Dawn of Writingbolt

Thundering clouds erupt with a ferocious brilliance.  From the heavens of awen, a new face appears…


Greetings, WordPress community.  It has come to my attention that there are many “blog” sites in this cyber-universe.  However, I do not consider this just another “blog”.  It is a multi-faceted and experimental space for creativity.  Virtually, a website creating service. 

Unlike the other sites I have sampled, here I find the tools to dabble in page designs I have pondered many a night.  Though the controls leave something to be desired, I feel as if there is potential to better suit my moods and–possibly–achieve goals I could not elsewhere.  We shall see if this rings true.  Til then…and until I channel a new ferocious storm…the cyber-skies will remain semi-peaceful. 

I would suggest examining my About Me page for more information as I may be continually updating that with new details.  I welcome all comments and/or questions regarding art, astrology, philosophy, mythology, movies, cartoons and writing(fiction).  But, I am just as ready to feed them through my moral and personal filters.  I am always seeking a fellow movie viewer/critic.  And, I make a fairly good therapist.

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