January Birthdays, updated 2021




JAN. 1

actress Stacy Martin (French-English actress from lesser-known film, The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun)

Capricorn Metal Horse

JAN. 8

actress Cara Theobold (who I know from Downton Abbey and the movie Ready Player One)

Capricorn Earth Snake 

JAN. 19

actress Marsha Thomason  (the rather attractive British/African woman from White Collar (TV), among many other roles)

Capricorn Wood Rabbit


JAN. 21

actress Kelly Rohrbach (the blonde beauty from the Baywatch spoof movie, among other roles)

Aquarius Earth Snake

JAN. 22

actress Raquel Cassidy (on Downton Abbey, she played the ever soothing therapist/sewing expert Ms./Mrs. Baxter who befriended Mr. Molesly and clashed with Thomas Barrow though she tried to remain friends with everyone)

Aquarius Fire Sheep (VERY compatible with moi!)

JAN. 30

actress Eiza Gonzalez (Mexican actress from Alita:  Battle Angel movie)

Aquarius Metal Horse



New Year?…meh. Appreciate the Under-appreciated.


I struggle to think of a way to start this piece without sounding like countless others.  Yeah.  It’s a “new” year.  It’s 2021…….  Yay?  We, who are still able to type and look at computer screens…and all who we know exist outside this domain…have survived a disaster year, a year which, sadly, did not celebrate the TV spectacle that WAS 20/20.  I mean…how terribly cruel to not make a very special episode of that informational show–not it’s cheap crime or “what would you do” counterparts–on the very year with its name…er, number.  And, how cruel that the very Olympics I was looking forward to enjoying had to be cancelled…or re-scheduled.  How crappy is that?

But, aside from all the giant heaps of crap we may have encountered…and, more likely, heard about through–yes–MEDIA, social, broadcast or otherwise…there have been a number of wonders and natural gems that may have gone unnoticed, though those same media sources DID mention them…in smaller, less dramatic ways.  No…the appearance of the “Christmas star,” something unseen in many years–possibly a century or more–something made mythical by stories from the Bible…was not as blaring as the latest death counts and vaccine details…BUT IT WAS OUT THERE!!  AND, I MISSED IT BECAUSE I HAD THE WORST WEATHER CONDITIONS AND LOCATION, AGAIN!!

And, that is where I am headed with this post.  It wasn’t just the Christmas star, a conjunction of two big planets in the sky, creating a bright light…which, somehow, was no match for winter cloud cover and “light pollution.”  There have been numerous planet alignments and sightings throughout 2020 which were stellar–ha–to say the least.  I managed to get glimpses of a few planets and one meteor shower, though not in the splendor, I imagine, would be found in an open field under a clear night sky, away from all the…civilization.

If we all could just tune out the damn dramatic, grim, tragic media that is only rocking in its chairs as it reports the terrible and disappointing numbers of…everything, we might be nourished with the wonders of the universe all around us; we might be uplifted in a grim time.  But, not if our eyes are perpetually bombarded with artificial light and commercial crap.

As far as I am concerned, the fullness of electronic entertainment–as I would think of it as a kid–is lost.  TV is no longer my friend.  And, too many video games add to my distress rather than my pleasure.  The media is full of robots made up to look…pretty?…while delivering filtered, skewed, packaged bads (not goods).

Tonight, go outside and see what you can see.  If you are so very lucky, you’ll find a light that does not flicker.  It is a planet, a neighbor you don’t often get to see.  Say hi for me.  And, tell them I long for their company.  I’ll take a planet sighting or meteor shower over just about anything electronic, any day.

Happy 2021.  Or, at least, make it a happy one.  Don’t expect anything.  And, if you observe the world around you, you’ll probably outsmart the dumb meteorologists who cannot predict when snow will fall.  [I hate blizzards…except the ones that come in a cup with cookie bits.]


Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift! December 13, 2020


I must confess, after last year’s explosion of creative endeavors, I am a bit spent.  In fact, this year’s feature will be quite dry and lacking, by comparison.  But, the sentiment has not changed.  I still adore YOU, Tay.  And, I am making a point of sending my thoughts out around the world.  The birthday wish heard around the world…even if part of it is whispered with childish shyness.


Happy birthday, beautiful Tay.




[Ow! Sorry?]


December Birthdays, updated 2020




DEC. 13

singer, actress, multi-talented treat Taylor Swift (enough said; our chemistry is written in blazing hot stars)

Sagittarius Earth Snake

DEC. 14

actress Michaela Watkins (The Goldbergs, the temp teacher named Miss Taraborelli)

Sagittarius Metal Pig

actress Vanessa Hudgens (who I first noticed in 2006’s High School Musical before she went on to enchant me in various stage and TV roles, including NBC’s Powerless)

Sagittarius Earth Dragon

DEC. 15

actress Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey, aka the semi-icy and catty Lady Mary Crawley)

Sagittarius Metal Rooster

DEC. 18

actor Brad Pitt (Would you believe the only Brad Pitt film I have seen is Mr. and Mrs. Smith?…oh, and his brief appearance in Thelma and Louise.)

Sagittarius Water Rabbit

DEC. 21

Alexandria Morgan (a gorgeous blonde model just my size :D)

Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp Water Rooster


DEC. 22

actress Brooke Nevin (blonde from the 1998-200X Animorphs TV show, Canadian)

Sagittarius/Capricorn Water Dog

DEC. 24

Mariya Nishiuchi (Japanese actress from 2016 Cutey Honey -Tears- movie)

Capricorn Water Rooster

DEC. 26

actress Beth Behrs (the blonde half of the Two Broke Girls TV duo, among other roles)

Capricorn Wood Ox 

DEC. 31

actress Daisy Lewis (from Downton Abbey, a shocking pale blonde who played a petite redhead named Sara Bunting, an outspoken teacher who fell for the driver Tom)

Capricorn Wood Rat? (not sure about this one)


If It’s November 28th, It’s a Happy Birthday, Karen Gillan!

It’s that special day, again.  How could I forget?  [I didn’t.]  And, while I won’t likely always have something special to offer, I have a very little something, this year.  It’s not much.  It’s a lil…obsessed?  ‘Considering it’s based on two movies in a series you’ve been making.  Anyway…


Happy birthday, you beautiful woman and person.  Mwah.


My Response to Longing for Adventure -Ask Carolyn (Hax)-


Article titled: Significant other moves at a different speed, Ask Carolyn (Hax,) 11-15-2020

You can find my response to this and other letters on the designated “Responses” page. But, while you’re here, have a read.

The inquiring mind, Longing for Adventure, claims to be in a relationship with a SO (significant other) who has very different interests.  They’ve been together a number of years and made some compromises to make it last.  And, after such a long time, the more adventurous one is tired of compromising but looking for a way to save the relationship (or make a crucial decision).  [I think the answer(s) is/are fairly obvious.]

Carolyn responds with a whip and a snap, accusing the inquisitive mind of thinking they are superior to the SO and in the right to demand more breaching of his comfort zone.  She goes so far as to say kids should not be in the couple’s future.  And, while that may be justified in fact, the tone of Carolyn’s response feels a bit harsh.  [I suspect a nerve was touched, something from Carolyn’s own history/experience.]

My thoughts come in, hopefully, fewer words.  [I don’t like when people think of me as long-winded.]

Longing, I agree with some of Carolyn’s thoughts.  You and your SO should NOT…ever…consider being parents if you continue to be as you are.  There is no good way for such different lovers to provide a happy, nurturing environment for kids.  But, you didn’t even mention kids; did you?  So, that was a little rude and intrusive.

I do NOT think therapy is necessary…if you consider the options I see for you:

  1. Consider this a wake-up call about the relationship.  See it for yourself.  Is this moment worth a break-up?  Is this the time to end the un-satisfying relationship.  See it and take action before your resentment gets any older.  You won’t be any happier ten years from now if something doesn’t improve/change; and–odds are–it won’t.  Are you a Sagittarius?  That might explain a few things.
  2. Consider a better, fair trade-off.  You take turns with the SO.  You do something he enjoys without criticism provided he goes on one of your adventures without complaint.  You both agree to this teeter-totter lifestyle and hope it lasts.  [If you aren’t doing this, already, how ARE you living with each other?]
  3. Consider each of you pursuing your passions solo/with other people while cherishing the time spent together when you leave those pursuits for a time.  Actors in relationships often have to live like this; one has a movie gig for a few months while the other may be working on a TV series; they spend less time together and cherish what there is of it.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, etc.  Go on a trip overseas and promise to celebrate with your SO when you return.  Let him go to some gaming convention, Comic Con, maybe, and hang out with other gamers and couch potatoes, promising to share his happiness from the trip when he returns.  You satisfy your passions separately but still find time to meet in the middle of divergent schedules to enjoy the companionship factor…whatever it is that brought you two together in the first place.  [Though, still unsure what that is other than probably a physical/chemical attraction, I am inclined to lean toward option 1 and seeking a peaceful conclusion to what was not founded on solid chemistry.]

There you have it.  Were there more words?  Perhaps.  I won’t count if you won’t. 🙂 

And, as one final thought, I share your thirst for adventure, even if I am not the most physically adventurous.  I will not bungee jump or climb mountains other than on foot trails, most likely.  I will hike with the best of them and thrive on cultural events.  I will sky dive but won’t swim with any shark that could turn me into dinner.  But, I know the value of relaxing on the couch, too, and can get quite hooked on gaming.  And, I know the importance of chemistry and compromising.


Happy Birthday, Alie Ward!

Did I mention…it’s Alie Ward’s birthday?  It’s Alie Ward’s birthday!  


Well, I don’t really know her that well, either.  But, if you’re familiar with a little show called Did I Mention Invention?, then you know her as I do.   [An obscure show I can only imagine comes from Canada and appears on very obscure channels at very limited intervals in time in space; so it’s a wonder how I was even able to see it.] 

That’s all it took for me to make this post, seeing her striking (pale) face and bright red hair.  I have no grand story to add.  I was simply smitten.  So, I looked her up–ha–and here we are.  Another birthday for me to celebrate with a splash of creativity.

So, wherever you are, Alison Ann “Alie” Ward, I hope you can appreciate my little output here.  And, for those who read this and don’t know her, you now have reason, maybe, to learn more.  [I know I do.]   

[And, Alie?  If you’re so inclined, my mailbox is usually open.  Wink.  :D]


You’re practically a doppelganger to the lovely Emma Stone, twelve years her…..


Oooowh…don’t cry about it.  Really.  

Happy birthday, beautiful.


November Birthdays, updated 2020




NOV. 6

actress Emma Stone (who I first met in the rather lewd, immature and vulgar Superbad, in which she reminded me of a girl in high school who seemed “out of my league;” she went on to be a better, bigger star in such films as The Help and one attempt at a Spider-Man trilogy with Andrew Garfield)

Scorpio Fire Dragon

NOV. 8

Alfre Woodard (an actress who has played SO many roles…like a female Morgan Freeman…I lose count…but I most recently watched her in Star Trek:  First Contact.)

Scorpio Water Dragon

Courtney Thorne-Smith (actress who I have adored since the days of Revenge of the Nerds and Summer School!…she earned that hyphen so long ago, and I don’t know why.)

Scorpio Fire Sheep

Parker Posey (cute typically brown-haired actress who pops up from time to time; I cannot say there is one role I’ve seen her in that stands out for me; I just know her by name and occasionally recall her face.)

Scorpio Earth Monkey

Tara Reid (blonde actress with big eyes and an often scratchy voice, known more likely for roles in some lewd teenage films and TV comedies laced with innuendos.)

Scorpio Wood Rabbit

Lauren Alaina (a lovely blonde singer–among other talents–who I know from her appearance/stint on Dancing with the Stars.)

Scorpio Earth Dog

NOV. 13

Stella Hudgens (actress; Vanessa’s younger sister)

Scorpio Wood Pig

NOV. 15

Ed Asner (actor known for a number of roles, probably most notably his role in TV’s The Mary Tyler Moore Show, if not also the Lorax and the old man from the Pixar movie Up)

Scorpio Earth Snake

Anni-Frid Lyngstad (one of the two lovely women who sang with ABBA; I still enjoy some of their songs to the point of swooning over the ladies’ voices.)

Scorpio Wood Rooster (dangerous yet seductive to my astrological nature)

Beverly D’Angelo (the lovely actress who I know best from her role in the National Lampoon’s Vacation movies, particularly the Christmas Vacation; it’s hard to forget that face and voice.)

Scorpio Metal Rabbit (also dangerous but seductive to my combination of signs, less dangerous than a rooster)

Shailene Woodley (actress still getting her feet wet in films; I know her from Divergent, though I have yet to see any of her performances)

Scorpio Metal Sheep (ironic with a name like Woodley, ay?)

NOV. 17

actress Leslie Bibb (a stunning, gorgeous blonde who I prefer to remember from her dazzling roles in Talladega Nights:  The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and the Iron Man films…over a slew of scary parts I am glad I did not see)

Scorpio Wood Tiger

NOV. 18

actress Miranda Raison (I don’t know much about her; nor have I seen much of the mysterious blonde beauty’s work; but she recently became a blip on my radar)

Scorpio Fire Snake


NOV. 28

actress Karen Gillan (Scottish beauty most recently known for playing the mechanically abused daughter of Thanos in the Marvel Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy films, in which she tragically had to shave off her lovely hair!…  She also kicked butt as a dance-fighter in the Jumanji (reboot) films.  But, I first fell for her during the Matt Smith saga of Doctor Who.)

Sagittarius Fire Rabbit

actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead (from such films as Scott Pilgrim VS the World, Sky High and Live Free or Die Hard)

Sagittarius Wood Mouse (Rat)



Dear readers and random scrollers of digital feeds,

It has come to my attention that this year’s pumpkin crop is in terrible danger!!…



Yes, those tiny, cute terrors are running amok, tearing up porch pumpkins, left and right…and center, evennn. No gourd is safe from their ravaging little fangs. Not even fresh seeds seem sufficient to satisfy their ravenous appetites.

If you haven’t noticed, the fuzzy rodents have been extra frisky, this year. I expect a big boost in their population next spring.

Be advised to check the tails of your local squirrel population. If the tails are quite bushy, we may be in for a colder-than-usual or longer-than-usual winter. If the tails are relatively flat, then you can rest easy, knowing the winter will be mild/short.



I’ve heard spraying pumpkins with a vinegar solution can deter the squirrels, but I don’t want to turn my pumpkins into German potato salad.

He just wants what is his! Can’t you understand?! He has mouths to feed! And, what you’ve got is never enough!


Coming to a theater near you; part of a double feature with It’s the Sad Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.


October Birthdays, updated 2020



LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 20)

OCT. 1

actress Brie Larson (most recently known for playing Captain (Ms.) Marvel (Carol Danvers); but I’ll always remember her as the coat-check girl from TV’s Community. 😀  Drop the taco; get in the car.)

Libra Earth Snake

OCT. 4

actress Susan Sarandon (probably best known for her activism and starring role in Thelma and Louise)

Libra Fire Dog

actor Christoph Waltz (from such films as Alita: Battle Angel, Django Unchained and 007: Spectre; funny, intriguing guy who shares my interest in the bass-guitarist, Hagar, from James Corden’s Late Late Show)

Libra Fire Monkey

actor Liev Schrieber

Libra Fire Sheep

actress Alicia Silverstone (most likely known for her leading role in the movie Clueless, not so much as Batgirl in the Batman movie George Clooney still groans about)<divorced as of 2018?…with one son>

Libra Fire Dragon

actress Rachel Leigh Cook (who I know from films like Josie and the Pussycats and She’s All That, among appearances on TV, elsewhere; but she gets around to lesser known roles)

Libra Earth Sheep

actress Dakota Johnson (the lovely daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith who has acted in some naughty films in recent years; still I find her appealing, assuming she is not as dumb as she sometimes appears)

Libra Earth Snake

OCT. 7

Meighan Desmond (Discord/Eris, petite raven-haired troublemaker in SnM attire, from 1995-2001 Hercules/Xena TV shows)

Libra Fire Snake

OCT. 8

actress Bella Thorne (Florida/USA; I don’t know much about this somewhat mysterious beauty, but astrology points to her as a good match for me)

Libra Fire Ox

OCT. 11

singer Daryl Hall (of Hall and Oates)

Libra Fire Dog

actress Joan Cusack (who I know has played many roles…but I only recall her as the principal from School of Rock)

Libra Water Tiger

actress Jane Krakowski (WHO I ADORE TREMENDOUSLY!!!  Ever since I was first smitten with her in Ally McBeal…and all of her seductive, melodious roles, ever since.  Trop and give me 50…emails, Jane.)

Libra Earth Monkey (Not the best match for me…but who can resist her?  Not me.)

actress Michelle Trachtenberg (who I first noticed in Harriet the Spy, then the live-action Inspector Gadget and a stint on Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Libra Wood Ox

OCT. 12

Caroline Ellis (Joy the pink butterfly from The Bugaloos 1970-1972, syndicated in the early 80s, my first TV crush)

Libra Metal Tiger

OCT. 17

actress Felicity Jones (a petite charmer with rabbit-like teeth and an enchanting voice who has explored the cosmos with handicapped geniuses and rebel space pilots, alike)

Libra Water Pig (I am not certain of this one; another source listed her as a rat year)

OCT. 19

actress Samantha Robinson (from “The Love Witch” horror movie)

Libra Metal Sheep


OCT. 23

actress Emilia Clarke (from Game of Thrones, naturally darker haired yet played the enchanting pale-haired “queen of the dragons;” she was also a rather deceptive cutie in Solo (the Han Solo story); dangerously attractive)

Scorpio Fire Tiger

OCT. 27

actress Inbar Lavi (Israeli/American; see “Impostors” and “Underemployed”)

Scorpio Fire Tiger

OCT. 28

actress Gwendoline Christie (from Game of Thrones, the rather large female swordswoman/bodyguard who worked for a gay king before joining the Stark brood; she also was a lead stormtrooper in two of the final three Star Wars (Skywalker) films)

Scorpio Earth Horse