 

–writingbolt, free-lance and human movie critic without commercial bias
[I’d do it all, again.  I’d choose you every time.]

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