Color Quirks; Your Brain’s Response to Color


I was just having lunch when one of my color quirks stopped me from eating and left me mildly nauseous.

What’s a color quirk? Well, it’s what I am currently calling a physical or emotional response to the sight of a color or color combo. And, I shall further explain with examples.

First of all, we each have a way of associating colors with feelings. And, I will ask you to fill in the blanks of this list:

When I am ___, I think of the color(s) ___ (and ___).


[For me, at this moment, it’s a SAD = faded or very dark blue; HAPPY = sunny yellow or a vibrant, rich leafy green; ANGRY = bold red; SCARED = yellow mustard or lime green; PASSIONATE = bright red, red-purple or silky black (has to have a sheen to it); BRAVE = brick red; SHY = cotton-candy pink; SILLY = oddly enough, the same colors I picked for SCARED, I think (not entirely sure at the moment); NAUSEOUS = pea-soup green, moldy yellow, liquid red (not so much red latex but a puddle or splatter of red) and/or a bright “loud” pink in excess, the sort of pink you’d see on the average Barbie doll outfit.]

Now, consider how certain combinations of colors might affect you.

For me, there is one sure-fire way for a date to turn me on, to consume me with sexual interest. She only needs to wear a red top paired with something short and made of blue denim, a denim skirt or shorts. Blue jeans/capri pants may also work. But, a denim skirt or shorts work best. And, why a red top? I don’t exactly know but suspect it has something to do with my astrology.

Just think of what characters you may know who wear that combo. Wonder Woman has a red bodice paired with blue skirt/panties/shorts (whatever the particular version of the character is wearing). One version of the anime character Cutey Honey also wears a red vest/halter top over blue pants (though the more womanly version of the 90s features her wearing blue over red).

[Zealot from Jim Lee’s WildCATS, who is also a favorite character you may notice on my About Me page, wears red (on top and bottom); I think there may be images of her in “civilian attire” wearing a red top with blue jeans.]

[Supergirl wears red and blue in the 90s Cutey Honey fashion, with blue on top, though the red cape is technically over her blue shoulders.]

[The original Ms. Marvel wore a similar combination of red and blue with her bright blonde hair.]

AAAnd, getting back to my unsettling lunch experience, I cannot calmly eat anything red on a bright/glossy white surface. Don’t serve me tomatoes, red peppers, ketchup…not even pink salmon…on a clean, glossy white plate or tray. It makes me highly nauseous!!! It’s like my aversion to blood and gore. My brain automatically sees a crime scene and cannot think about eating. It’s terrifying. And, it just happened, again, to me.

Do YOU have any similar color quirks? What turns you on? What makes you ill? What other reactions do you get from certain color combos? Any “past life” or “deja vu” reactions? Please share them in comment section.


[You can find this and similar tidbits about me and my out-of-the-box thoughts in my Looking for Love and Happiness posts; look for the “dating profile” ones.]


Fishy Fantasy Email From Beloved Tay


Sooo…I got an email the other day.  And, the subject was almost too good to resist.  THE Taylor Alison (or just Tay in my book) Swift was inviting ME to play a game with her…a game featuring her…or maaaybe an online game she would play with me?  But, when I daringly opened the thing, I found this…


Oh…the thought…the sheer pleasure of the possibility…

But, alas, I could not click that button.  Not because I did not want that gift…but because I could not trust the source.  If only one could visually make contact with Tay…like over Skype or something similar…and confirm this game/email was indeed from her.

Ah well.  I keep hoping for someday.



Sharing a Dream, 6-24-2020


So, with other folks I’ve met on this site sharing their dreams, I thought it was time I shared one…the one I just had this morning.

It’s not much to share; two brief instances.

First, I was standing in my backyard with the daily newspaper, which, for some reason, was larger than usual.  I soon discovered an entire page feature about me, filled with black-and-white photos and bits of exposition and praise from more than ten years ago.  I did not see who wrote the piece nor know how to feel about it.  On one hand, I felt warm and anticipated some phone calls and other forms of response, slightly hoping good things would come my way.  On the other hand, I paled and anticipated either no response, at all, or some snarky comments from people with whom I don’t enjoy associating.

Second, in the same location, with a red metal wagon standing behind my lower legs, I am holding a rather large magazine of white pages.  It is so tall and heavy that I can barely hold it.  And, as I flip to the center, I find a pretty anime gal and some notice of an enclosed DVD featuring a Mega-Man cartoon drawn like another anime I know with a robotic cat from the future who helps an awkward boy cope with his childhood.  But, as I look for the DVD, I see the packaging is unsealed; the DVD slips out and looks as if it will fall to the concrete.  Before I can catch the disk, I awake.

If I had to make a rough assessment of my own dream, throwing in recent events, I’d say it was a slight if not big nudge to cast off my past desires and venture in some new direction that is yet unclear.  It seemed to share my parents’ outlook on the material things I’ve come to value; as if I should get rid of every possession I have and just live on the road until that no longer works for me and I expire.  But, even that seems an extreme diagnosis.  Yet, to reduce it to “simply make some changes in your life,” I give myself “shudders” and cannot adequately process the information.


A Minor Aid for Feminine Outrage


So, I have this collection of images on rotation for a sort of screen saver…

And, among the images, I see one with a gal about to explode from her temper…

And, it gets me thinking about Jen Walters, aka Marvel’s original She-Hulk…

And so, I did a lil tweaking which lead to these images; I made an effort not to leave anyone out.  But, let me know if I need to make another variation; give me the details of how she should look to match your type.   Feel free to use the appropriate image with your significant pain-in-the-ass when you want to strangle them.




What Is…a little subtle humor when it’s needed.


So, I was dabbling in older video games, not long ago.  And, this thought occurred to me….

Ever since Alex Trebek started doing ads for insurance, I thought…here’s another poor celebrity tool subjecting himself to this sort of advertising because the day job just isn’t cutting it and/or is on the way out.   It’s the graveyard of most celebrities, it seems; advertising.  We may not see all of their commercials because some air in foreign countries.  But, they’re out there, wearing those non-cardboard signs on the side streets of Television City.

So, what if ol’ Alex went down with the Jeopardy ship and had a lil identity crisis.  Here’s how I see it…..  [As told by 1990s Sega graphics.]




June Birthdays; Happy Birthday, Famous People!


So, I’m going to try something new, this year, making fewer individual posts and more grouping posts for each month.   [Note:  These are meager lists of people who have caught my eye/interest, not a wide-ranging list of every famous person you might know.  So, don’t expect much.  :D]

Without further ado…

Happy birthday to…



Oona Castilla Chaplin (Gemini Fire* Tiger*)

[In Game of Thrones, she played the lovely short-lived wife/nurse of Robb Stark before being slain while pregnant…lovely, lovely woman from Madrid, Spain.  Supposedly, she is cast to appear in future Avatar films?  I am guessing NOT the air-bender variety but the James Cameron blue cat-people ones.]

Angelina Jolie (*Gemini Wood *Rabbit)

[Ya all should know about her, by now…played a hacker in Hackers…made a lil name for herself in the first Tomb Raider films, before Fassbender’s hot wife…got in a sticky situation when she starred with Brad Pitt in Mr. and Mrs. Smith…and now she juggles a bus of kids and being a diplomat to the world.]


Maddison Jaizani (Gemini Wood Pig*)

[The lovely dark-haired Iranian/British gal pal from CW TV’s Nancy Drew.]


Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski (Gemini Metal *Sheep)

[Actress/model, UK/American, appeared in “Gone Girl”.]


Sibel Kekilli (Gemini Metal Monkey)

[A German? beauty who appeared in Game of Thrones as the enchanting brown-haired whore named Shae, who enchanted the dwarf Tyrion Lannister.]


Alana de la Garza (Gemini Fire* Dragon)

[Gorgeous, GOR-GEOUS! American actress from TV’s CSI:  Miami (where I first spotted her and said, “Who IS that gorgeous woman?!”), Forever, Law and Order, Do No Harm, etc.  The world became so much prettier when she came into it.]



Natalie Alyn Lind (Gemini/Krabulus Metal Dragon, cusp gal)

[Most recently noted for being part of The Goldbergs, Dana Caldwell, Adam’s first girlfriend…and then briefly departed to play an emotional teen mutant in the latest X-Men-related TV show.  ‘Super cute; the sort of girl who makes me think back to the first freckle-faced girls I fell in love with as a kid; I’d be just like Adam G.]

Erica Durance (Gemini/Krabulus Earth Horse)

[Another gorgeous gal I first met in Smallville (TV), then Saving Hope (TV).  She just has that strong, wholesome woman vibe about her; she makes a perfect female version of a Superman type.  So…a Superwoman.]


Mercedes R Lackey (Krabulus Metal Tiger)

[Author of some magical romance books I read and sort of liked (for the way she thinks and giving magic tastes and smells I could detect).]

Petra Nemcova (Krabulus *Earth *Sheep)

[Model, Czech Republic, vegan; never married?]


Christina Chang (Krabulus Metal Pig*)

[Taiwan/Amer. actress who appeared in Live Free or Die Hard, CSI Miami, and The Good Doctor.]


Watching a Tay in Paris; a Capital One Performance


So, I see an ad for a rare televised concert with the lovely Tay Swift and try my lousy best to remind myself when it airs. [I don’t follow her religiously on cable/pay-per-view/internet TV; so I’m surely missing several previous concerts and wondering why the local TV station felt it was time to broadcast one…maybe just to work a deal with Capital One and fill otherwise dead air time? I am fairly sure this Paris Lover concert aired previously on some other platform.]

I miss the first fifteen minutes while struggling to keep up with a mad movie I should have just skipped (but there really wasn’t anything great to watch, anyway). Then a light went off in my head, while dabbling with something creative, and I ran to see if it was still on. It was…and I felt self-conscious within a matter of minutes. [And, I tell myself, “At least, it’s not a teeny-bopper concert.”] Apparently, it was only an hour long?

My first impression…

I see several cameras taking shots of young women, mostly teenage girls, in the audience. And, everyone seems to be wearing some kind of light-up wristband…which reminds me of a picture I made of/for Tay with light streaming off a bracelet. I don’t exactly see any MEN cheering for or even ogling her. Maybe the guys are afraid of being targeted by the typically oppositional feminine energy. [So, I guess this is just a young meeting of the women’s movement, and I’m the lone thin-haired guy in the audience at The View.]

Also, Tay…looks a bit rough. She’s wearing a hot mess of black fabric and glitter. [Anyone cued up to do as her songs say is probably itching to fire flaming amazon arrows at me, right now, just for saying anything remotely critical.] She looks made up yet like she got caught in the rain and had to tie her clothes in knots to keep them from falling off. [Did I miss the rain delay? Did I forget someone mentioning she performed despite the rain? I thought I had heard something, once, about her performing on a rainy day.] But, it’s okay. I kinda like her this way. Aside from the glittery bits, which are a distraction, she looks raw, natural, down-to-earth, vulnerable…well, as vulnerable as she can until you get a good look at the usual red lips and heavy eye makeup.

[I’ve been looking over and for Tay photos, recently, to expand and improve my “artistic interpretations.” And, I’ve noticed Tay going through so many changes, so many different looks and hairstyles. Even in her Paris concert photos, she exhibits a few different looks, like she colors her hair every day (or wears wigs?). Even her “rival,” Katy Perry doesn’t seem to vary her looks that often; at least, not lately; nor Lady Gaga who, a few years ago, you’d see popping up in some crazy costume nearly every week (it seemed). And, I begin to wonder if she isn’t perpetually in some sort of identity crisis, not quite sure who to be and how to protect herself from the media shit storm, even when it’s not focused on her.

I get this feeling like she’s a delicate yet bold and brave flower tossing in a hurricane, torn between following some trend and being true to herself. Or, she just has the good genes (genes that don’t cause hair to fall out when you color it, for example) and ability to change her appearance like a superheroine or shapeshifter. And, some of the outfits she ends up wearing…they’re like “disaster relief” instead of “superstar glam.” I feel slightly motivated to play fashion coordinator for her…and slightly afraid someone would bite my fingers off just for trying.]

Getting back to the concert and the music…

With all of the commercial breaks–including plenty of Capital One ads–and a few behind-the-scenes bits, I’m not seeing much performance. I think I saw her sing four songs before the show ended. And, two of those were songs I had heard on the radio. But…something wasn’t quite right.

I put the captions (CC) on to see the lyrics (just because I wanted a bit of a karaoke experience and know how folks can poorly hear the real words when they are sung in a swirling sea of music). And, the words I saw on the screen did not match what Tay was singing. At least…they didn’t match what I was hearing. And, apparently, the audience was singing some second part whispered in the background of the track, because Tay sang one line, and the captions displayed another while the cameras cut to the audience (who I couldn’t hear singing anything).

Doing my best to calm down (eh) and not be too loud (me? standing on pins and needles with my index finger precariously pressed to my lips as I watch?), I also noticed, during that particular song, Tay had assistance from dancers who looked less drag-ish than her video counterparts. [And, thank gawd, there wasn’t an appearance by a bothersome poser-painter.] I did enjoy the big-screen graphical assistance and the overall energy of the performance…though the audience getting vocal over Tay’s…dancing was excessive.

[Just in case anyone is bothered and concerned I may be purely critical, here, I want to ensure I was just happy to see Tay perform on TV…I wanted to see her…not to judge her…but hoping every song wasn’t a coded message to some past relationship she had, like numerous other albums. On that note, when she says things like “twenty-year sleep,” I’m thinking…she has been deceived by boyfriends since she was ten? And, now that’s over?]

So, after a few typical tourist-y photos of Paris and slightly odd backstage clippings, we get to the end of the concert and the part where the performer tells the audience she’s never had this much fun. [UUUUGH! Yes, a grown man just turned into a groaning teenager. I know it’s something performers do, but I thought…I thought she was more…”real”…and that such sentiments could never be genuine. Do you say such things just to be nice? I mean…surely, she gets around and has had similar experiences.]

And, finally, during the end credits, I see the words “worship,” “love” and “false god” appear on the screen. So, I turn up the volume and listen (closer)… Is that what she’s singing? Worship love even if it’s a false god? What does that mean? That bit stuck with me the rest of the night like a bad taste in the mouth. Darn coded messages! [And, I feel so clueless, which really sucks when you pride yourself on being a metaphor man.] What was she trying to say in that song?

Help me out, dear and enduring (because I write so much in this space and am probably testing your peepers) readers. Was it…

A) She is a false god, some evil being posing as a sort of “messiah” and deceiving us all in her sway?

B) She is not the goddess people claim her to be; she wants people to know she’s just a down-to-earth gal so she stays humble and isn’t transformed in some vile way by the forces steering her career?

C) She sees past relationships (loves) as deceptive hopes put on high pedestals and repeats this mantra to herself to acknowledge her mistakes…in a way that isn’t her previous I’m-going-to-lace-my-present-hatred-of-you-after-I-dated-you-in-a-song mentality?

D) She has lost her lofty view of true love and now thinks in a more non-spiritual, earthy way, like so many others I’ve met, those who’ve been stripped of their souls by routine sexual pursuits?

Now then…I got all that out of my system and feel I can get on with my day. It’s probably best I don’t dwell much more on the subject. But, I’ll be “chuffed” if I see some responses to my question. [I used that word correctly; yes?]


Corona Conundrums: Conditional Gratidude


I’ve got a bone to pick with these quarantine commercials that have flooded TV time. Actually, I have two.

If I have to hear “And, remember; we’re in this together,” ONE more time, I just might crack. How can I possibly forget those words…or even how many people I see in one place and on TV? If I started a drinking game–as I am often tempted to do when mad moments like these arise–I’d be piss drunk before one show ended.

Secondly and initially most importantly…wait, I just about forgot what I was going to say…darn viral memory…AH yes. The THANK YOU, HEROES ads. Yes. Those melodramatic, tear-jerking lil pieces put together by celebrities and local news stations, alike, set to violin and/or slow piano music, giving special regard and thanks to “those who are on the front lines.” Now there’s another phrase that could send me to piss-drunk status. Front lines? Oh, you mean like the lines at the front of the grocery stores; right? Where family and friends go to pay for the food and supplies we all desperately need? ‘Not actual soldiers fighting at some line cut across a warring nation like Iraq (after SO many ads for “supporting the troops”).

[Actually, that’s not a bad idea for a comic strip. I just might work on that, next; a war scene from the front lines of the quarantine struggle.]

Now, isn’t that something. We show and give text for the workers, the warehouse processors, the medical staff and the servers (the fast-food-drive-thru-window people, the food delivery people, the grocery-store stockers and cashiers, etc.), who should be given credit ALL OF THE TIME. But, we leave out the people closest to us who go out into that dangerous world and quest for food and supplies.

The ones making money hopefully work for companies that supply them with safety, including those masks people can’t stop mentioning. But, the shoppers are LOSING money AND coming up with their own masks AND taking the same risks, if not more risks because they don’t have a utility closet/room they can run to and get some cleaning supplies which, hopefully, exist in there.

Where are the thanks for the ones closest to us who go out to forage for necessities? The nerve! Hmph!

And, like anyone who thinks holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are a cruel joke or otherwise worthless, because those feelings should be celebrated any and/or every day, not just one day in the year, why aren’t we as thankful the rest of the year/all of the time? How grateful should these people be for your televised thanks when your attitudes and actions could just as well shift in a more shitty direction as soon as someone gives the signal to resume regular shopping and hospital-visitation habits? As if humans are capable of changing their ways so definitively that you’ll suddenly be kinder to those who help you with your groceries and medical care? It makes for a nice fairy tale, but I am inclined to expect less from people.


…..Thank you, family and friends, who brave the shit storm out there to bring home the goods. You are braver and more deserving of gratitude than those who observe the stay-at-home concept (or just cower in their homes) to the Nth degree. You may not get a commercial with a droning, misery-inducing soundtrack. But, you’re more important than that in my heart.

And now, we return you to your regular boring, silent blog programming.


Meanwhile, as the stay-at-home mandate crumbles and the sentimental advertising finally takes a break, only to be replaced with more obnoxious drug and lawyer ads, a scene unfolds at a local grocery store……

A stocker, in the middle of loading an end cap with freshly delivered boxes of cereal, finds his display spoiled by a careless shopper who had to pick out a particular box near the bottom of the yet-unstable stack, causing several boxes to spill across the aisle. Another stocker, mopping a spill in the bottled juice aisle, sighs as another careless customer rolls her cart through the mess, adding a sticky residue to the cart’s wheels and leaving a trail. And, at one of the registers, a determined swindler argues with a cashier over an expired coupon, resulting in a manager visit and some choice words thrown at the store’s staff while sneaking a few un-purchased items out the front doors.

[That’s gratitude for ya. ‘Back to the same ol’ grind. Come on, people. We’ve got more sheeyat to shovel.]


C-O-nside-R-ing ON-e A-dventurous summer vacation


I think I am overdue for a summer vacation.  I know the timing is poor.  But, the boss is giving me a discount and a subtle push to vacate.  So, I am taking the hint.  See you in a few weeks!…………


…………if I’m still alive.

[Actually, I was just having another creative/dark-humor moment and wanted to whip up some silly postcards.]


Red Carpet Follies; TP Crisis Humor



Curtain, lights….

This is it…

The night of nights…

And, oh, what heights we’ll hit…

On with the show; this is it!

So, I’ve been thinking about the current crisis and how toilet paper…or ‘bathroom tissue’…has become a highly sought-after commodity…which got me thinking about celebrities and the expensive outfits they assemble every night there’s an award show, which seems to be quite frequently, if you look around the globe.  But, what if the two concepts collided…the TP demand/crisis and the red carpet showcase…what if……


Ablee-ablee!  Uh, that’s all, folks!